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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is me before I go to bed - it's kind of more like why I think I'm fat and how I got here. Maybe someone will be able to relate...
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    Hey girl! I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to leave some encouragement for you. I hope you're liking spark people. It can be a great place to get the motivation you need to keep going.

    I have some advice for you that I hope you'll find useful because I'm also a student at UNT. As far as food goes, you have to shop smart. Look at the weekly ads for stores that are close to you and see if any of the stores have any great deals. I did this today and here are some great deals I found for Albertson's ( 2321 West University Drive or 2434 I-35E South):
    Progresso Soup 4 for $5
    Healthy Choice frozen meals 5 for $10 (but they should ring up $2 each)
    Lean ground beef (93/7) $2.99 lb
    Pick up one of the ads at the front of the store and it should have coupons including these:
    Libby's Canned Vegetables $.39
    Allen's or Veg All Frozen Vegetables $.79

    All of these prices are good through Tuesday.

    You can also get bags of frozen chicken breast for $6-7 and you usually get 5+ large breasts in each bag. Pair that with some of the cheap veggies and some Minute Brown Rice and you've got yourself a cheap meal. You can't look at the $6-7 price tag of the meat and say that's too much. You have to think of how many meals you can get out of it. Try finding recipes for casseroles. They are usually easy to make and you get 6-8 servings out of each one.

    Bargain with your boyfriend. Tell him that if he'll help you out with the groceries that you will start cooking dinner.

    Also, if you're enrolled at UNT you can work out at the rec center for free! I am there 5 days a week (MWF 12:15-1 & TR I meet with a personal trainer). The rec can be intimidating, but just jump on any of the cardio machines and hit quick start and you're ready to go. And if you're interested in a trainer, they're pretty cheap (I think $28 per session and it's cheaper if you buy several sessions at a time). The rec also offers exercise classes and they have a few classes every day that are free and the rest are just $3.

    I hope that helped! Feel free to message me anytime. I'm on campus 5 days a week and if you need some motivation I'm here for you!
    2721 days ago
    I can't get the other half of this video to load so I only watched half of it, but all I was hearing from you was I can't I can't I can't. STOP IT!!! YOU CAN!!! I once weighed 417 flippin lbs and I am 80 lbs lighter now. You CAN get up like say 20 minutes earlier and give yourself the gift of exercise. Yes even that 20 minutes will help. Make it routine and do not arm yourself with excuses as to why you can't do it. Stop blaming your boyfriend too. He is a big boy who makes his own decisions and you are a big girl who SHOULD be making her own decisions. If your boyfriend plops whattaburger on your face at 3 am... take it straight to the trash and make a statement!!! If he says let's go out it's easier, try to have supper started before he can say that. There are some great 1 dish QUICK meals on spark recipes that won't take up too much time. Also, when you get some free time or a day off, cook ALOT and freez it for the week. I had to learn all this stuff the hard way and I'm still learning and still falling flat on my face, but if you keep trying to aim for positive decisions, eventually you will see yourself making them more often!!!
    2724 days ago
    You have to start somewhere...
    If your boyfriend isn't gonna support your moving more, eating less, eating healthier... then you need to do it for yourself.

    Start with walking... it can do WONDERS! I started out months ago walking.. and that was a struggle for me... I was over 300 pounds...

    6 months later.. I am running... and have dropped 55 pounds. :) There is hope!!!! Quit looking at all the ways you can fail yourself, and start looking at the ways you can be good for yourself.. no matter how small. 10 minutes of movement here, and 10 minutes of movement there.

    Sounds like your family, can shove it!!!! Show them ALL that the negativity... and the harsh feedback can suck it... You are going to do this! I know you can do it. You said you are in the 190's... Girl, I have LOTS on you and I can move my BUTT you can TOO! :) I am here to kick your butt when you need it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2725 days ago
    I'm from Texas as well, and yes you cannot say no to Whataburger. It's just something I don't think anyone from Texas can do. As far as getting someone to work out with you, if your boyfriend says no you can play the 'I'm busy' card. Such as he wants to go out, you simply say, "Well, I'm going out to the gym, want to come with me?" or "I'm going out to take the dogs for a walk, want to join me?" Make it something where it's an activity he can join you, and if he doesn't you can do it yourself.

    I know how it feels to not have anyone to go workout with. It's something I'm socially awkward about since going to a gym alone just seems boring alone. But if you think about it, when you go to workout would you wear an iPod or MP3 player, how could you hold a conversation with a friend when you're listening to music?
    My solution was investing in a resistance stationary bike.
    When I have time, or if I am watching TV I will get on the bike and use it for an entire episode of whatever I am watching (most shows with commercials are 30 minutes long).

