~*~ WTF Challenge 11/3 - 11/7 ~*~

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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~*~ WTF Challenge 11/3 - 11/7 ~*~
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Welcome to anti-burnout week. We all seem to be caught in that awkward uncomfortable stage between completely giving up and overdoing it so much that we are about to burn out.

This week's challenge is to go back through your history and tracking on spark and find when you were most motivated and happiest with your progress and momentum and find out how to recreate it NEXT week.

emoticon I am pretty sure this was sometime around last February, March, April and/or May. I'll do the research after I post this. This is perfect timing because I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I've been slacking since the summer (especially around the time my brother-in-law was killed...that affected me a lot deeper than I ever would have expected) and then in October after I was sick for a few weeks. I have been thinking back to when I was more motivated, when I would make a POINT to log in daily (lately I try to do it but if I miss a day I am indifferent about it), when I made an effort to track my water (I have been drinking but I haven't tracked in months), when I actually tried to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day, though aiming for more, when I would drop and do a plank for 45 seconds, and so on. Yeah, I have lost that drive and I need to find it again.

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This week we are just going to focus on the basics.

*Get all your water everyday.
*Track your food and any fitness you do.
*Get 8 hours of sleep nightly if possible.
*Make sure to get in some alone time so you don't crack.
*Forgive yourself for any blase or over-demand you've been going through.

Next week we are kicking it up- but we can't do that if we are running our bodies into the ground.

Do what you can and report back on the next template everything that you were able to accomplish, big or small victories, between now and Sunday.

This week's challenge- instead of letting your spark die out, build up a solid stack of new firewood for the cold times ahead. (Ooooh, this sounds heavenly! I shall try really hard to focus on this a lot this week).

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Bonus Motivation Kicker- find a movie that you have always loved, where the main character prevails and overcomes obstacles, no matter how bleak the future. netflix it, rent it, by it used, whatever. Watch it, I dont care if its Beaches or 16 Candles if it motivates you.

Then workout after you watch it and let that character be your workout buddy in your imagination. Figure out what it is about that movie that really gets you going. Think about it while you work out. use it. Love it privately.

-- I'm going with The Wizard of Oz because every time I look at the picture of Dorthy and the Wicked Witch on my profile, it makes me want to kick the witch's ass. I'm taking Dorothy on my journey down the yellow brick road of fit 'n healthy! She overcame the witch and her creepy little monkeys and I can, too, dammit.

-- Also going to add in Ever After, as inspired by NEWYORKORCHIDS mentioning it on another blog. Love that movie, plus it's already on my festival list.

Note: Two things I am going to do in re: getting time to myself:

1. Continue watching movies off my Fall Film Festival list
2. Read, read and read. I am in a reading frenzy right now and I read just about any chance I get. Just picked up about 7 books from the library today and I want to start them all at once, lol. I'm also going to re-read the first 3 books and the final in the Harry Potter series. After all, he is The Boy Who Lived! Talk about overcoming obstacles and prevailing!
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    I like your reading frenzy :) I need to get me some books too!
    3926 days ago
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