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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This picture is just to show you the same shirt and how it looks with weight lost. There is about a 20 lb difference is this picture.

The 2 pics above do not show the whole 50 lbs down I have lost.
The one above and below show about 40 lb difference.

I don't have a belly picture to show the highest weight of 221 that I got to.

I was so sad when I weighed so much. I had some outfits I wore and I thought I looked slim in them.. (HA HA... who was I kidding!)

I got to 221 and today I weigh 171.

I hit the BIG 5 – O and I don’t mean age… LOL I have lost 50 lbs as of today since my highest weight!

I am at 28 down in 3 mos. I am very pleased with that.
I feel so good and I am THRILLED by that! Eating healthy sure makes a difference!

I lost 24.5 inches from 7-24 to 9-26
TOTAL inches lost since beginning of No sugar/white flour eating plan is: - 27.5 inches

2.75 inches lost off hips
4.5 inches lost off baby belly
3.5 inches lost off waist
2.75 inches off bra band
2.5 inches off each thigh
Almost 2.5 off area above each knee
1.25 inches lost off each arm
1.75 inces lost off of neck


I have lost 5.25 hips, 7 babybelly, 8.5 waist, 4.75 bra band, 3.75 each thigh, 3.25 neck, 2.25 rt. Arm, 2.5 left arm, 3.5 each area above knees

I started out last Dec 09 at 20 W pants and XXL shirt
Today I have dropped down 4 sizes in pants and and 3 sizes in shirts.

TODAY I wear a Med. shirt and 12 in jeans but they are baggy bigtime! LOL

I have gone from 221 down to 171 so far since I started.

I have gone from 199 to 171 since I cut out sugar and white flour 3 mos ago

This photo above only shows a 20 lb difference.. but it does make a big difference!

The above picture I posted is to show the fat that shows on our necks when we drop our heads a little.. you know we make more of a neck roll or DOUBLE CHIN! LOL
there is about a 35 lb weight difference in this picture (not the 50)

SO SPARKIES TAKE PICTURES and do all angles... and DO NOT SUCK it in... just show it how it really is and you will be so proud later!
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