CLX week 7, 8 and 10K race

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CLX Week 7 & 8

Week 7
Sun 10/17: Recharge (yoga, 20 min), 3.1 mile run outside (30 min)
Mon 10/18: Push circuit 1 (31 min), 27 min cardio (10 min solutions kickboxing DVD)
Tue 10/19: Push circuit 2 (31 min), 3 mile run treadmill (33 min)
Wed 10/20: Rest
Thu 10/21: Burn intervals (44 min)
Fri 10/22: Push circuit 3 (32 min), 3.1 mile run outside (32 min)
Sat 10/23: Water aerobics (50 min)

Week 8
Sun 10/24: 10K race (57 min)
Mon 10/25: Recharge (yoga, 20 min)
Tue 10/26: Push circuit 1, burn it off
Wed 10/27: Push circuit 2, soem kind of cardio
Thu 10/28: Burn intervals, Ab burner
Fri 10/29: Push circuit 3, run
Sat 10/30: Water aerobics

A note on my 10K- it was AWESOME!!! For several reasons

1. The location. Over a bridge, view of a river and mountains…..the scenery was spectacular!

2. The route- HILLS!!! Constant incline!!! This should be a negative, but after having DONE it- without stopping- it feels GREAT. The only flat part was the bridge, so immediately I mentally adjusted my goal of breaking 56:30 and settled on finishing under an hour and not stopping. Did it in 57:30- I’ll take it!
3. The goodie bag- one of the best I’ve received. Technical cap, Tshirt, cloth bag, sports bag, etc…
4. The medal! Gorgeous!
5. The crowd. Lots of participants but not too many. It was comfortable. There was also a 5K. Lots of spectators too.
6. The organization. Shuttle buses, signage along route, water stops—all great.

that's me on the right!

My next 10K is on Nov 7 (organized by my workplace!). I am definitely aiming to break 56:30 there. It’s mostly flat (except for one hill at 5K mark).
And I just found out that there will be a Women’s Half Marathon in Puerto Rico next year (Nov 2011)! Feather boas, tiaras and roses at the finish line? I’m there!!!! It’s a series-race…check it out.


October is practically DONE! Time to survive the holidays and start thinking about 2011 goals.....
Already?? YESSSSSSSS!!!!
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