Have to write my October blog....

Monday, October 25, 2010

I try to make at least one blog a month. never was good at writing. I have been putting my exercise on the back burner this year. Must be burning by now! lol! I am really enjoying the fall this year. Been going out to the woods to look for deer but never see anything when I HAVE my camera with me! I am going again this morning. Last week I did see a red tail hawk when I went out. pretty awesome, but it wouldn'tt let me get close enough to take a picture, darn thing!
I WILL start to use my treadmill again this winter, cause I sure as heck didn't use my bike much this year, and I luv my bike riding. Just have been so burned out from that stupid pill I take each morning for breast cancer. Only two more years and hopefully my tiredness will go away.
Went to the movie with DH on saturday to see "Secretariat". LOVED that movie, course i always did like true things.
Is this a good enough blog? i want to get out to the woods before the sun comes up!
Have a great day!
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