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Promise Me You Aren't Going to Come Back on Monday and Post "I Ate 17 Kit Kats!"

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Or Snickers, or M&Ms, or your crappy Halloween candy of choice...

Do that for me, OK? When you're digging in that bowl of Halloween candy, think, "oh crap, Karvy's gonna be super PO'd if I eat Reese's PB Cup #8." Whatever works.

If you blow it on pumpkin beer, homemade caramel apples, or something of the sort, so be it.

But a Kit Kat? Really? We all know what a Kit Kat tastes like. Do we ever really need more than one of those things?

If there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion this weekend, our new overlords will wonder why we worshipped and/or consumed such vast, sugary piles of meh-ness.

I'm not saying not to treat yourself. Satisfy your chocolate craving by splurging on something awesome. Get a piece of homemade fudge from the local candy shop or a scrumptious ice cream flavor or a fancy bar of chocolate that costs at least $3 and just savor it, bite by bite. Try something new instead of turning to that chocolate designed for a six-year-old's palate.

And don't even get me started on the candy corn.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had 3 whoppers and left the rest of the candy alone. It just didn't taste as good as it used to. I would rather have an orange :)
    2724 days ago
    I had a few candy bars, not 17!!
    2725 days ago
    I love this blog! No, I haven't been invaded by the kit kat people or the other aliens emoticon No, the holidays won't break me this year. I have a whole bunch of healthy good stuff planned.

    2725 days ago
  • AHOLLAND0108
    Hug...to late. First time reading this blog, I wish I would have seen it a week ago. :o( I guess I ate a few bags. I've been feeling really blue the past few weeks. I think the change in seasons is the reason. I've tried to snap out of it but I'm stuck. Halloween has just been my a real big excuse. I was doing so-o-o well prior to these feelings. I gotta snap back to it.

    emoticon emoticon
    2725 days ago
    Didn't even buy Halloween candy, problem solved. LOL.
    2725 days ago
    Homemade caramel apples are indeed my downfall. I avoided the brand candy though, so I'll call it a victory!
    2725 days ago
    Great post: I don't like candy much and most 'commercial' chocolate is too sweet for me anyway. But bring on the Belgian dark chocolate SOON!
    emoticon emoticon
    2725 days ago
    Awesome post! I wish I had found it before Hallowe'en. I was pretty good over Hallowe'en though! I hope everyone else was too :)
    2726 days ago
  • GO2GIRL99
    i gave all the choclate stuff out 1st..all i was left with was the geeneric lolly pops, gum, hard candy...and thats not worth it to me.....did eat about 4 snickes though while i handed out candy...sorry emoticon
    2726 days ago
    I'm fine with Halloween, do not eat candy or sweets, no chocolate too. I'm a good girl! emoticon emoticon
    2726 days ago
    I only ate 16. So I'm good. emoticon
    2726 days ago
    I have to admit I had a few candy bars from the kids bags but I did not have 17 of anything
    2726 days ago
    I'm not sure if we're talking about the "Snack Size" halloween handouts., I've been eating three of those a day for the past 4 days. I figure if I go by the serving sizes, I'm not too bad off. And, so far, that's been the only candy I've had. emoticon
    2726 days ago
    I too wish I'd read your blog before the weekend. Dooh. I had one piece, but noooo that wasn't enough, I ended up having about 6 fun sizes and yes I did feel lousy afterward.
    2726 days ago
    ok just one kit kat
    2726 days ago

    emoticon emoticon I WISH I COULD HAVE A CANDY BAR:'(
    2726 days ago
    He He... Actually, Samoa girl scout cookies were my halloween downfall. Thank God they're gone!

