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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have had my knee go out on me. I have a bad back, disks, pinched nerve that caused numbness in right leg, sometimes goes out completely. There are so many joints that have arthritis, shoulders, hips, feet, wrists. You name a part of my body and it hurts or has hurt in the last 36 hours.
I have been hit with the flu, for almost 6 days, felt like I was dying. Since I have never died , I just imagined that's what it would feel like. For all I know it might be quick and not feel a thing. I did experience cardiac arrest once and there was no pain. But I am getting off track, so back to the story line.
I suffer from allergies, asthma . Have sever sinus infections. Have an ear infection, caused by swimmers ear that has never gone away for 30 years.
So for most of these medical issues I take pills, have had operations, and sometimes just live with what ever is happening with my body.
I always say if bionics ever get wide spread I would be first in line. I could easily be the bionic women.
For the last three days I have been dealing with a cold. I know a cold doesn't sound like much. But it can be, especially for someone with a history of bronchial, respiratory aliments. I have had two bouts with pneumonia.
So with all my history I do have to watch out when I get a cold.
I don't think this cold is going to be bad. I just have a runny noise, sore throat, little cough,sneezing. I know that sounds bad, but it could be worse. I know I have had it a lot worse.
But what makes being sick bad is it affects your appetite and energy level.
I tried to walk yesterday morning and could only walk one mile and had to quit.
I did some other excerises, with my stretch bands, had to do them in intervals of five and ten minutes at a time. I had NO stamina. I felt worn out. I guess the body is using all its reserve to fight any infections and germs. But I need to stay on track and not fall back into the too tired to exercise mode. I need to keep my weigh loss on track. I have a goal to reach. Sick or not , there is no stopping me.
O.K. I will have to ease up some. But regardless of the obstacles that I have to deal with daily I will continue to move forward. Always looking ahead at the goal of a healthy, fit body. One that I feel comfortable with. One where I can look in the mirror and not want to look away. One that I will not constantly see imperfections that need to be corrected. Will I be a perfect ten (10)? No of course not. But I will be confident that I have done all I can do to be where I am at this age in my life.
I am so close to being under 200 I can almost reach out and touch that 199 number. But in the mean time I will be content to being in the teens. Like 219.
That's what the scales said this morning. I will wait to weigh this Friday to register my weight loss for the week. But I have no doubt that I will not see 220's ever again.
Love my new treadmill. It is so handy to get up , put on my shoes and just walk in the comfort of my home. Oh I found out I also had to put on a sport's bra, the girl were all over the place. Who thought just walking would cause so much movement. I though in the privacy of my house it wouldn't matter. Well for comfort it does. Smile!!
I still will walk out side , but in this winter weather, even getting out to the gym can be a hassle. I also feel safer walking at home. With my bad knees, if they go out at home I don't have to lay on the side walk and wait for help.
The stormy weather has let up some today. I need to go to the store. I will make it a quick run. Don't want to spread any of my germs to any others or pick up more myself.
One thing about being sick is my appetite goes. I get tired of food. And I am really tired of chicken. Any king of chicken. Even chicken soup. No more chicken. Oh maybe chicken enchiladas. But that's not on my food plan. Smile!
Want to feel better for Saturday's Halloween party. Putting my costume
together. Might have to make a stop at the Goodwill and pick up a couple of pieces. I saw something there last week that would be perfect. Hope it's still there.
As far as more shopping for me. No, I have enough of everything. I even found the red handbag I was looking for. Instead of spending $40.00, I spent $4.50.
I have been so luck with my Goodwill shopping. It might be my favorite store's.
I know it's defiantly in my financial range. Smile!!!
To all my fellow Sparkers, I appreciate all of the support and comments I always get from each of you. I am sometimes slow to respond, but believe me I really appreciate every comment and friendship. I know we are all striving to make a better life for ourselves in getting healthy and fit. We all have goals to reach, we all deal with different issues in our everyday lives. But what we have in common is the goal to have a healthy and fit lifestyle for ourselves, our family.
Remember to put yourself first. Your success will spread out to include all others around you.
I wish all success and happiness, have only positive thoughts. There is a brighter day just around the corner. Each day gets better. Keep the faith.
Spark on to your goal.
"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." Oscar Wilde
Peace and Love,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! Maybe you didn't mean for it to happen but, Holy Smokes, are you ever inspirational! All of the different things that are wrong with you and you still carry on like a trooper! My hat is off to you and I want to humbly try and follow in your footsteps. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us here.

    You are AWESOME!! emoticon
    3765 days ago
    This is a great blog. The story you tell is somewhat like both mine and especially the BW - and the cure is the same. You just get up and keep going. You show good spirit!

    emoticon emoticon
    3767 days ago
  • JILL313
    What an honest and inspiring blog. If you can do it, so can I. You are a real success story--all your friends are rooting for you. I admire how few calories you actually eat--I'm about 5'8" and I can eat up to 1600 calories--maybe that's really too many for much of a weight loss. I know I don't exercise enough as I have to sit down to do most exercises.

    I'm adding you as a Spark Friend because I want to be sucessful just like You!!


    PS I've had a bad cold for a week and I'm sick of being sick . . .I hope you are over your cold. emoticon emoticon

    Jill emoticon
    3770 days ago
    I want to be you when I grow up! You are so full of wisdom. You are funny. You are full of inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing so much with us here.

    3771 days ago
    Anyone can exercise and keep a positive attitude when they are young and healthy. It's the aches and pains that separate real women from the wannabes! You're my hero!

    3771 days ago
    Awesome blog! Thanks for posting this.

    3772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/28/2010 1:03:28 PM
    3773 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon and get under 200.
    3773 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. By the way, you have the BEST attitude! And you make me smile. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL afternoon and evening!!

    - Michelle
    3773 days ago
    You have the courage of a lion, my friend! And, a heart of gold! You deserve all the accolades & more for your perseverence & determination! It is exactly these qualities that make a winner!

    And my friend...you ARE a winner! emoticon

    emoticon Rose
    3773 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4501477
    I see you have lost 110 lbs. Good for you! I enjoyed your blog. Keep up the positive attitude even tho some aches and pains are coming your way. Hang in there and keep Sparking.
    3773 days ago
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