Neat News & Reached 10%, WW Keychain!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Well, yesterday when I weighed in at my WW class, I was down seven (7) pounds. Unbelievable. The previous week I was up .8 It was so frustrating because I had only needed to lose .5 to get the keychain.

I think the gain was only due to the high sodium I consumed the night before weigh in. I think part of those 7 were actually lost the week before but got disguised by the sodium, water weight! ha ha! But that .8 weight gain did make me feel more determined. To stop sabotage snacking at night and especially over the week-ends.

I have joined and stopped WW many times. BUT THIS is the FIRST TIME I made their first goal, 10% lost and got the keychain. Woot!
The other neat news is that someone noticed!!!! Someone actually noticed and said it looked like I lost weight. The reason I am so surprised, is that with 144lbs to lose, it takes a bunch before it can be noticed. I had a 50 lb number in my head, thinking when I lost that, THEN people would start to question me. But WooHoo! I'm there and find it energizing.

I'm starting to believe I can do this!
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