Sorry I keep stepping on you Mr. Scale!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Three times this morning, just to be sure. Yes, I know I see you every morning, but this morning I thought you must be off your game.

So I THOUGHT yesterday was a happy day.......today is even happier!!! It's wonderful how this plan has helped me "hear" my body again. I know when I'm hungry, I know when I need protein and I know when I'm just in the mood to "graze".

I think what got me off my "plateau" was more veggies and nothing before bed. If I'm really snacky, a wasa with reduced sugar jam on it feels cheaty enough to get me to stop :) I've noticed though, it's easier to NOT want to cheat when I see progress, so we set ourselves up for success, and also for failure.

Early in SP I read somewhere if you fall off the wagon, don't look back and don't STAY off - just pick up at the next meal and eat what you should be eating. That's one pearl I've taken from SP.

Here's a pearl from me.....Don't bring bags of candy in the house...ever. If you must have it, buy 1, eat it and move on :) The sugar lover in me just can't say no, so I have to limit the opportunities for yes.

Thank you Spark People for helping me get back to me (and all without having to kill myself on an exercise program!!!)
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