Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three weeks ago I went to the dentist with a toothache....lots of pressure with it. I was put on antibiotics. Checked in a week later and they changed antibiotics as that one was doing nothing. Stopped by last Thursday to talk about the antibiotics and the fact that the pain was only getting worse. The soonest they could get me in was today. The suspect tooth they thought was dead wasn't, and it was a different tooth altogether. It's out and when she pulled it I could feel the pressure leave. I saw the thing and glad it's gone. She was so relieved that her gut feelings about the other tooth turned out to be right. She said she just didn't think it was the one from the xray so they did different xrays this morning and then she tapped on a tooth.....peeled me off the ceiling and proceeded. It's over. The last two days have been miserable.

Okay....I'm done whining now and after a nice nap and two days of taking it easy as told to do, I'll be ready to get started on those November goals I set out. Easy Peasy!!!

The reason I'm telling you this is because I know from past experience that teeth have alot to do with diabetes and blood sugar levels. I hope I can get back to concentrating on this program. No matter what I was doing I was in pain. Think I went through 7 tubes of oragel and ambusol in the last three weeks.

Now you'd think that with a restricted diet I put myself on the last few days I would have gotten the scale to move downward.....guess again.....put never say never, right?

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    I am glad you are feeling better. It is amazing that a little thing like a tooth or sliver can cause so much pain and affect the body so much. It makes the rest of us thankful we aren't sharig the pain. (Sorry!)
    2794 days ago
    emoticon Good morning Carolyn,
    I hope today you are feeling a lot better. Bless you.
    Sorry you had all of that pain.
    Blessings in all you do today,
    emoticon emoticon
    2794 days ago
    Good Morning Carolyn,

    Thank you so much for sharing this blog - It was meant for me.
    I just broke both my 2 front teeth and am fighting 2 that need to be pulled.

    Make one small goal at a time and you will get back on track.
    emoticon emoticon
    2794 days ago
  • MONTY68
    Hi Carolyn
    Just reading your blog raised the hair on my arms. The word dentist does that, I speak from experience of not going to one and when I finally had to , It was a disaster. lost everything. You were smart to go back and say something was wrong. At least, now you can get back to a painfree life.
    On your statement about a restricted diet and no apparent weight release, I will never understand how that can happen, unless your body decided to hold on to the calories.
    I know you will get into the routine and results will happen.
    Thank you for sharing

    Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2794 days ago
    Geez, that had to have been horrible, Carolyn! I hope you're all better very soon!
    2794 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better. Diabetes does cause a lot of dental problems. Pain means something is wrong. I know you will get back into the swing very quickly!
    2794 days ago
    I'm glad you got the tooth taken care of and are already feeling better! And now --- good luck on the Easy Peasy!
    2795 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I am so glad you finally had that pesky old tooth taken care of. I've been there and I know it is no fun. In a couple of days you'll be much better and ready to start where you left off.........we never quit when the going gets tough we just get tougher. Please take care and feel better soon.
    2795 days ago
    I have read here on Spark People, that if you restrict your calories too much, your body thinks it is being starved to death and it will try to retain what it needs to function.

    I don't know how much inflammation would have come from your dental problems. In high school, I had a math teacher that nearly died. He was put in the hospital and they ran tests on him. The conclusion was a bad tooth that was in essence poisoning him with infection.

    I have come to the conclusion for myself that if I am going to lose the weight, I still want to eat what I enjoy. I would never be happy being thin again if I couldn't eat a slice of pizza, have ice cream and a host of other foods. I do eat them, but try to cut down on the amounts. Today, all restraint went out the window and I have over 2500 calories logged before supper. One saving thing though, there is a ton of chocolate candy in the house and I didn't touch any of it.

    Our son said he was making breakfast and he woke me up and handed me creamed chip beef gravy over two biscuits that he bought at a local place like a convenience store/gasoline mart (AC&T). Then after he went to work, I devoured the rest of our daughter's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Then a hot dog and cheese popcorn. I thought, "Well, I have blown it now, pig out!."

    My Spark friend, Willowwinds, once posted that if you fell down a flight of stairs but stopped falling before you hit bottom, you wouldn't get up and throw yourself the rest of the way down. I remembered that and got on the computer and began logging my damages.

    Yeah, I have days when I revert to my old eating style of anything you want, as much as you can eat. Now there is like a food "conscious" that convicts me. I am glad or there may have been far more damage done by candy bars. I came up with a term of my own, "food suicide."

    Your pictures show a loss of weight, for me, the weight stayed for a while but the inflated appearance diminished and then the weight came off.
    2795 days ago
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