    As far as food goes, I haven't changed my diet drastically. I've simply reduced how much soda I drink and pay attention to what I eat. When I started tracking my food I saw how much I was eating and if it was really worth it when I just felt hungry later. For veggies, try v8 fusion, one glass = 1 serving of fruits and 1 serving of veggies. and 120 calories (not empty calories like with soda though, so the calories are worth it.)
    If you need more protein, try things like string cheese or beans as snacks. If you can afford it, try Special K protein shakes. (I discovered that Slim fast is awful tasting and not worth the extra $2 for the extra protein.) You just have to eat smart, which you can do even with a limited food budget.

    I know how it feels to have family members get on about how much you weigh and telling you that your ultimate goal as a woman is to be pretty. My mother is a vain woman and I was a tomboy and still basically am. So every chance she gets when she sees me it's, "You need to lose weight! I weigh less than you do! Oh and wear a skirt and put on some makeup." Constant nagging about my appearance to be more girly. It makes you dislike family visits when everyone is on your case about these types of things, like rubbing salt in a wound which makes you emotionally eat. I just got to the point that I said that if they brought up the subject again in my presence I wouldn't be willing to converse with them until they decided that their words did more harm than good.

    I still keep in touch, but I maintain a distance from them so that I won't get dragged down with their 'advice.' My husband is my support. He doesn't tell me I need to lose weight or that I am fat or anything. He just listens to me when I talk about things I want to change to improve my health and lifestyle and he agrees or discusses about them with me about it. If you have just one supportive person, that's all you really need.

    Do this for yourself and to show everyone who has ever doubted your resolve to change.
    I used to live in Northern Texas (Carrollton) and this may sound like a strange suggestion for a gym, but look for a recreation center with work out equipment. The one I went to when I lived in Carrollton was like $50 for a year, something I could afford as a poor college student. Recreation centers work just as well as a gym, only cheaper and maybe even more workout classes that many interest you (and way cheaper than an actual gym).

    I hope things improve for you, just keep pushing forward even if things feel impossible.
    2726 days ago
  • ALANAF_27
    Hey Jenna! I am Alana! I am a 21 university student from Canada. I related to a lot of what you had to say! I gained a lot of weight when I met my boyfriend as well, we ate out all the time (you know the deal)! But fortunately for me he was the one that started the weight loss train for us! When he first started changing his diet and going to the gym I wasn't convinced! I wanted to keep our lifestyle where the waitress at our favourite restaurant knew us by name. And it took me a long time to realize what he was doing was really great! And since September I have been eating healthy and going to the gym! I started at almost 200 pounds and now I am around 185. AND I bet after a little while of your boyfriend seeing you change he will come around and understand, or maybe even take the first step himself.
    I think that making this video was the first step!! Good for you for talking about it, and expressing your feelings! You really need to commit to whatever you want to do! Maybe update your sparkpage, add some goals, or some rewards.. whatever will help you stay motivated!
    As for eating healthy, yes it's very hard! You will need to start saying NO to the eating out! ( or at least research restaurants healthy options before you go) Buying healthy food is not that much more expensive. It doesn't cost anymore to buy whole wheat bread instead of white, or skim milk vs. whole etc etc. And those little changes do add up! And yes cereal and fruit are pricey but so is a box of cookies, or a meal at McDonalds. (by the way canned fruits and veggies are cheaper - my favs - canned peaches and canned green beans) Since money is tight, maybe there is something in your life you can cut out? It really has to be a lifestyle change!!
    It's going to be tough at first but you will get use to it! you just have to hang in there! Add me as a spark friend if you want!! One thing I've learned about this website is that there are always people here for you, going through the same things!!
    2726 days ago
    You have a huge set of problems. They are your problems and no one else can solve them. Remember"You Are Who You Hang With". I wish you all the luck and will be watching your success.
    2727 days ago
    hi Jenna :)

