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Negative Stuff - BE GONE

Monday, November 01, 2010

I have always been the one that calls it as I see it. If it ain't right - it's wrong. Don't whine - fix it!

By the same token, I have never been a competitive person - with anyone but myself!! My goal is to do better than I have done before and has nothing to do with anyone else.

I've noticed that many get tied up in "beating out" another person or group and lose sight of the big picture. I find that a bit sad. Even negative.

I realized that I was even doing it to myself (at least I was not inflicting the negative on someone else). I do my weekly weigh in and get really pissed off if it not what I want/think it should be.

My Point?

Step Back! Look at the BIG picture. What is really happening?

While my weight is not where I WANT it, I am down from the last few years!
When I get my yearly physical, my blood work is RIGHT ON TARGET!
My general health is BETTER than it ever has been.

No, I may not have won the "contest" or be #1, gotten my name in lights, but I am making progress, learning, growing and STILL trying to be the Very Best I CAN Be whether I beat the other guy/team or not!!

Working towards being Your Own Personal Best is what it is all about!
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