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Monday, October 18, 2010

I wonder about this BMI thing? According to Sparks BMI calculator, I need to lose 17 more to even get in a healthy range for my weight and height!

I am ok with that... it would put me at 158 and I am 5 '7"

BUT what is weird to me is that
IF I were to get down to 118 then I am still in the "HEALTHY RANGE"....

DOESN"T that seem super low?

I weighed 108 before and I was same height as now. I LOOKED LIKE I WAS SICK!

I was so thin! I wasn't trying to get to that weight I was just very very stressed. I was going through a divorce and also my son was in the hospital AND I had just been hired to start a new job~!

ALL that meant I didn't eat... (YES the days of not feeding the emotions.... LOL)

I know I lost 15 lbs in one week.... I went from 150 to 108 in about 6 weeks.
I blogged about it here on spark in more detail.


GIVE me your feedback on this BMI stuff? My friend NATKITA I know has an opinion about it being stupid and I am starting to agree with her! She can fit into clothes now that use to require her to lose 20 more lbs to even think about fitting into. BUT it is because she is toned and fit and SMALLER than she was before even if the scales don't reflect it... her body does!

SO give me your feedback!
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    I agree with the posters above that YOU are the best determiner of when it is time to maintain. I don't think the indexes are worth making a big issue over--they are just a guideline. I know I am not anywhere near the point I want to be at even though I am 100% better than when I started. I want to get rid of the underarm flab and the excess skin and fat around my belly and I intend to do whatever strength training is necessary and/or get plastic surgery on my loose skin when I am at a satisfactory weight. Nobody else can judge what is right for me--I will listen and read--then make my own decision. I am confident you will do what is best for you.
    3263 days ago
    Everyone has a different build, bone structure and muscle mass, so what is a healthy comfortable weight for me at 5'4", is not the same for my friend who is also the same height...I have a large bone structure and carry a larger muscle structure, While my friend has a very small bone structure and less muscle structure. A good place for me is to not go below 140, but for her, she needs to be more like 120....U have to do what is right for you. If you are comfortable at a particular weight than I think that is where you should be. emoticon
    3265 days ago
    I agree with all of the posts, it's a guideline. I am 5'7" too and that BMI thing is goofy to me as well. When I weighed 120lbs I wore a 6 and 8 but I too was skin and bones, but now I weight 179lbs and can wear 6 and 8 because I workout and do waaaaay more ST since working with Ruben.Not to mention the change in my diet of eliminating sugar and flour. I have more muscle gain and fat loss AND I am a lot smaller than I weigh, because I am more toned. Muscle is more compact than fat.

    Girl, either way you look great and are doing all the right things, but I hope this helps some!

    3266 days ago
    Here's what I found:
    Would you like to know how to calculate your body fat percentage?

    Body fat is measured with what is known as Body Mass Index, or BMI.

    A women that is in shape should have a body fat percentage range from 21% to 31%.

    For men, if you are fit and in shape, your body fat percentage should be between 14% and 25%. If you are in excellent shape, your body fat percentage could be as low as 2%.

    To calculate your body fat percentage, write down how much you weigh but you have to be honest. Remember, no one will see this but you. Multiply your weight by 703.

    Next, write down your height, in inches. Multiply by that same number. Then you will divide your weight number by your height number. That is your BMI.

    For example, if your weight were 150 pounds x 703, your weight answer would be 105,450. If your height is 5’4”, that would be 64 inches x 64 for a total of 4,096. Taking the 105,450 divided by 4,096, you come out with a BMI of 25.7.

    There are other ways to measure your body fat percentage but this will give you a quick idea of where you are at.

    If you are thinking about about losing weight, remember the amount of fat you are carry around is actually much more important than weight.

    If you use the method above to figure out your current body fat percentage, you'll be on your way to a much healthier fitness level.

    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

    3278 days ago
    In my book,

    BMI = Bull$hit Made-up Index

    I am sure that a bodybuilder will have an obese BMI, which is just dumb.
    3278 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    I'm not an expert on BMI, but do know that you my goal is to reach a weight I can maintain permanently. With that said, I'm re-considering 135 at 5'4" as I'm not sure I can stay there. 145 might be more sustainable long term.
    3280 days ago
    When I joined SP I had no clue what my goal weight was. I seriously was clueless. I researched, height, bone structure, and BMI. I guesstimated my goal weight at 150lbs. I wanted to fit into my western jeans size 10 again. I am 5'7", sm/med frame, long waisted, and long legs. When I reached my goal weight of 150lbs, I decided that I would give myself a 5lb buffer. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my size 10s would be baggy and I can fit into a size 8 comfortably. I have wide hips so I have decided not to go any smaller. I have decided to concentrate more on toning.

    I said all that to say this. The BMI, weight ranges, etc are just what everyone said they are guidelines. Even though the guidelines say I can go smaller, I feel going smaller is not right for me. All the comments are right on. Listen to your body and you will know when you are at the right weight.

