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Different Time, Different Era, But Still in The Groove!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What a difference a week makes.
Last week I wrote about the lovely fall day, how glorious the weather was.
Today it is dark and rainy. I almost has to have lights on in the office to see. The trees are almost completely bare. As I look out the window at the tree outside my office a few straggly leaves are hanging on , but ever so often one more flutters to the ground.
It has been a losing race to keep up the the falling leaves. The other night it rained so hard and fast and the leaves had plugged up the drains and we had a mini lake in the parking lot.
The grounds keepers do a good job trying to keep up, but nature is winning for now.
The cool weather is bring the snow levels down in the mountains. Good news for the resorts.
I will go in later this week and have my studded tires put on . I want to be ready , when ever we get some snow in the valley. Plus I have a craft show to do , will have to drive over the mountains and will defiantly drive in snow.
I drove Saturday night to the Birthday party for my sister in law. It was not too far from my apartment at a local country club. It was raining so hard the wipers hardly worked.
So glad I had kept a raincoat and it FIT, so I stayed dry.
I got all dolled up in a black slinky jersey pants. top and jacket with the exception of my RED Heels. Added a gold, black onyx, pearl double strand necklace, gold hoops and a few diamond rings and one topaz ring. I put a bracket on, but like the old rule goes take one piece of jewelry off and you will look just right. Sometimes people get carried away with the adornment. So I took off the bracket. Perfect.
I do have some balance problems at times so I carry a canes sometimes. Since I was wearing heels I thought I should care a cane. Jut in case my knee or back goes out.
I bought some black grosgrain ribbon and some beaded black crystal trim. I wrapped the cane in ribbon. Added a few wraps of beaded trim on the handle and on the cane down from handle. It looked very chic and went with the outfit .
I used to paint canes and sell them at craft fairs. Now I do it just on special order. Usually do about 6 or 7 a year. Usually when someone sees one of mine and wants one too.
My sister in law is a little older than me, no one discusses her age. But my husband was 4 years older than me and she was a couple years older than him, so I sort of have an idea of the age. But you would never guess it. She had had seven children and looks about 55 if that.
All the children, grandchildren and great grand children had either flown or drove in for the party.
The food was perfect for people watching what they ate. Large platter of melons, pineapple, berries, a toss salad, a pasta salad, oven baked red bliss potatoes, seasoned with rosemary. Perfectly steamed large cut mixed vegetables. Still had a firm texture. Too many times the vegetables are cooked to death, just mush. Not this time. There was chicken in a wine and mushroom sauce and salmon steamed with lemon. The chicken and salmon pieces were small about 2x2". Of course rolls and butter rounded out the menu.
I had a taste of everything. But mostly fruit, vegetables, and salmon. I definitely could have eaten the pasta salad in a larger amount, but I didn't. I didn't eat any rolls or butter either.
One of the daughters baked a three tier cake, devils food, chocolate and carrot cake.
I had a sliver, (5 bites) of carrot cake. I also had one white wine spritzer.
So all in all I ate what everyone else ate, just in moderation, drank a drink, then lots of water and enjoyed myself as much as anyone else. One does not need to booze it up and pig out to have a good time.
They played a game called Cash/Cab. One of the grandson's had crafted a car out of cardboard, a chair sat inside and the guest of honor had to answer questions for money.
The questions were about the seven children and who did what to whom , what mischief they got into . One question was name all seven of the kids best friend.
She knew all the answers but a couple. and she had two shout outs and one phone a friend.
I could never remember all that about my kids and I only had three.
After the game was over the dance floor was cleared and a special disco tape was played to dance too.
I started out in the red heels, but they gave way soon to a pair of black flats I had put in my bag. I danced with my grandson and some others. Who could not dance to Dancing Queen. One of the all time great disco dance songs. You have to remember we go back a ways.
I might have been Partying Like It Was 1969, but the body was telling me that it's later than you think, Tisha. I was grooving to the music . But then I had to sit down to get my breath.
The whole evening had been such a change from my previous gathering.
When I arrived at the party, I strode in with all the confidence in the world. After all I knew I looked good and I was in my Red Heels, how could I not look and feel sensational.
I mingled, talked to everyone. Only after I had made the rounds did I look for a chair to sit down and get a drink.
