Running...ummm is it supposed to be like this? LOL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My reaction after running .25 of a mile emoticon
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  • KASSAY25
    I can run for an hour straight and i still experience issues with my breathing at times. The most important thing is to concentrate, sometimes taking off your IPOD for a run will help you do this. But don't be discouraged, you will get it. My problem is that i inhale through my mouth too much, and therefore get real bad cotton mouth throughout my run. But i have begun to concentrate on my breathing more to get out of this habit. Point is just don't let these minor issues discourage you. The fact that you can already run 1/4 mile is awesome, and if you keep at it, i can guarantee that you will continue to see results.
    Good Luck! emoticon emoticon
    2741 days ago
  • SCS9261
    What everyone else has said is very true. I have attempted to run several tiems before and it never worked out for me. Now I'm up to Week 5 on Couch to 5K and I look forward to my workouts! The biggest thing for me right now is going slow...I'll worry about speed later but right now i just want to get my body used to bouncing around for a length of time. (Sometimes, I'm walking fast than I "run". Yes it is very difficult to get the breathing together. I do have to devote brain power to it and sometimes I forget but quickly recover!

    Take your time and soon you will enjoy running!

    2742 days ago
    I started "jogging" today as well and I had the same experience as you. I plan to keep with it and I know it should get easier. Good luck!
    2742 days ago
    I feel you...I used to be you. But now I can jog an hour, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the breathing does get easier...thinking about it helps...make sure that you are breathing (some people do forget). My suggestions...

    the sparkpeople couch to 5K running program. Basically, you start running for a 1 min and recovering (walking) for 4 min...and you work your way up. It is what worked for me. That way you can gradually increase your endurance.

    Part of the difficulty is just that your body is not used to the work...the more it gets used to running/jogging...the easier it will all be.

    Also, do you jog with an mp3 player. Makes all the difference for me. I listen to music (more upbeat the better...helps to set pace). It keeps me from thinking about the exercise because I thinking about the music.

    Also, if breathing through your nose causes you to be lightheaded...LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Lightheadedness (is that even a word?) is not a good sign. That's my take.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2742 days ago
    I ran a quarter mile today, and was totally surprised by how it wore me out so quickly... I even blogged/vlogged about it!!! 'im right there with you!!! maybe we can keep up with each others progress!
    2742 days ago
    I totally know what you mean! So here's my take (and I'm no expert by any means).

    I have tried for YEARS to start running and enjoy it and I never succeed until recently. I started slow and I hated it! I always felt out of breath and it was so hard and I figured it would never get easier. And then one day it did... That was enough to make me want to go out again... and again... and then it got a little more easier, and then I was REALLY motivated!

    So, here's what I discovered: It took about three weeks of consistently running before I saw much improvement or notice a liking developing

    Second, I found that running was very particular... especially for me. I found I needed to be properly hydrated (always a must), but not over watered and that I needed to have a light snack (like an apple) within an hour of running to get the most bang for my buck (and more importantly, to feel comfortable). I've done some research on the water and food thing and I believe it's a personal thing. You need to figure out what works for you. I also found that I very much disliked running on roads and in residences. I enjoyed running at a park more than anywhere else and it made it feel easier to do and more enjoyable (thus requiring less motivation to do it again).

    Oh and the breathing thing. I have tried different things to get that all working right too. I have tried breathing in and out according to steps (two steps in, two steps out). But I find that I have to actually devote brain power to the breathing, at least at first. I have to force my body to take in more breath. I just take deeper breaths. I don't know if that's normal, but that's what I have done and it works for me.

    Anywho I hope that helps. Happy Running! emoticon
    2742 days ago
    hahaha you made me laugh. One of my favorite parts of running is...being done running :) You know those people you see on the side of the road running and they look like it's no big freaken deal!? THEY ARE FAKING IT!!!!! HA HA :)

    I just honestly watched another Vlog about someone who just started running and asked the same question.

    When I first started to get healthy, I had a difficult time WALKING for 30 minutes. Eventually I started running. I'd run between telephone poles. Maybe I'd run a set, walk two, run a set walk two. Then, the next time out, I'd try to run a little bit further. Even one step further of running is progress! Or, maybe I'd run one set, then walk one (instead of run one walk two). Or, you could try to run a minute, walk two minutes, etc. Have you checked out the Couch to 5k program? I didn't use it but I hear people have success with it.

    I think a lot of beginning runners start out running too fast. I'd ALWAYS felt like running was more difficult for me than everyone else. I'd always complain that I just can't control my breathing. I honestly didn't learn to control my breathing until the first time I ran five miles. To me, the big secret of running is controlling your breathing. I think the secret to controlling your breathing is to slow down. Speed will come eventually, you can build it into your goals, do speedwork etc. Or maybe once you can run one mile, maybe you want to try to run one mile at a fast pace.

    Anyway, just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't get discouraged, don't give up. Just keep trying, keep pushing yourself, one step further. As I said, when I first started out my "journey" I could barely walk for 30 minutes. Now (as a matter of proving that you can do it) my goal is to decrease my 5k time to a sub 30:00 and my long runs are about seven miles.

    Keep on working at it, keep challenging yourself and keep inspiring others along the way!
    2742 days ago
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