REVAMPING MY PLAN! T - 54 days to get in a Size 8 with pics too

Sunday, November 07, 2010

OK, TIME to make some changes and figure out why I am not losing!

I have gone back over my notes of what I have been eating and tried to mark changes I have made in the last 3 wks.

Here is what I have documented:

9/24 176.5

10/1 175

10/7 173.4 (10-8, I started working out for the first time since Feb, 10)

10/15 174.8 (not surprised since I worked out 10-8 thru 10-14)

10/22 172 (back down since my body adjusted to my workouts of cardio and ST)

10/29 174 (? ? I am due for TOM and I did drink some diet pop (caffeine free) during the
last week. I have not drank diet pop in over 3 mos. I also started eating cold
cereal at BF instead of oatmeal. It was shredded wheat. (no sugar and this
cereal is allowed on my eating plan). This is new for me though and I have
not been eating wheat for over 3 months (no breads, nothing). I also have
skipped my protein at breakfast several times! (should NOT do that)
ALSO I got a bladder infection about 10-24. Quit working out, just not feeling
good and SO MUCH pressure on my bladder… I pee my pants. (LOL true!)

11/5 176 (?????? Baffled KIND OF??? STILL no TOM and also really skimping on
my water intake. Still fighting bladder infection. Still eating the cold cereal (some grapenuts too)

OK NOW I got worried… so I bought a Preg. Test! THANK YOU GOD, I am not pregnant! (WHEW!!!)

I wonder if missing a period has any bearing on my weight being up???
I wonder if I am starting menopause.
Maybe I just missed due to weightloss??
July was a normal 3 day period
August was normal 3 days.
Septemeber was crazy! IT WAS 8 days! It was a week early too! I am a 28 day cycler.
October cycle was MISSING! LOL

My measurements have not changed except for the babybelly one (abdomen) and it has gone up a 1/2 inch which doesn’t surprise me)

My clothes still fit the same. Most of my 12’s are pretty baggy after about 1-2 hours of wearing them.


Back to eating my oatmeal, fruit, milk, protein for breakfast. I am "thinking" I might have an intolerance to wheat? ?? I will stick to my eating plan throughout the whole day….in the last few weeks I had eaten a fruit in between meals... that is not part of my plan! It is really not a problem to stick to my eathing plan because I feel so good when I do and I love how the food tastes. I follow the WHY CAN”T I STOP EATING plan that you can find on my 9-17-10 blog.

Back to drinking my water like I should.

No more caff. free diet pop… I think it bloats me and I think I don’t WANT my water or lemon water when I am drinking it…. And I think it gives me too much splenda in my diet.

I will work out regularly starting today.
NATKITA has a blog about ST that really motivates me and tells about how because of strengh training she can wear a size that normally she would have to weigh 23 lbs less to even wear. She wrote it 8-27-10. Here is the link:

She also wrote one on Sept. 20th about ab/stomach vacuums to make your abs toned.
Here is her link to that blog. I am going to try these too:

She has several blogs that are worth reading about working out…. Some great advice!

SUNSHINE667 has shown me that through ST she has been able to fit into a size that she used to wear but she didn’t have to get as low in weight as she used to be to fit into that size.

I will take my measurements today and a picture today for a beginning point.
I will post later.

I will start blogging allot more often… my friend Jenny (JENNYAMHSTYEDU1)
and Nancy (TWO-TOO-MUCH )do everyday about how they are doing on this eating plan and reading their blogs really encourage me.

OK, Sparkers… do you have a plan…. Have you revamped it if you are stalled….
Let’s do this!

The picture below is of my new outfit I bought yesterday at Penneys. I bought straight off the rack with no trying it on... LOL
These are 12's. They fit when I first put them on as the pics shows but got loose in a couple hours.

The pic below is a difference of 20 lbs.

The pic below with my son and then of me a few days ago show 20 lbs loss.

The pic below is showing about 35 lb difference.

I have a goal to be in a size 8 by Jan 1, 2011. I am not too concerned with the scales although I know it will go down too. I am going to gage my progress by measuring inches lost and by getting a pair of 8 goal jeans to work towards. I will take a picture of me in my goal jeans if I can get them on at all to take one LOL!

I am so excited... setting some goals in motion... let's get to it! HUGS to all of you who support me!

This pic below is to share my GD, Jada and my son, Lane with you. I love her halloween clothing!

I babysat her the other day... she has some cute girly clothes and weird too as my husband says about her leggings! LOL

She loves helping feed the chickens...

Love you guys THANK you so much for supporting me... Add me as a friend if you have not already... I will add you back!!! (and support you too!)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    very inspiring. I'm adding you as a friend. Keep up the good work. you'll be in a size eight before you know it. emoticon
    3266 days ago
    Wow!!! You looks so SEXY!!!! Love the new jeans! Way to go! I love your attitude and thanks for the info and the links too! Let's make our new year's dreams come true!
    3266 days ago
    I love reading your blogs! You motivate me...great job!
    3269 days ago
    It's tough when you feel like you are trying so hard and the weight just doesn't drop. You have done well, and you will meet your goals. Just keep on keeping on.
    3270 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    Great job on the weight loss so far! You are doing great!
    3270 days ago
    You really look so great! How tall are you? I know you will meet your goals!

    Anna emoticon
    3270 days ago
    wow great pics u look great!