    The candy I'm doing okay with... Butterfingers... because well, they are my all time hands down favorite candy bar and this is the only time of year I ever see one... and they are minis... so... yeah... one of those a day and maybe something else! But not 17... not ever! UGH! :)
    2726 days ago
  • ANDREA963
    Wish I would have seen your blog before the weekend. :) I had my share+. But now I feel a bit done with it! :) THankfully!!!
    2726 days ago
  • HIPPIE44
    2726 days ago
  • MKELLY72
    No candy in my house- kids were at their dad's house for trick or treat, so it's all there. I wasn't home to pass any out, so no temptations there either :-) The BF bought a bag of candy when it went on sale though- mix of sweet tarts, nerds, and laffy taffy. The sweet tarts and nerds can be a weakness, but I stuck to one little pouch- 50 calories. It also helped that I walked with my friend and her sister in law while they took their kids begging- they are working really hard on getting/staying a healthy weight too, so we had each other to lean on.
    Great blog!!
    2727 days ago
    I havent ate 17 but halloween night I ate 3 mini kit kats then monday I had 3 mini tootsie rolls. Its so hard having 3 kids with 3 big bags of candy that I would normally tear into. Then I go to walmart and they have big bags of candy on sale I really wanted to buy it but I turned the other way. Im trying so hard to stay out of the candy and havent ate any today and think that the few peices I did eat was good because Im a candy lover and would normally eat way more...
    2727 days ago
    I have to admit, I love Kit Kats, but I was good. I ate some over the weekend, but when I came into the office and saw a bowl of them someone had brought in, I turned and walked the other way. Any other time, I would have been grabbing a few to hoard, but I didn't have a single piece of work candy co-workers were trying to pawn off on me!
    2727 days ago
    Okay, so I didn't eat 17 Kit Kats but I did eat 3 mini Almond Joys and 2 mini bags of M&M peanuts yesterday. I will not do that again today, though! Or tomorrow...
    2727 days ago
    I didnĀ“t....
    2727 days ago
  • TGOLDEN1120
    I love this post! I'm on a fasting cleanse (blessedherbs.com) so I didn't over-indulge. Its funny because my coworker tried to tempt me with Snickers (my fav). This blog is quite motivational. I enjoyed reading it.
    2727 days ago
    I wish I had seen this blog yesterday!! I did have a few to many sweets on Monday, but today was a different day and I'm back on track. Blog made me laugh emoticon
    2727 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    My goal this Halloween (which I'm lucky that candy has been very scarce) is to only have the pieces I really enjoy and that works for me! I love kit kats honestly and never eat them so why not just have one for Halloween? I promise not to eat 17 though! Good blog!
    2727 days ago
    I am going to have to fight this. My DH bought 5 bags of candy on after Halloween sale and I am determined to only eat one piece a day!
    2727 days ago
    I wish had of seen this yesterday or Sunday, too
    2727 days ago
    we had a couple tricker treaters, used to live in a senior nieghborhood now ,that some are gone, few come .my mom has grapefruit trees. i gave away grapefruits to the grown ups. ,and candy to the kids.it wasd nice, we just lid a candle put it on our picnic table,and gave out candy to who would come, i took afew and ate. didnt get my favorite,chocolate. but lots of candy that was fatfree. good for those parents that dont let kids indulge.,fewer denntal visits,.lesser cavities.and as for me if i did get temted to eat what was left, each was 1-2 calories. but i did get at the end something chocolate.. emoticon emoticon
    2727 days ago
    OK OK!! I promise! Actually I didn't eat tons but I had a few whoppers - 6 balls - and one Reese's PB cup, so not horrible. I can tell you that it really didn't taste all that good.

    Keep rockin! emoticon
    2727 days ago
  • KATHLEEN0222
    I needed this yesterday when "Aunt Flo" came knocking at my door and I gave in to my chocolate cravings!
    2727 days ago
    Loved this post. I like the fact that you want everyone to pay it forward!
    2727 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2727 days ago
    Wow ! I needed to read this yesterday haha ;) I LOVE candy corn and tootsie rolls, and go figure that's what I bought. We didn't get many trick or treaters, so I found kids to give it away to! Out of sight, out of mind is the best method for me. :)
    2727 days ago
    outch... preach.
    2727 days ago
    In previous years I would be stuff we liked(chocolate bars)so if anything was left,we'd be able to enjoy it. This year I bought popcorn balls. They taste like styrofoam(sorry kids). Surprised we didn't get egged!
    2728 days ago
  • UK1522A
    Thank you for that!
    2728 days ago
    we bought 4 bags of candy and got NO trick-or-treaters! so now were stuck with all this candy:( i need to find some kids to give it to before im temped to eat it. I've done good so far...
    2728 days ago
    I ate about 3 Reese's. We didn't have as many trick-or-treaters as we thought we might so I went ahead and ate some. Bad in 2 aspects: 1. I ate that candy and there's still more left! 2. I'm allergic to chocolate but it was worth it then :)...now it's not boo lol
    2728 days ago
    Well....it wasn't exactly 17 or Kit Kats but I think I did some major damage. Means I'll be burning it up on the elliptical more than usual. One day, move on and do not look back but learn and recall in the future. emoticon
    2728 days ago
  • NIKKI7727
    2728 days ago
    I put 3 fun sized snicker bars aside for myself on Halloween. They are among my favorites, and I have not had one if well over 1-2 YEARS. Well, I ate one, and it was good, but not as good as I remembered. In fact, I gave up my other 2 to trick or treaters when we were running low on candy and had a bit of orange sherbet instead.

    I have found that on the RARE occasions I treat myself to one of my favorites it never lives up to my memories of it.

    I actually stayed below 1350 calories for the day!

    2728 days ago
    Thank you for a new perspective! emoticon
    2728 days ago
    Three fun size Twix's that I had in the freezer. Darn it, I worked hard as the Candy Passer Outer! emoticon
    2728 days ago
    You nailed it when you said that those things are designed for a 6 year old's palate! As I get older (yikes, I'll be 40 next month) those old chocolate bars that tasted so great as a kid taste sad, cheap, and stale to me now. If I'm going to indulge in the calories, I definitely want something more adult, sophisticated, and indulgent... I need to be WOWED -- or else why bother!?
    2728 days ago
    I did eat more than a couple of pieces from the Trick or Treat bowl... But aren't you pleased I made it back here on Monday?
    2728 days ago

    2728 days ago
    I totally had the pumpkin beer...it was awesome.
    2728 days ago
    Great blog! We didn't buy any candy (no kids come to our place so we didn't have to) and I'm glad. But we did go to Whole Foods and get some good, real chocolate which was AMAZING!

    I admit that I think that if you allow yourself a treat of something good then you stop craving the crap. Of course, my problem is then limiting the good stuff!
    2728 days ago
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