Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have been terrible this month also. I have only lost one pound! I do have a lot of reasons why stress has just had a field day with me.

1) My health-- legs and feet just decided they wanted not to work at all --I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my legs and hips--given 4 injections--one in each hip and one in each knee!

2) Then I started having female problems again all of a sudden. This was strange as I was told a year and a half ago that I would not be doing this any more, and that the emoticon factory was shut down for good! Bed rest was on my agenda for awhile!

3) Work had a drastic change as my boss retired and I received another one. My work week went from working night shift to working 2nd shift to working day shift and back to night shift all in a week! emoticon

4) My sister moved and guess who's family had to help? You got it!

Excuses, excuses they could go on forever! Yes it was a really bad month for me! I would love to emoticon it and emoticon to the curb!

Now for the positive!
1) My legs, feet, and hips are better, and I am ready for round two!

2) Female problems I hope are resolved as there is no cancer, and I am over the scare of unexpected pleasures occurring in my life emoticon!

3) I have a new boss that was concerned enough about my having to miss work that she asked "How can I help you, and she listened!" I now work mostly the middle shift which is really great the week that I get a weekend off, as I have Thursday through Sunday off! emoticon finally some "ME TIME!" I have every Thursday and Friday off and that is something I can bank on! emoticon

4) Mom and dad are better and it means a lot! I have had another wonderful trip with them.

I have not too long returned from what people in the flat land of NC call "God's Country" or "Heaven!" I think I live in a state that can't get any better than this! See what you think?

Here are some of my pictures and I hope you enjoy:

First stop--Lake Lure, NC. Remember the movie "Dirty Dancing?" Well this is the lake that the movie was filmed at.

I've been here many times and each time I come there is always a magical, romantic air about the place. There are boat rides around this lake daily except in the winter months and they will be glad to show you where Patrick Swazey (spelling ?) and the girl that played "Baby" actually shot some of their scenes. Also where other movies were filmed such as "Fire Starter." Just around the corner at "Chimney Rock" the movie "The Last of the Mohicians" was filmed and that is another trip all by itself!

This is the inn that Patrick and the girl that played as baby stayed when they were making the movie. Nice--- but this lady can not afford!!!

Some of the beautiful flowers that were blooming this time of year.

Pictures of some of the streams on our trip.

My mom drives when we start getting in this next altitude, because April loves the mountains and their beauty, but she has some sort of phobia that grabs her at this height! Something about being able to put your hands out the window of the car and touch the clouds in the sky does it every time! emoticon

Now entering "Nantahala (an indian name) National Forest"

Lake pictures:

Stay tuned for more in "God's Country" Part ll as I always save the best for last! Get a preview as I change my profile picture!
Have a wonderful and progressive day!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DBELLE39
    OH---I love those pictures --it really shows the handiwork of our Lord--what beauty!
    3575 days ago
  • no profile photo RITAROSE
    Hi April!
    I had to check in to see how you're doing! I loved your pictures!! I always thought Montana was God's country? i must admit that your pics make me want to visit!! Your country looks gorgeous!!

    So sorry to hear that you've been having so many challenges, but I see by your blog that you're handling them very well! So glad to hear that you are having some time off and are enjoying the new boss!! A boss can make or break a job, don't you think?

    I pray that you will be feeling good enough to keep making progress on your journey!
    You're doing fabulous!! Hugs from Big Sky country! Ritarose
    3577 days ago

    Well you have had quite the month!! I am so glad that things have taken a turn for the better there isn't anybody who deserves it more!! I am glad your legs are doing better, that your new boss is AWESOME and that mom and dad are doing well.

    The pictures are just beautiful...what a great trip!!

    Take Care,
    3582 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6687446
    What gorgeous country! You're lucky to live in a place like that.

    I'm sorry to hear about all your health problems, but I'm so glad you're doing better. Yeah, good to know if that baby factory is shut down for good or just closed for the season!

    That's great about work! You NEED some AprillScott time!