    3270 days ago
    You can do it, Sheryln! I would love to get into a size 8, but that was my before kids size. I'll have to lose a lot of hip to ever be able to do that again. I'm shooting for a 10 right now, but may change that later on. Let's do this!
    3270 days ago
    I soooo have to agree with your blog bout what the other girls were saying about ST! At 147 lbs I can wear a size 6/8 in jeans, 13 years ago when I weighed 145 lbs with no muscle tone I was a size works, and it revs up your if you have been missing that in your routine I would def recommend it. I find if I eat fruit first in the mornings, before anything else that my body handles it better, it doesnt' cause any bloating or gas during the day. U look FANTASTIC!!! WTG on all your hard work!
    3270 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    You, Jenny, & Two~Too~Much are very inspiring! I am very tempted to try your plan. Right now I am somewhat sucessful on what I'm doing which is cutting sugar & white flower.
    You Look GREAT! Thew Grandaughter is ADORABLE! GOOD LUCK on being a size 8 Jan 1st!
    3271 days ago
    Sheryln--you are looking absolutely terrific! I am so proud of what you have accomplished! The jeans are just plain hot! Good for you. Sounds like a good plan--you can do this.
    3271 days ago

    The jeans are great! And I love the color of the shirt.

    Work the plan, girl! You know what to do and I know you'll reach your goal...and then what is your New Year's Resolution going to be?!? emoticon
    3271 days ago
    You look absolutely amazing in the new outfit!!! emoticon
    3271 days ago
    emoticon emoticon right back at you. Keep smiling sunshine! emoticon
    3271 days ago
    Great pictures. You look so great. You will pass this, I just know it.
    3271 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3271 days ago
    Wooow you look GREAT! Congratulations on yor must feel GREAT! Thanks for sharing your success...
    3271 days ago
    The dreaded plateau... Way to go on documenting and trying to figure something out. My thoughts are that your body may need a little shaking up... You have been doing the same thing for months and your body has gotten used to it. I'm sure going back to your old plan and working out will help you get back to losing. Setting goals is helping me out tremendously too!!!! I keep focusing on them and it helps me stay right on track! Can't wait for January 1st!!! It iwll be here before we know it and we will be celebrating!

    My cycles are also way messed up! Drives me crazy... I am glad you shared that because sometimes I wonder if it is age? Or if it is weightloss? Seems more and more people who have lost/are losing have messed up cycles.

    I love your new outfit! Especially the jeans. I also recently bought some similar with the pockets... They make the butt look so small!

    And a great big YAY!!!! for you saying you are going to blog more often!!! I will look forward to them!
    3271 days ago
    Awww (love you Sherlyn) thanks for the shot out! Nancy Anne and Ruben both taught me that ST is waht shapes the body. When you see those comparions on 5 pounds of fat vs. 5 pounds of muscle, you can see the difference of how lean the muscle is and how lumpy and bigger the fat looks even though they are the same in pounds. Trust me it took me forever to learn this, lol! Just make sure you work different muscle groups each day.

    Yes TOM can come later or early with workouts, that's happened to me before too.

    Good luck with everything and I AM so cheering you on! I am so excited for you! Read some of NancyAnne55 blogs too. She has written a lot on ST too!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3271 days ago
    Sherlyn, honey, you look fantastic! I'm soooo proud of you! I don't think I know your age exactly, but the irregular periods (both frequency and duration) do sound like it could be peri-menopause...just your body getting ready to "wind down", shall we say. :) I went through the same thing for a long time in my forties even though my hormone blood tests always came back at a normal level. I'm assuming, given you have a grandbaby, that you might be in that age range...though you look twenty-something in those photos! Seriously!

    I love that you've decided to clamp down and really stay on plan! You've inspired me (as always) to do the same thing after having a couple of rough weeks. I'll post a pic of something I bought this weekend that's every so slightly too small that I'm going to use as my motivation for the coming weeks. :) Your outfit is cute and really suits you. You look TINY! And know what difference I see most clearly? In all your new photos you have a beautiful, bright smile! I didn't see that so much in your other pictures.

    Good girl! I'm right there with you -- same plan, LET'S GO!! ♥
    3271 days ago
    Cute outfit! You will get down to those size 8's for sure! Our bodies are weird with small adjustments-- they either LOVE 'EM or HATE 'EM. It's good that you've noted what you've changed along the way to figure out what might be happening. And weirdness with the TOM not showing...!!! That happened to me for the FIRST TIME EVER back in June-- but I had just switched my BC the previous month. Still, it freaked me out, since the DH and I are NOT financially ready for a baby yet... I took three preg. tests and thank goodness NOT YET!! Hehehe.
    3271 days ago
    emoticon Sherlyn. You can do this and you have a great plan in place. emoticon
    Wouldn't a pregnancy be a great early present? LOOOLLLL. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving emoticon . I'm looking forward to your updates.
    3271 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    You are looking so great! Good luck figuring out what causing your gain. I'm sure you'll do great this week!
    3271 days ago
    You look GREAT! Don't rush things, Sherlyn! I know you can do this, but don't fret or rush your body. Weightloss can definitely affect your cycles. Also, when I added strength training in I gained a little at first, and then kept losing. Bottom line is you're looking great. Have you thought about adding "inches" measurements at this point? Especially with the strength training, I'll bet there's toning going on that you're not quite aware of! Keep up the great work!
    3271 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    Are your looking like quite the sexy lady these the new jeans & green is definitely your color. I love the goals, plan & positive attitude. You WILL succeed! I'm in a lull right now & you may be the spark I need to get back on track...Now, time for a nap.
    3271 days ago
    Have fun getting down to size 8!
    3271 days ago
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