    Many blessings and I pray you enough,
    3281 days ago
    Like so many of the comments, the BMI, as well as weight guidelines are just that- guidelines not rules. You look great and I agree that as long as you feel good you are fine.

    3281 days ago
    Don't worry about the BMI range. Look at your body in the mirror. If you see flab, firm it. Go by how your clothes fit. What's most important is how healthy your body is on the inside. That's what will keep you living strong and energetically for years and years to come! emoticon
    3283 days ago
    My opinion is that we should listen to our bodies and our own innate wisdom. You're eating the way you intend to eat for a lifetime of good health. Just continue on and don't think about the number - your body will stop losing when it's at the right weight for your particular bone structure, muscle mass, etc. All you have to do is keep up with your new eating style and the rest will all fall into place naturally.

    P.S. I think you look fantastic RIGHT NOW!!!
    3283 days ago
    My suggested weight range is 117-157. I got down to 123 ish at one point (in a perfectly slow and healthy way), and went in for my "yearly" exam (NOT fun lol) at that weight. When the doctor did my breast exam, she said that I carry too little fat on the upper half of my body to healthfully weigh what I did. Basically, I had no more fat left around my ribs and torso (crazy, right?!?), which could equate to not having enough visceral fat (the fat that protects your organs). I quickly argued that I still had cellulite in my tiny thighs haha, and she said that my extra bottom weight wouldn't help to protect my organs, and that I should gain 5-10 lbs back. What an eye opener!! So now I weigh 135, and she was sooo right about being healthier!! My cholesterol went down, I sleep better, and my body aches MUCH less.

    So...BMI and weight ranges are simply a recommendation. At 123 lbs, my body fat came in at 15%. That's fine for a training athlete, but not for a 27 year old woman who would like to SOME day have children lol. Go with body fat measurements, they are the most accurate gauge of what's best for YOU.

    Good luck!
    3283 days ago
    There are already a lot of great comments here. Judging by your pictures, I can't imagine you losing much more than the 17 lbs. My Mom and I are 5'8" - we are "midwestern stock" with lots of curves and muscle. We both have always thought that going under 140 was unhealthy for us. So, I think some people are better off at the high range of their "healthy" weight!
    3283 days ago
    I think it's total crap. My biggest problem with BMI is that it does not take into account bone structure or muscle mass.

    Every few years the medical community comes out with some new measurement of health. The current one is the waist to hip ratio, which is a lot more realistic than BMI, but is still flawed.
    3283 days ago
    It's just a guide--it's so wide because it includes small frames & larger as well...the med. insurance companies just use it to see who is at risk for medical problems. My doctor puts me on a % body fat scale too.
    3283 days ago
    I think it is a helpful guideline. The BMI gives you a large range within the "healthy" category in order to account for difference in people's bone structures and such. Of course, it also is imperfect and very skewed for people with massive amounts of muscle (like bodybuilding that someone mentioned below). But unless you are a body builder this shouldn't concern you (It might be one of my goals some time in the future=). Most people do refuse to believe that I am still a few pounds away from a healthy BMI. I set my goal at the mid-to-high end my BMI range - NOT the low end. I think that that is extreme... I was practically born weighing 95 pounds for goodness sake! =)

    That said, looking at the range did help me to finally set a healthy goal for myself. In the past, it was so easy for me to settle for "good enough" (which according to my prior experience I thought was around 140). Now being 10lbs less than that I realize that I was off base and definitely can see myself losing another 10lbs healthfully. I do feel much healthier in this weight range than in the past. So I think it can be a useful guideline within reason. I think too often people see it as a black or white issue looking at one value instead of the range.

    I wrote a couple blogs on the whole BMI question myself. It's something I struggled with. But, in the end, I want to push myself to where I have never been before. I've never weighed under 150, so its a good reference point for me.
    3283 days ago
    My Doctor doesn't follow the BMI and I agree with her it's too vague.
    3283 days ago
    I do think when you lose weight quickly because of stress or illness that you don't look as good as when you lose it slowly while building muscle. About 18 months ago I was very ill and lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. EVERYONE noticed! But it wasn't a good noticing, because I was sick. When I started Spark, no one noticed my first 12 pound loss because it happened slowly and healthfully.

    That said, everyone here seems right on that BMI is NOT the best indicator of how low to go. There are so many other factors to be accounted for. Good luck!
    3283 days ago
    If you can, avoid the whole BMI thing. It totally and completely messed with me. Like you, I am 5'7. I started this thing with the goal of getting into a healthy BMI of 158. I then got caught up in how low I could go and still be healthy. A wonderful SpFriend gave me a good talking to and I promised I wouldn't go below 122. I've stuck to that, but tend to bounce around it a little bit... And I am so stressed that what if I go back up? So... let me be a lesson to you. Get that silly number out of your head. Get healthy, get fit... and stop when YOU are happy.
    3283 days ago
    I definitely agree with the other people here who suggest it as a guidelines. Those calculators are so vague, and NOT specific to each person. If you're really curious about your IDEAL BMI/weight, I'd talk to a nutritionist or someone who could more accurately assess your frame, muscle, fat mass, etc, and give you a better idea of where to aim.

