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Thursday, October 21, 2010

OK. I am starting over. Again. For the hundredth time. But I have to start somewhere, so over again will have to do. I am back to the 230ish that my body seems to want to be. I don't want to be that. I would like to be 180ish. That is my goal. Not only that, I would like to be 180ish by my next birthday. I just turned 49. So basically I want to lose 50 lbs by 50 years old.

Fifty by fifty. Can I do it? I have tried to go below 200lbs may times in the past 10 years with no success. I got close, but never went under. Getting older is harder than I thought it would be. In my 20's and 30's I could lose weight with ease, but now it is a constant struggle, and if I slip the weight FLIES back on. But the thought of being fat into the next decade scares me. I want to decrease my risks for all the obesity related diseases. I want to be a size 14, or dare I say, 12 again. I want to look and feel sexy again.

I have started tracking my nutrition and fitness, and I am going to try hard to do it faithfully every day. I am also trying to exercise daily... that is one thing I am bad about. I could probably write a book on dieting and nutrition, I am good gauging portion sizes, and I know how to cook and eat healthy. I don't always do what I should, but I am aware of that, and that helps in the battle. However I am somewhat lacking in knowledge when it comes to exercise, and lacking even more in the motivation department. I do not know how long a mile or km is , so when I walk or hike I am clueless on how far I have gone. I don't know how long or hard I have to exercise to burn calories, I only know it seems like the effort put in to it hardly seems worth it. I HATE to sweat, always have. I hate feeling hot, and feeling wetness drip down my face, neck, etc. grosses me out. So exercising is a real challenge for me. But I am trying to overcome all my obstacles and dump my bad habits for healthy ones. I want to feel better, not just look better, and they say exercising is the key, so I am taking up the gauntlet, and excepting the challenge. To be a better me I need to work hard and stay committed, and that's what I intend to do. Wish me luck!

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    Hi Bonnie, been awhile, I'm just so busy working (6 days WITH schoolwork at home on Sundays, too!). I'm doing what I call Spark Roulette and trying to pop in on folks I don't correspond with enough. Sometimes the "friending" can get a wee bit out of control! Anyway, was thinking of you and saw this blog. Yes, you can do 50 in 50, but it will take focus, continuity and determination....and sweat. I, too, have fallen off the gung-ho sparkwagon, although I/ve only regained 4 pounds that I lost (as of 1 week ago on the scale) and I HAVE been diligent with my water, lowered sodium, no sodas, smaller portions and generally fresher, leaner foods. Keeping emotional eating under control and finding consistent time to exercise is my downfall. But, I keep reminding myself every day that it's one mouthful, one pace at a time that makes progress and I can NEVER give up on the fight. I wish you well in your journey, I just hit 50 myself and have a helluva lot more weight to lose than you do. Email me if you need help or a push or a shoulder to cry or whine on! Happy Thanksgiving, and don't go into a holiday guilt trip. Cut back on fats in the food (stuffing tastes just as good made with a good broth as with a ton of butter!) Enjoy some treats, but just don't lose your mind! Make double your regular vegetable dishes! Sweet potatoes are now a staple at my house and there's a million ways to enjoy them without adding much sweetener or fat. (I like mine in the crockpot with a cup of apple cider, a tbsp of brown sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, a couple of chunks of ginger and a lemon squeezed over it all....Yummmmmm!). Enjoy !!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2773 days ago
    Thanks for the motivation! It's good to know that I have some friends that "have been there and done that" cheering me on! I look up to both of you and I applaud your achievments. Awesome!

    2797 days ago
    I am wishing you luck Bonnie! But more than that I am here to cheer you on and try to help motivate you to get back on track!! emoticon I never thought I would lose almost 50 pounds especially AFTER 50, when metabolism slows and all that, but I did, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I agree wholeheartedly with having streaks, and I have a walking streak of 276 days!!
    I think just getting started with the tracking is great, and realizing that it probably will take the whole year until you are 50...but who cares?? You can lose slow and steady, and change old habits. You are going to approach 50 looking and feeling great! Keep on Sparking!! emoticon
    2798 days ago
    I did get under 200. And I'm lovin' it!
    You CAN and WILL do it!

    You're going to have to commit to tracking your food intake (I used to track it on SP but don't always have access to a computer to track so I write it in a journal every day!) and you will need to track your exercise. I do do that on SP. I am on day 71 of an exercise streak right now.

    You can do this and you will feel awesome when you get under 200. We call it Onederland.

    I challenge you to exercise everyday! You can start out with just 10 min. but do 10 min. every day. You can add to that whenever you want to. Sometimes, once you get started you end up wanting to do more than 10.

    I like Leslie Sansone DVDs. I have 3 mile advanced, 4 mile super challenge, 4 mile walk slim, 3 mile walk the belly flat, 5 mile walk a mile a day. I interchange them and sometimes do one and then part of another one. If you've never done Leslie I'd start with the Walk a Mile a Day DVD with 5 Miles on it. I can't remember the real name of it. You can do one mile or do more. The miles include: a classic walk, one for arms, one for legs, one for your tummy, and a speed walk. It also has a warm up and cool down with a stretch.

    Good luck. You can do this! It's time to focus on you and your health!!! You will feel amazing when you lose your weight!
    2798 days ago
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