    You are like the energizer bunny, you just keep going. Good for you. You are an inspiration! emoticon
    3583 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    Wow, I always heard about the beauty of NC. It is! I'm glad life is settling down for you April. You've had a rough ride lately. I'm thrilled you have a new boss who cares about you and that the health scare wasn't serious.
    Love always, Susan
    3583 days ago

    I think that too often that we expect too much of ourselves. When you have all of those additional stresses you need to time to not only handle all of them but you also need time to process that in the context of spark. We need to work on adapting the "lifestyle" change as our lives change. So if that takes time - then be gentle with yourself and give it time. But take in how you were feeling and acting and see if you can learn from that. And look at you - explaining - not excusing, but explaining - and then listing the positives. Good for you. We need always to look at the positives. And it looks like you had some wonderful things - good boss, improving health, parents doing well.

    The more I see of North Carolina the more I think it is God's country - beautiful!
    3584 days ago
  • CARROT143
    I loved the pictures April - you were in my neck of the woods! I live in Western NC - and love getting out and seeing these sights as much as possible. I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you are getting some help with work time off - that can really help when you're ill.

    3584 days ago
    Great pictures!! Glad things are getting better health wise and work wise! Enjoy your me time!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    3584 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    You know me mountain buddy. Love those pictures.

    I'm going to preach to you again. Repeat after me. (I am thankful with everything I have been through, that I lost 1 pound or 4 sticks of butter. I will do my best today to eat healthy and on my plan so I can at least lose another pound this month, if not a little more. I will love myself enough to be kind to myself as I would to a friend.)

    Preaching is over. emoticon
    3584 days ago
  • REJ7777
    Having lost a pound, rather than gained 3, when so much went wrong last month, is pretty good, methinks!

    Great photos! There's something about being in that kind of natural beauty that is so rejuvenating and energizing. Just beautiful!

    3584 days ago
    Despite all you've been through this past month, a one pound loss is pretty darned good. A loss is better than a gain so be proud of yourself.

    Sorry you've had medical and other issues this month but brighter days are ahead. Loved the photos...thanks for sharing. That is definitely God's Country!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3584 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6484093
    I've never been to NC, but your photos make me want to! Glad you're feeling better and that the medical issues are getting better too.
    3585 days ago
    Beautiful pictures, loved the waterfall shot best.
    3585 days ago
    Welcome home, April and thanks for bringing back these beautiful photos! With all that you have been through, a 1 pound loss is great!!!
    3585 days ago
    Missed you! Welcome back, and congratulations on the recovery after so many negatives all happening at once. That trip certainly gave you your 'Spark' back. Those photos were beautiful, and when I got to the last one, there was a huge sigh here in the room, and I was the only one here, lol.

    I am so glad you're now lucky enough to have a female boss who actually knows her employees are human. Must have been wonderful when she actually asked how she could help. I hope the shock wasn't too great!

    Let's hope this is the month where everything changes for the better. It sounds to me like its already been a great month, one way and another. Keep it up!

    I can't wait to see and read Part Two... the sooner the better, hint, hint..

    Big hugs,
    Chris. emoticon
    3585 days ago
    Beautiful pictures April....Every time we go to Florida we stop in NC....It is a beautiful state. Thats great that your boss is working with you ...when your happy at work it makes the job so much easier.
    3585 days ago
    Beautiful pictures April!!!!--Don't knock the weight loss! Any weight loss is good eh??_-- Hava great day! Lynda
    3585 days ago
  • DLG0505
    Hi April!

    Welcome back and glad to see you active and blogging!

    Am so sorry to hear of your health issues but am so happy for you that you are showing improvement and things are getting back to normal - whatever for sure that is!

    Isn't it great to have a boss that actually listens? It's good that she was willing to help.

    I've never been to North Carolina and now after looking at your pictures I sure want to go. Water "zens" me out and I'm in heaven if I can just sit by a river or gaze out at a lake for hours. As long as others don't invade my space!

    Thank you for sharing and posting the pictures - I'll be looking for part two!

    Love ya!

    3585 days ago
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