T-52 OOH BABY, I'm on fire!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

T-52 I am on track and on fire baby! 52 days til the New Year! SIZE 8's here I come!

Blogging Sunday, writing all of it down and putting a plan in motion… that has really sparked me to get my second wind!


Water 8 glasses or more: DONE each day (forcin' it but doin' it)

Exercise: DONE each day ( not lovin' it but that is not the point! LOL)
I am doing ST and some cardio too

Staying on eating plan: no problem... easy peezy!

I went out shopping yesterday for some 8’s as goal jeans….. not sure what brand to buy though since they can run different??

I like my Levis 515 in the 12’s I have… maybe I should get a 10 and an 8 in those?

They were on sale for 30 so not too bad.

ONE thing I will say for sure though!!!!! Holding up the 8’s and looking at them.. “BOY THE BUTT LOOKED SO SMALL”! LOL

I held up the 12’s that I do wear and it looks small to me too! LOL

Kind of a funny thought I had when I was checking out with my new outfit I bought the other day…. The jeans and green shirt in my previous blog….you know.

ANYWAY I was looking a a girl in front of me…. Probably 20 yrs old… thinking how great she looked and how confidentally she carried herself.

IT hit me that I was ‘smaller’ than she was ( you know slimmer). We were the same height… but I was smaller…..
And I thought… “I never carried myself with confidence when I was heavier… I just DREADED going in ANY clothing store and to be honest I dreaded going ANYWHERE!

I always said to family and friends “I AM NOT A SHOPPER!” I HATE SHOPPING!

NOW I am beginning to think it was just the weight that kept me from liking to shop!

That girl looked great and she looked hot because she seemed so SURE of herself… the extra weight she carried was not something that mattered at all!

IT is so ‘surreal’ to shop in juniors clothing now and pick up a medium shirt and think how cute it is!

The choices are abundant when you lose weight. I can NOW look at BUYING AN ITEM BECAUSE I LIKE IT….



IT IS ALL THEY HAVE in my size!

HOW cool is that? !!!!!!

I am doing it… kinda liking it just a “little” LOL NOT LOVING IT!

My 9 yr old son wants to work out with me…. Cool but annoying! LOL

My 19 yr. old son has been ‘trash talkin’ sorta ‘challengin’ me with his
“I bet you can’t do 10 push-ups”

“I bet you can’t do 20 sit-ups”

I jump down on the floor and show him I can do 20 sit-ups….. IN FACT …

I BRING IT!!!!! I DID 50! (smilin’big and feelin’ proud)!!!
He did 20 and stopped like he was dyin’ LOL and he is very very active and has been working out on his Bowflex.

BUT you know young guys.. they just focus on upper body, chest and arms! LOL

He doesn’t do any ab work on the bowflex!

ABOUT the push-ups though… I only could do 6 “MODIFIED” ones… SAD I KNOW!
HE did 20 pretty quickly!

IN all my gloating I did about my sit-ups and how I beat him LOL I told him I used to do 500 a day…. No kidding!
I taught aerobics 6 days a week at a fitness center back when I was 18 –20 yrs old.
I taught classes twice a day and with that and my regular workouts I did …. I did “over” 500 a day! GEEZ….. hard to believe now huh? (wink)

I lifted weights, did yoga, and taught aerobics!

My sister and I used to run a few miles a day but get this…

WE WOULD RUN to the donut shop and get a donut….. all dressed in our workout clothes and running with ease! LOL
THEN we ate a donut! HA HA!!

I am weighing daily for now.. just because my friend Jenny does and I like to see her weight posts.
I can now do the daily weigh in with a “HEALTHY ATTITUDE” and KNOW their WILL be fluctuations! THE old me let the scales define my mood…

THE NEW ME… says it is just a number…..
Use the measuring tape and how your goal jeans are fitting to measure success!

11/7 176
11/8 175
11/9 174.8

HUGS to my sparkfriends! YOU are the best!

I am pretty stinkin' proud of myself... I had to take a trip to my vet for health check ups on my English puppies and I packed my lunch! 2 bottles of water and some ground turkey patty and some chicken ... it was yummy...
It is just too hard to find options at fast food joints! The sodium in a grilled chicken salad at SONIC is over 1,000 mg! WHEW... forget that!...LOL

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You go! That salad looks delicious, and I loved the story of your son challenging you and you busting out 50 sit ups! YOU GO! :) That'll definitely get you into those jeans! You're doing a great job, slim!
    3265 days ago
    You go Girl! It's so awesome to see both you and Nancy posting your daily weights now, too. Talk about accountability! I can't wait to post my blog tonight so you all can see! Keep up that exercising!
    3265 days ago
    You ARE on fire, Sheryl. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! RAWWK ON, GIRLFRIEND, AND STAND TALL!!!!! Always wishing you success on your journey to better health and super sexy jeans!!
    XO MaryAnn
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    Girl, you're on fire! So proud of you for staying in the groove. I can see you in those size 8's that I too am vying for. I want to don't want to wear NOT MY DAUGHTER's JEANS. I want to wear skinny jeans! We'll get there..
    3265 days ago
    Sherlyn, you look so BEAUTIFUL!!! (I wonder why we don't have a beautiful emoticon!) emoticon You really are doing a great job! I never used to like to shop, either, but I'm finding that I like it more and more! emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
    I am so proud of you! I have been lacking in taking care of myself lately. Your blog pumped me backup to care again. emoticon
    3266 days ago
    Keep that enthusiasm coming I need to catch it. I made cookies the other day and I need them to be gone. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am having people over and am making my homemade from scratch carrot cake. Keep talking sister I need to hear it!

    3266 days ago
    Your doing awesome my friend. I will be waiting for you at the finish line with a big HUG. Sandy
    3266 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    What a great blog! I do weigh in daily-I track it on a spreadsheet set to calculate weekly and monthly averages so that I can more easily see the big picture. It really helps me.

    You are doing so awesome! I need to capture some of your enthusiasm for the next 2 months!
    3266 days ago
    Whoo-hoo! I'm right there with you, Sherlyn! I love the new, feisty attitude -- keep fanning those embers! (I was down .4 lbs this morning...I'm going to post my daily weights, too, like Jen does when I do my nightly blog.) Keep it up, girl!
    3266 days ago
    I think the scale is just evil. I wish I could just look at it as a number like your temperature or blood pressure reading. Measuring tape is definitely more of a friend to me!

    3266 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    You are amazing woman! You have ignited and are taking off like a rocket! It does feel good to carry yourself with confidence. Everything looks different and feels different in a size 8 jeans than it did in a size 22. I now respect myself more and carry myself with strength and integrity. It tickles me pink that others now look at me as a fitness role model and that I get to help them reach their fitness goals!

    You are beautiful! Continue to live with confidence in who you are!
    3266 days ago
    New jeans area a great motivator. You are looking great and your excitement is contagious!

    I am still in 14 or 16 jeans... I am thrilled at that because I had gotten to the point that my size 26 jeans didn't fit. Buying jeans bigger than that is nearly impossible.

    I am glad you are my SparkFriend! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude.
    3266 days ago
    Thanks for re-igniting my Spark!
    I struggle between spending too much time here and not enough.

    We can do it!
    3266 days ago
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