an eight month plan!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am an organizer by nature! The beginning changes have spiralled. At first it was a plan to become healthier, that turned into a plan to take back my life. I wanted to back away from all of the stress. It was work related stress. A job that was poor paying and toxic.
So, I started exercising, I started using Spark and I started eating healthier.
Soon, (as in 4 months) I had changed jobs, exercised lots and had lost 50+lbs. Now, for the next transition. I have started a second job. The earnings from my second job are going into a separate account. 75% goes to debt, 25% goes to savings. We were paying down debt with our other household income but this will allow me to do it much more quickly.
I feel good, things are improving all around.
A true life transformation!

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