Always before I would try to enter as quickly as possible, find a chair that I though would hold me and just wish no one would notice me. But all the time thinking how everyone did notice me and was saying look at Tisha , what a shame she has let herself go so much. looks like she just can't seem to stop eating. She's getting bigger and bigger. You know , when you are really obese you feel like everyone is talking about you. Maybe it's just guilt that I felt,
for the thoughts i had about people and their weight.
Did you ever go to a gathering and feel good that there was someone else that was maybe even heavier than you were?. And if there was more than one all the better. I was always looking to see if that was the case. And you felt good that you were not the biggest.
Well this time I was not the heaviest. There was others there that had me by quite a few pounds.
Oh yes to the ladies who are still battling some extra rolls in certain places, get a body suit .
I have a 2 piece from Shape FX. It takes care of any midriff bulges, tummy rolls, it makes you lose extra pounds and leaves you sleek and slim all the way. Until I can have the nip and tuck next year it will be my best friend . I bought black, but plan on getting a nude colored one.
You can find them everywhere, even Walmarts sells slimming tops and bottoms. Check them out. They are the best.
I did manage to lose two pounds this week. As long as I can keep that up for the next 8 weeks i will be under 200 by New years. Then it's 50 lbs to goal.
It is getting more difficult choosing foods now that the weather has changed.
When it was warm, I could have a cold smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch maybe a piece of chicken and some vegetables for dinner and that was great. Now I look for more rib sticking foods. it's like the body craves food that are warm, and filling.
And with me cooking for one has it's disadvantages. Sometimes I have to fix more and will have to share with my daughters family. My freezer id full. i could probably eat out of it for a month and only buy fresh milk and vegetables.
At the party saturday night food for the food bank was requested instead of gifts. I think that was a great idea.
The women monthly eating out group I go to is forgoing Xmas gifts for each other this year and we are sponsoring two families . Gifts and dinner. I'm all for giving to help others who are not as fortunate as I am.
Of course with the food prices going up on just staple items and no COLA this coming year, I might not always be able to do as much as I like to. But for now I can and will.
I'll just have to do as my Daughter used to tell me back in the days she wanted something and I would say I can't afford it now. I had a video business, so she would say, :Just sell some more movies , Mom". Now it's just sell some more jewelry, that where the extra money comes in handy.
I have not gotten used to the time change yet. The experts say it takes from 2 to 4 weeks to adjust to the change.
I have been getting up early, getting a lot done, but very tired early in the evening.
By 9 this morning I had ate, strength trained, walked 2 miles on treadmill , roasted a pork roast. Cleaned the kitchen , took out the trash. Have my office work all caught up and finish with this and it's not yet noon. Wow, all that rest and all those vitamins are paying off.
I was reading the news today and read that by 2050 over 40% of the population will be obese if the eating habits continue to be the same. What a scary thought. Might tell my kids to invest in electric carts and scooters, looks like that will be the needed item.
I hope people wake up and see what they are doing to themselves and their kids and the out come will be different.
So to all you Sparkers , keep the faith, spread the word and one day at a time we can make a difference .
Here's a quote from the very funny Bill Cosby. " A word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advice."
Peace and Love,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved catching up on what you are doing. Very interesting blog and life.
    3767 days ago
    I love your blog! So chatty and entertaining that it made me feel I was right there with you!
    Your outfit sounds so lovely and the jazzed up cane sounds like it was just the right touch. I'll bet you were a knock out and were turning lots of heads.
    I admire what you've accomplished and hope that I too can follow you in the good example you've set in getting healthier.
    Rock on, hot mama!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3768 days ago
    sounds like you had a fantastic time and still stayed on track.....good for you.*grin* :) emoticon
    3768 days ago
  • BETHV10
    Wow, the party really sounded like fun. And what a difference your approach was to this party versus what you would have done in the past. Good for you!!! emoticon
    3768 days ago
    The party sounds wonderful, and evidently you had a ball. Keep up the good work!
    3769 days ago
    Sounds like fun was had by all! And congrats being down 2 lbs! Oh, & I can relate to needing "shape wear"! I wore "Spanx" to the last wedding I attended...

    ...& they really DO work! emoticon

    Congratluations on all your successes to date, my friend! As the saying goes...You've come a long way baby! Keep up the great work!!!

    emoticon Rose
    3769 days ago
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