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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Clothes are feeling a little more easy through the waist band: I had on my size eight pure wool (no stretch) black and white check pants this week with comfort all day long. There are still a couple items in the wardrobe that I know won't work for me right now, however . . . including the fave black leather pencil skirt which is my standard "test" item!! I just eye it and leave it hanging there . . .

So: what am I doing? In addition to the "broth" trick on returning home from work, I've been enjoying hot V8 juice. And experimenting with fat free Greek yogourt which is providing great creamy texture and more protein then my usual brand (although a few more calories as well . . . ). I have been able to stick with the lower end of my SP calorie range . . . no slip ups, daily tracking.

I'm quite a big fan of PGX supplement to help sustain a feeling of satiety. By acting as a carb blocker PGX assists with evening out blood sugar levels. It's a mulberry-derived fibre product developed through research at University of Toronto and the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine. PGX comes in capsules, must be taken with liquid (which helps me with my water intake, always a problem) and also takes the edge of hunger before meals. Webber Naturals and WellBetX both offer the product. Not a miracle cure by any means, it requires diligence with diet and exercise (nothing new about that). But I've used PGX before and always find it assists with "weight creep" and easing back down into maintenance range . . . before things get out of hand.

In addition, because it's hard to get complete nutrition at the lower calorie range, I have been taking 1000 UI Vitamin D (days are shorter, not out on the sunny golf course, Vitamin D deficiency associated with cancer recurrence) plus 1000 mg calcium and for added insurance, an all round multi-vitamin. And I've been monitoring my caffeine intake and my sleep.

Another week or so and I'll hop back on the scales, but I'm feeling optimistic. This maintenance gig is always so much tougher for me than weight loss -- really it is -- and I have to learn over and over again that eternal vigilance is the name of the game. Way too easy to delude myself that I'm being careful enough -- until the pants get too snug. Always has been, always will be.
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    I'm with you on this matter. I really don't care if it takes me the rest of my life to loose the last 6/7 lbs. Getting of the 20 was really the great part. But you're right, it's sooo easy to slip back into the "bad habits" or too much of a good thing (like almonds, I love them . . . ). Hot V8, I'll have to try that. It's a staple around my house. I'm going to fix some rigt now .. . . have a good night!!
    2718 days ago
    I so know where you are at Ellen, it is a case of consistant vigilance, if not minute to minute, at least week to week. You ARE doing it!! emoticon
    2722 days ago
    Glad to hear about the vitamin D especially with winter setting in. V8 juice used to be my go-to 'healthy' food until I found out how much sodium it contains. I've substituted raw veggies and hot tea as my after work treat.

    Can't wait to hear about that fabulous leather fitting!
    2722 days ago
    You're so right Ellen - keeping podge at bay will be a lifelong mission and we have to be vigilant. You are doing a great job and the leather skirt is a good guide and motivator.

    Thanks for sharing the hints and tips.

    This challenge is easier when we know that others are on the same mission.

    We can do it. We ARE doing it!

    2722 days ago
    Your diligence, vigilence, and discipline are impressive...as well as your creativity in searching out resources to assist you in the ever-challenging maintenance quest.
    2722 days ago
    That is for sure about the weight creeping back on. Tracking has been working for me -and never missing my exercise. I always do something every day and I get to eat normal calories (1560-1960) as a result. I do take 1000 mg calcium to as required by my Dr. because I don't drink milk, just soy beverage. As I eat lots of fruits and veggies (low calorie), as many as 11 a day I have no problem with nutrients, but take a mulitvitamin anyway as I am vegetarian. I make sure I get enough protein with every meal so I don't feel hungry later on. Cottage cheese being the big go to protein for a low calorie choice. Its better then most things out there -1/2 cup 15 g!! Every now and then I do use a protein supplement, but prefer natural foods.
    Size 8 is great! I am only in a 10! Keep up the great work!!
    Have a special Saturday!
    2722 days ago
    Ah yes, weight creeps up so easily. Sounds as if you are doing well, depodging!
    2722 days ago
    Boy, do I hear you about maintenance being tougher than weight loss. I agree!!!

    It sounds like you've got it down, though - keeping an eye on things and stopping any weight creep before it gets out of hand. Well done! Keep up the good work, and I'm glad to hear that you're making progress.

    As you say, constant vigilance is really the name of the game in maintenance. At least, I find that to be true for me, as well.

    (I eat nonfat greek yogurt daily. I LOVE it!! And, as you say, it's a great source of protein.)
    2722 days ago
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