    i'm Yasmeen. i just watched ur blog now. i wanna just let u know that i can really relate 2 some of ur problems 2 :) i'm 29 & i've been married for 5 yrs & my husband & i have been obese since we got married & yes, even he admits that his love 4 food AND COOKING is why i can't stick 2 a diet........also my family thinks that he is sabotaging my weight loss efforts all the time & like u my dad thinks thin=pretty=success=pride=great marriage........etc so i usually avoid seeing him esp. if i'm fat (which i usually am) or - God forbid - eating! this has crushed my self esteem for years now & actually i managed to lose 55 lbs 1.5 years ago while my husband was in Dubai for business & of course i was away from my dad living in my home. But i put it all on again due 2 several failed IVF trials that caused depression & emotional eating + every time my husband wanted 2 cheer me up, he'd take me out 2 dinner 2 my favorite places or buy my my favorite food + a 12 hr a day job as a banker + taking care of a home & cooking & laundry + errands never really helped me find the time or energy 2 do anything other than collapse in bed & go crazy eating whatever i want on the weekends. Also my husband is over 300 lbs & is literally stuck 2 his lazy boy chair! he doesn't even get up 4 a cup of water .........needless 2 say i tried my best 2 convince him of taking a walk with me or even get on the treadmill that i used 2 religiously use...but nope, useless, he HATES walking or sports in general.

    So i decided that i need 2 fight alone in this, i truly believe that if u "feel" beautiful then u can conquer all.........& i also don't believe that fat ppl r beautiful.........that includes me ..nothing beautiful about fat legs,ass , arms & saggy big boobs (sorry!).....& i know ppl judge based on how u look esp. when ur job hunting ............trust me i know a lot of under qualified women who got jobs that other ppl deserve just cuz they look beautiful, confident & smart..........when i lost the weight, ppl at work actually treated me differently , although i'm married , i could easily notice how i've switched from being a friend to a beautiful woman-friend. i couldn't get enough of the compliments about my suits, shoes, accessories, hair , make-up ........everything. Suddenly i was perceived as a woman . needless 2 say, it felt great. especially that i had other ppl making me feel beautiful & confident if my husband refused 2 do so ......which happened of course .............he was actually jealous of the attention i got & of how perfect i felt.

    Well i'm sorry that i rambled on so much about me , but since i ballooned up to 206 lbs now, i'm thru blaming anyone else other than myself ......i refuse fatty meals as treats now , or any other unhealthy food during the week, my husband & i only have a single cheat meal on the weekends & that's it. i make time 4 a workout , any work out now & it's exhausting like hell esp. that we're due to another set of IVF trials in Jan. 2011 so i NEED 2 lose as much as i possibly can till i start the hormone shots again. i try 2 rely on the community page on SP 2 find support cuz my husband isn't the best diet supporter in the world (like most men, he loves food & the couch :) ) i always enter my food intake, i try my best 2 cook ahead & i force myself 2 buy fruit & veggies & actually eat them instead of having a grilled cheese sandwich. i don't buy cheese , only cottage (cheese is my weakness), i only buy wholegrain bread (never white), i buy low fat mayo instead of regular , also i buy low cal dressing (or make my own vinaigrette at home), i don't buy or cook pasta or rice anymore. i don't buy chips or candy or fatty cold cuts at all now. i buy skimmed milk instead of full cream. i eat tuna & chicken more than meat now. it's actually costing a lot less 4 us than the fatty food we love. it's just hard work cooking healthy meals. but i'm slowly getting used 2 it. i'm always snacking on a veggie or fruit. i'm forcing this diet on my husband but i can't control what he eats outside , but at least my home is "safe" 4 me. It is far from easy.......it's the hardest thing now 4 me , but looking my best is so much worth it.

    tell u what, have u tried 2 calculate how much having the following list every week in ur fridge would cost u:

    1- olive oil
    2- whole grain bread
    3- bran cereal
    4- skimmed milk
    5- dried fruit (raisins or cherries or cranberries)
    6- fat free flavored yoghurt
    7- tuna
    8- eggs
    9-fruits & veggies (as needed per week)
    10- chicken (skin & bone removed) - as needed per week.
    11- meat (find the cheapest cuts around)
    12- low calorie dressing (pick ur favorite flavor)
    13- olives (black or green)
    14- low fat cream or cottage cheese
    15- herbs (dried oregano - garlic powder - onion powder - paprika)
    16- splenda sachets ( 2 per day)

    do u think u can make that happen? if u can, i think i can help u with a lot of tasty low calorie stuff that u can eat :)

    i hope i've helped :)

    2727 days ago
    Be prayin' for ya!
    2727 days ago
    emoticon to Sparkpeople! I'm on the DogLover's Team too! My dog gets me out the door whether I'm in the mood or not. emoticon on making the choice to get un-fat very soon. (I'm inclined to be a bit sarcastic myself. Blame it on Irish ancestry!) emoticon
    2727 days ago
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