Goals and a fun joke!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Goals for today: 11-3-2010

1. Track all food. emoticon
2. 4-5 servings of veggies. emoticon
3. NO candy/chocolate/cookies, etc. emoticon
4. 15 bathroom push-ups each visit. 1/2 emoticon! (most of the time, yes. When I was in a public bathroom, I passed. :))

Woo hoo! I think I did pretty darn good!

I'll check back in at the end of this evening to see how I did!

For the giggles!
An Atheist is walking through the forest. He is marveling at the beauty of the land. Suddenly, a bear is running up behind him. He takes off running, trying to get away from the bear. When he looks back, he is horrified to find the bear almost on top of him. The bear quickly overtakes him. Just before the bear�s claw is about to slash him, the Atheist screams, �oh God!� Time freezes and a beacon of light shines down.

Suddenly a voice can be heard, �You deny my existence, tell others to do the same, yet at this time you expect me to help you?�

He replies, �That would be pretty hypocritical of me at this point of time, so maybe you can just make the bear Christian?�

�Very well,� the voice replies.

The light disappears, and time goes back to normal. Suddenly the bear stops, puts two paws together and says, �Dear God, bless this food of which I�m about to partake. In your name, amen!�
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