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Top 10 Lame Excuses For Not Going to the Gym

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I've been thinking about all the things I say to myself to get out of going to gym, and the more I got to thinking about them, the more ridiculous they became...

1. I've eaten too much to work out.
2. I haven't eaten enough to work out.
3. I'm too clean and don't want to get dirty.
4. I need to shave my legs before I can go to gym.
5. I look too fat in my workout clothes.
6. It's too early in the day and I'm not yet awake.
7. It's too late in the day and I don't want to stay up too late.
8. There is something good on TV I can't miss or DVR.
9. My cat is sitting on me and I can't disturb her.
10. I can't find any matching socks.

Are any of those good excuses? Yeah, didn't think so!
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  • no profile photo CD6811492
    1. I've eaten too much so I should work out
    2. I haven't eaten enough, but I'll add extra calories onto my pre and post workout snack to make up for the day.
    3. I can just rinse off after, re-deoderize, put hair in a ponytail
    4. I'll wear capris or pants today
    5. I'll wear black to look slim at the gym
    6. Coffee=amazing workout
    7. I'll sleep so much better after exhausting myself at the gym
    8. I'll watch it online later
    9. I am my first priority
    10. I never wear matching socks!

    I helped you debunk all of your excuses friend!
    3572 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2919881
    LOL great blog. I have to say I'm guilty of the food related ones. I heard a new one from a coworker of mine.

    "But its rainy and cold outside."

    I pointed out that her gym was indoors...she pouted and still didn't go.
    3572 days ago
    love your list. i've definitely used some of those. a few more of my favorites:

    -it's raining and i don't want to get on the road with all of those nuts who don't know how to drive in the rain.
    -it's too dark outside to go anywhere.
    -the gym is probably crowded right now.

    haha. at least we know they are lame excuses. now we just need the motivation to ignore them and get to the gym.
    3572 days ago
  • AMYO113
    Loved #10 because that's a problem for me. Ha ha ha. I enroll myself in fitness classes at the local college and feel more pressured to show up to a class than just hit the gym on my own.

    Thanks for this great post!
    3572 days ago
    My favorites are #4 and #10 - it's amazing how writing down what's going on in your head can reveal how silly it all is!

    Get thee to a gym!
    3572 days ago
  • EMI412
    I've used a lot of those, especially #1... now I try to make myself go anyway, even if it means the discomfort of exercising on a full stomach. Doing that a few times changed the way I schedule my gym and eating... now I usually say, "better not eat something heavy, I'm about to go to the gym" instead of "I just ate something heavy, I can't go to the gym"!
    3572 days ago
    hahaha number 9 was my fav, you're right they do sound silly but at least you KNOW that, you have SO got this!
    3572 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7445412
    A great list.
    I'm going to throw in...
    I'm so comfy, if I get up I may never find this spot again
    I am so guilty of this, and all of your list too, on so many things! Knowledge is power! Now you'll get to the gym more, because you know what excuses to look for!
    3572 days ago
    1. All the other people there are fit and good looking
    2. I'm too tired to put on makeup to look good at the gym

    This is why I LOVE the 10 minute videos on SP.
    3572 days ago
    I'll see your top 10 and add:

    1) I don't have cab fare
    2) I need to talk to my sister and obviously can't ask her to call back later

    hahaha. I like your list. I frequently am too clean or too hairy to go to the gym, not to mention that I have probably eaten too much/too little to work out

    3572 days ago
    1. I've eaten too much to work out.
    2. I haven't eaten enough to work out.
    7. It's too late in the day and I don't want to stay up too late.

    Guilty! Guilty as charged! I think I was meant to see this post. NONE of those things on your list are good excuses to miss a workout, yet I use them too. As they say, knowledge is power, so now you can move to fixing that list!
    3572 days ago
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