"Eating of the Junk"

Friday, November 05, 2010

October was blah weight-loss-wise. I think I gained, I'm afraid to check. It makes me sick that I am on track from morning until I get home about 8:30pm. Then I get into the junk food. I start fresh the next morning and then do the same stupid thing the next evening.

Here's my plan so far.
1- To change things up and avoid junk food-itus (tonight and every night) I ate a bigger breakfast today. I will continue to eat more, because while I like starving (punishment for being fat). I really do think I need to have sharp hunger pains for me to lose weight.

2- My second problem is being so tired that I have to force myself to cook dinner, thus the "eating of the junk". I am generally cooking dinner at 9:30-10pm and starving all the while. I have to come up with something better than my son's oreo cookies, (boy did they taste fantastic, & normally I don't care for them) while I am recouping and getting ready to make dinner.

I am on the look-out for a low sodium meal that I can pop in the microwave. I am thinking it will probably be a meal I've already cooked, and have ready to go, especially on my loooong work days.

Have a good healthy eating week-end!

I can, and I will nip this unacceptable action before it becomes a habit!

Does anyone know of/or can recommend any frozen meals that are low sodium?
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    Snack on low fat popcorn, high fibre and not too many calories. Just don't add the butter and salt. a little sprinkle of butter buds or molly mcbutter does the trick.

    3082 days ago
    Heres what I found - maybe this will be of help to you.
    I think otehr Kashi meals are low in sodium too - also, I know Amys brand are minimally processed, and have pretty good ingreds in them. The taste along the product line is hit or miss being its all Gluten Free.

    You could also do the DIY method - Do some fish /chick, serv of veggies, some brown rice and portionit out like a meal - heat n eat. DIY is probably healhier & cheaper in the long run too (-:

    If you get Schwans (the Schwans Man) haha they may have good choices too + they deliver!!! (-:

    Thats all i got! ;-)
    3085 days ago
    Late night nibbles are a hard one to conquer but you can do it. It sounds like the plan you have will help. I agree cooking smething in advance that you can freeze and eat during the weekdays will help. It is hard to find low sodium frozen options but I know if you look at the store there will be some. I like Lean Cuisine overall. I would also suggest cooking with a crock pot since you can put it all together in the morning and then it will be ready at dinner time. SP has some really good recipes and if you like then you can freeze and bring out later. I also like to make extra and then put away for another day and if you make at home on the weekends you will be controling both fat and sodium. It is a challenge but you are up to it. emoticon
    3086 days ago
    I dropped by to give you some advice after reading a comment you left on Susie's page. I see however that you've already gotten the advice that I was going to give :)

    I was going to suggest batch cooking your proteins on the weekend. I sometimes cook a bunch of chicken breasts on the grill Sunday and store them for use through the week. You can add them to a green salad or some steamed broccoli and rice. Or make a yummy wrap really quick. I also keep those little tuna packets on hand for a quick wrap or salad. Soups are also a really great idea. I make a huge pot once and a while and I can have it for dinner or lunch for several days.

    I'm lucky in that my teenagers don't leave any junk food in the house for long. If they want cookies or chips...they inhale them before I ever get a chance to eat them. They also inhale fruit the same way. My daughter at an entire tray of blueberries from Costco the other night.

    Anyways, good luck on finding solutions that work for you.

    3086 days ago
    Hi! The evenings are my hardest time too. I would also suggest to batch cook during the weekend (or whenever you are free) and freezer meals that you just pull out of the freezer when needed and reheat. You could also try to eat a healthy snack before coming home so you are not starving and eating junk while you wait for your food. And lastly, maybe my best advise- don't have junk food in the house. If it's not there, you can't eat it ;-) Or if you can't do that, have it hidden from you by your son so you don't know where it is.

    Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!
    3087 days ago
    3087 days ago
    I know what you mean. The evening hours are the worst for me too. I find myself mindlessly munching while I am watching TV. Whatever you do don't starve. That's never a good idea. You don't have to have hunger pangs to lose weight. In fact, from everything I've read if you don't eat your body goes into starvation mode slows your metabolism. Soup is a good choice if you are in a hurry. There are some canned varieties that are low sodium. I like to make a wrap sandwich for something quick too like tuna or chicken salad. I've found that making 2 recipes of something isn't that much extra work, and then you have left overs to freeze in serving size containers for those times when you don't have time to cook. I use things that freeze well like beef stew, chicken and dumplings, or hamburger rice hot dish. I've found that brushing my teeth right after dinner instead of waiting until I go to bed helps too. My teeth are clean and I don't want to have to brush again. Hope you find some of these things helpful.
    3087 days ago
    I take the dog for a walk when i find I'm outa control eating. If you don't have a dog, you can just go for a walk anyway.
    3087 days ago
    I cook meals on the week-end for thru the week and then at night after work I just need to heat them up.
    3087 days ago
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