Contract with Myself...Rae 1.0 vs. Rae 4.0

Monday, November 08, 2010

I went to a religious law school. Seems ironic considering the separation of Church and State, but most of the profs there didn't push religion onto the students...which was great for me, because I am in no way, shape, or form a religious person. However, there was one prof who made this big deal about Contracts and how all Contracts are first, and foremost, a covenant with God. He read Bible passages in class.

Let's just say that even at a religious school he didn't last long.

Let's also just say that I don't really know a whole lot about Contracts from law school.

However, the basic idea of a contract is that it is a binding agreement. I think I need one of those with myself. My weekend, as previously mentioned--in my last post, was pretty god-awful. Saturday wasn't horrible, and I ate only one meal on Sunday...but it was easily all of my calories. The thing was...I could have probably eaten a lot less at that meal and been perfectly satisfied, but it was a social gathering of my family and I tend to let myself go a little crazy--like I have a free pass if I'm around people other than my parents. It isn't good.

So, what are some things I need to do as I go into the food-filled holiday season?


This Contract is made on November 8, 2010 between Rae 1.0 and Rae 4.0 for the loss of weight. For valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

emoticon Rae 1.0 will take losing weight seriously - and recognize that this isn't, unfortunately, going to be an overnight thing--unless a magic genie shows up, but just to hedge her bets Rae 1.0 better anticipate that a magic genie won't be showing up anytime soon

emoticon Rae 1.0 will write down ALLLLLL of her calories, no matter how embarassing Rae 1.0 anticipates the numbers being (she's been sliding on that lately for that very reason)

emoticon Rae 1.0 will work out 5 days a week for at least 60 minutes a day and not give herself too much grief that that is less than she was working out this summer--when she can go two full weeks working out more than that, then she may adjust upwards

emoticon Rae 1.0 will determine her meals for dinner the weekend before, so she is not overeating at night like she has been lately - including figuring out her meal plans, calories (if possible), etc. before eating out

emoticon Rae 1.0 will eat one vegetable at night - that might be 2 servings of veg, but she has had real trouble getting in my vegetables so she needs to at least try to put them into one meal, and most raw veg are hard for her to digest. Canned green beans would be a big improvement, or frozen veg.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will work with her Mom to plan out how to give away the hundreds and hundreds of cookies they make every year at the holidays that somehow don't end up being given away--so that they don't have them in the house. Rae 1.0 has two treats for the holidays that she would put in the "can't live without" category of holiday treats...they tend to make about 10 different kinds. So, the other 8 kind really should go.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will determine a daily limit for her holiday treat intake and what the calories are for those treats, so she can stay within her calories--and adjust the lengths of her workouts.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will work on viewing workouts and food differently - much of the time she looks at workouts as a way for her to eat the food she likes when she's not working out, but she should look at her food as fuel for her workout...if she can look at things like that at least 50% of the time that will be a big accomplishment.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will do SOME strength training during every workout session. Even if she only does abs, or only does ten minutes of leg exercises Rae 1.0 will do SOMETHING. And not kick herself because she didn't do more...she did something.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will stop kicking herself for not doing more...doing something is still better than nothing. So, Rae 1.0 will do something.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will increase her water intake. She gets more than 8 daily, but she need more--plus it helps curb appetite.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will do some elliptical during every session--even if it is only 10 minutes for a warm-up before going back to the bike, it gives her the best workout. She may never do an hour on the elliptical, but she can work up to 30 minutes.

emoticon Rae 1.0 won't kick herself when she has a vain reason for wanting to lose weight. She knows overall that she doesn't want to get diabetes or heart disease or thrombosis in her legs when she flys...but just not wanting to look fat for the rest of her life or shop at Victoria's Secret is valid in its own way.

emoticonRae 1.0 will try to focus her emotions into anger rather than sadness. Anger makes her move. Sadness makes her eat.

emoticonRae 1.0 will exercise to sleep better and harder every night. Frankly, it's the only thing that has kept her exercising at all the past month when she's been down.

emoticon Rae 1.0 will remember that while bad (read: fried or stupidly fat-tastic things like Macaroni and Cheese) things taste good--that's about all they do, because they make her feel like sh** after the fact.

Upon completion of the stipulations of this contract, Rae 4.0 will tell Rae 1.0 that she may have the rest of life off and Rae 4.0 will take over from here on out.

Modifications may be made to this contract between successors of Rae 1.0 (Rae 2.0 or Rae 3.0 - or any successors in between) and Rae 4.0, and will be effective if it is in writing and agreed to by both parties. This Contract binds and benefits both parties and any successors. Time is of the essence of this contract. This document, including any attachments, is the entire agreement between the parties. This Contract is governed by the laws of SparkPeople (ok, not really).

The parties agree to this Contract on the date of November 8, 2010.


Cheesy? Maybe, but despite my crappy Contracts professor I take my contracts seriously...I always read the fine print.

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    Great contract! It's something to print out and read every day. Looking forward to hearing how you do on it.
    2778 days ago
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