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12 Things I Love About Low Carb

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1. It's easy. I'm the type of person that likes things simple, and I'm not the greatest it's a no-brainer that I can always find food choices that don't take a lot of prep..or for that matter..even thought.

2. If I decide to have potatoes (my fave carbs) I can have them...and know that right off the bat I can revert to low carb and not blink an eye.

3. I happen to just plain like low carb foods.

4. I can pretty much eat all I want, therefore I'm NEVER hungry. :-)

5. Low carb foods fill me up so I'm not left with that low calorie feeling of wanting more.

6. I have sooo much energy when I stay low carb.

7. If I eat a high carb meal I am totally sleepy within a half hour. Seriously..I always knew I couldn't eat a huge breakfast of pancakes etc. before getting on the road because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open to drive. That never happens if I stick to eggs and bacon.

8. Counting calories is NOT fun! Too much deprivation!

9. High carb eating leads to an overdose of glucose, and resulting infusion of insulin. Sorry guys...that's what makes for obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and more metabolic disorders.

10. 15 pounds came off with little effort. Huzzah!

11. When I eat lots of carbs I weirdly get hot hands and feet..and restless legs and wrists..and my heart rate goes way up...I'm sure due to the increased glucose...go figure.

12. No matter how much salt I eat, when I'm low carb my ankles NEVER swell up. When I eat high carb it's guaranteed that I will end up with very swollen ankles and sausage toes. What does that say about how high amounts of carbs affects my circulation?
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