    Funny story-- one of my best friends' husband is a body builder/weight-lifter, and is 6'5"-- He is GIGANTIC, and all muscle (like, less than 5% body fat mass). But, just for kicks, he entered his height and weight on an online BMI calculator, and they put him at a BMI of 32 in the OBESE category based on his weight!! SO RIDICULOUS!! LOL! He is seriously all muscle-- but about 275#. So-- lesson learned: don't take those "online weight calculators" seriously. :)
    3283 days ago
    It's definitely a guideline ONLY, and it does not take into account muscle vs. fat. I plan on going with what looks and feels healthy and right for me when I get down there rather than setting an unrealistic number at this stage.
    3283 days ago
    The BMI is a tool by which the Doctors can measure your body mass.
    It really depends on the individual on what the mass consists of. It could be fat or muscle and don't forget your body organs are included in this measurement, some of the larger organs weigh a lot and so does bone.
    I just use it for reference and use the tape measure and the size I wear in clothing be my judge on how fit I am, because a fit person can weigh more and wear a size or two smaller than a person with little muscle. Hope this helps. Sandy
    3283 days ago
    I agree with all the other comments. BMI is just a guideline. They always qualify it by saying that if you exercise a lot your BMI would be higher. I'm 5'6" and in my 20's I got down to 130, right in my healthy range - my mother wanted to put me in the hospital because I looked emaciated! My sisters and I are all quite athletic and we all have dense bones, so at our ideal weight, our BMI is too high.
    3283 days ago
    I don't think you're trippin'. Just focusing on one end of the BMI range is kind of silly, I know for certain that when I was at a "healthy" BMI of 24.9 - I did not feel good about myself and I did not consider myself a "healthy weight".

    It's really different for everyone. The low end of the BMI range seems like it would be incredibly small FOR ME, but that's because of the way I'm built (I have large muscular arms and legs), but I have friends my height that would look beautiful at that low end of the range.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents. It's meant to be used as a guideline only....
    3283 days ago
    I think BMI is meant to be used as a guideline; the only way to accurately measure body fat is in a lab with a submersion in water test. I think it's sort of like the old insurance charts used to be -- if you're this height, and your frame is this size, then you should weigh about this much, sort of thing. The BMI numbers are predictors of possible health problems simply because if you're within such-and-such a range, you're more likely to have heart disease, or diabetes, or what have you. We don't need a BMI # to tell us that.

    I believe the best guidelines to go by are what you and your doctor discuss, particularly if you have any existing healthy problems, like high BP, cholesterol, etc. It's how I settled on a goal weight of 138. At least for now. That might still seem like a lot for someone who is only 5'2", but we'll see how I feel and look when I get there. That's another 40 lbs away yet for me, so lots of time to ponder on it.
    3283 days ago
    I am right on the edge of being "overweight" by BMI calculations, but I feel pretty healthy and most people would look at me and say I was NOT overweight by any means. I have also been at the very lowest end of "normal" and looked thin but not sick (that was before kids!). I think this can change throughout your life. I'd rather be a little more toward the range of "overweight" and have good muscle tone and bone density than worry about that lower number! Health should be the focus...and only you can know what's good for YOU!
    3283 days ago
    Wow... I never looked at the low end before, LOL, was always concerned with getting under the high end. 101 lbs, a healthy BMI for me? Don't think so!
    3283 days ago
    It is soooooo different for every person - bony density, muscle mass, hydration level, frame size, and fat distribution patterns all play into it. That is why the "healthy BMI" range can seem pretty wide. Yes, 118 does seem a little low to me for 5'7". However, if the woman has a small frame, doesn't work out (less lean muscle mass and most likely, lower bone density), then 118 is a realistic weight and may look great. However, exercise and healthy living are about much more than LOOKING great in the here and now. Stronger muscles and bones will keep one younger and healthier for much longer.

    All in all, in reference to the above hypothetical woman, I really feel the BMI chart is skewed toward encouraging people to be "skinny fat" and against those who work out seriously and therefore have denser bones and more muscle mass.

    PS Yes, you got it right LOL
    3283 days ago
    I try to not pay attention to BMI, I rather prefer to gauge my progress on how my clothes fit and how I look and feel.
    3283 days ago
    I agree, use it as a guideline. It's not an exact science as your body tone will be different than others around you.
    3283 days ago
    I'm no expert but I would say the reason for the large gap and still being in the healthy range is to take into account that people have different body types, therefore weight looks differently on them.

    If you are working out and doing strenght training your muscle gain could cause you to not 'Lose' as much weight, but still be smaller, b/c your toned. HOpe that somewhat makes sense! Maybe an expert will help you out better!
    3283 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    I use it as a guideline. I would look terrible at the bottom end of my healthy range too. I think some people are just built naturally smaller and some naturally bigger. You need to go by what looks/feels best for you. I'm just a hair over the center point of my range and I'm feeling really good.
    3283 days ago
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