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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Haven't blogged for a while...thought maybe if I captured some thoughts today, it might re-kindle my spark. just feels like it's gradually slipping away.
I think it started with my running injury late in September. I had to take time off, and I recognize the importance of healing..but it broke a very solid I really enjoyed.
When I am less body active, my mouth seems to want to make up for it..I start to snack more, on less than healthy foods..I get bored, so I snack..that makes me lazy, so I do less...and around it goes. I have taken therapy, massages, anti-inflammatories..ibuprofen is my new best friend..anything to get things back to where I can do my running and biking..Have been back running for a couple of weeks, but I am not pain free, and I am feeling the symptoms of " better stop now or else" happening again.
I have joined a gym, strictly for studio classes ( zumba, muscle up) etc, and am considering a swimming give the leg a "rest"but I gotta say I am just NOT feeling the "spark" of enthusiasm..
Why? Is it because it's that transition time of year? ( let's face it, it's darker, the colours are gone, flowers are done..kinda dreary..)Am I eating the wrong things?

I know this has a very "down" theme to it..but it's how I have been feeling for about 3 weeks now.
I have come so far,,,only have 15lbs to go..but because I can feel all this in the background I am trying to nip this in the bud and get back on it doesnt become 20lbs, 25lbs etc...

Any and all suggestions very much appreciated...and thanks for listening!
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    Dear heart, it sounds like you're taking good steps. Do you like Zumba, etc? Do they make you happy and jazzed?

    What about trying some festive seasonal fruits and veggies? BIGMAMAT has been posting about the glorious pomegranate, and someone else on the joys of roasted butternut squash. Have you thought about one of those SAD lights that gives you outdoor light? What about forcing bulbs indoors so you have cheery flowers through the winter?

    You've come so far, don't lose the Spark now! *hugs*
    3249 days ago
    Have you tried the light bulbs that are supposed to be like or simulate natural lighting? They are supposed to be good for when we have long darker days! There are supposed to be "light boxes" I think you can maybe rent to try or if you only need it for a few months a year. Those are supposed to help with seasonal changes too. It popped into my head so I've been meaning to get here to see if you had at least thought of the special light bulbs. A little more expensive but worth it, if it helps!!!

    One of my goals is to be little black dress ready on New Years Eve this year!
    What are your short term and long term goals?

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3264 days ago
  • BGOOCH56
    My friend Shelley do not give up on yourself and your dreams. You have come along way. Give your body the rest it is asking for and pick up when the flowers are just beginning to pop out in Feb. The Weather will be wonderful and your body will be ready. Stay motivated and moving with things that work for your body right now.

    We miss you on our board. Your body will heal and you will be back to the new and rejuvenated you. Maybe you will meet some people at your new group classes that will be your inspiration for now. We are still here for you. What I would not give to say I only have 15 to goal, get there and tell me what to expect when I get there. Lead the way!!!!!
    3267 days ago
    Shelley-you may not feel the enthusiasm with the new variety of exercises but at least you are taking control of your current situation to find new ways to stay active. You never know, one of those might click in and be something you really enjoy and be something that you do during the winter months. By the time winter is over and Spring rolls around again, your leg/nerve will be good as gold and you will be back on the running trails. In regard to snacking, if possible, only allow healthy snacks into your home. Allow a calorie amount for certain snacks and then once that is met and if you still want to snack, make it only veggies which are so low in calories. You can still have that crunching, hand to mouth effect but you are still in control of what you put there.

    You are so amazing to me....have always been and still are son inspirational to me. I hate all you are experiencing but you are still inspiring me with going out and finding new avenues to stay active....despite how you are feeling about it all. That really shows how far you have come, Shelley. Sending thoughts of healing prayers your way. Hang in there!
    3267 days ago
    I think you are doing a great job of trying to adapt around your injury! Your spark is still there it is just a little confused by your injury that is all!!! lol I can relate to your story. Way before I found SP I loved doing the elliptical SO much I did it all of the time at really high intensity. I did it so much I gave myself "left trochanteric bursitis" (I messed up my left hip) and now to this day I cannot do my #1 love of exercise as often as I want to. I can relate to that loss because it sounds like running is that for you! Well, just like men there are other fish in the sea! And you will find something else that you like but it will be different so don't try to comparing it to your first love running because it will never match up to your 1st!!!!!!!

    Try some cinema therapy! Watch some funny movies or a sad one to get a good cry out. Terms of endearment always works for me on the good cry trick. Funny movies- Knocked Up, The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine (I didn't like it personally but lots of other people thought it was hilarious)

    You have came a LONG WAY, BABY!!!! You have lost SO much weight! I am proud of you! You have done it, you are doing it, and you are going to finish this as strong as your body allows you!!!

    Remember That!

    3267 days ago
  • STIPER23
    I'm sorry about your injury. I, too, have felt the spark slipping lately. I know the feeling of not wanting to slide down the slippery slope again. Good luck! emoticon
    3267 days ago
    I do know what you mean about the time of year. Right now, I'm doing pretty good and the days are pretty nice. But I know from years and years that in 2 or 3 weeks I will most likely feel that downhill mental slide that I get during this time of year. Not just with eating or exercise, because last year was the first year I did those, but anniversaries of deaths and stuff like that. Last year I worked hard at being positive by repeating over and over to myself that "that was then and this is now". It helped. But I'm getting sidetracked here. The swimming exercise or doing some water exercises might be great to help you build your muscle up and the water is a big resistance but at the same time seems easier to work in. I don't know what your gym has, but mine has a lot of styrofoam dumbells of different sizes that you can use to do a lot of different exercise in the water for upper body and core strength. They styrofoam adds a LOT of resistance in the water and comes in different sizes usually. My gym also has ankle weights that can be strapped on to make leg exercises work harder. And of course swimming is a great total body exercise. Sometimes it helps to do something different with your routine and shake it up. Your muscles need that too or they get into a routine of knowing what to expect and it can slow down the progress from what I've read a lot of places. So it's good to shake it up. If you gym offers any water aerobic classes those are a great place to have some fun and learn some exercises. I go to those sometimes, but I've also learned a lot through them and sometimes go during open swim times and just do it on my own.
    Believe me, I know how the injury can slow you down and get you off track. As I've shared before, I've been dealing with the sciatica for months now, and it has gotten somewhat better and walking or running actually makes it feel better now but for a while it was difficult to even walk and I get the munchies when I am forced into inactivity also. You're doing some great exercises now and it's good that you've found ways to push through and stay active. That's great because I don't know about you, but before I would have given up and said I'm injured so I will just quit. Just fighting back is huge!!
    You can do this. You have a lot more strength than you realize you have, and you want it badly as you've shown by your determination through this setback. You have come a long way, both in weight loss, fitness, and mental attitude changes. Try to wrap your mind around the strength inside you and let it help you move forward. And we're always here to help!
    3267 days ago
  • KENDALL7261
    Be kind to yourself. Keep it simple. Do one thing different each day. Try getting outside in the daylight for 10 minutes at lunch to get the most of the sunrays!
    We can't be on the mountain top all the time but we can learn to like the view closer to the ground.
    You have done so well so far!! You can do this! YOU are doing this!
    emoticon emoticon
    3267 days ago
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