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Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank goodness the weather in Texas has been awesome because I in my infinite wisdom took on a project that I've been ignoring for two years. Figured I didn't have a truck to take stuff to the dump, might as well ignore it. Well, it all started two weeks ago (really back in May but you woud have to go back in my blogs for that), my hubby and neighbor cut down my very old, and well established tree. While they were doing that I decided to clean the flower bed alongside the house. Let me preface this with I have a flower garden around the WHOLE house which is a 2000 square foot ranch style one story house and the garden is at least three feet wide. and my side yard (which is where I started is very.. very long).

The project.. oh the project. Remove all the lava rock from the flower bed and put in mulch. Sounds easy enough, right? Should take a few hours, a weekend at the most. No, it doesn't work that way. The first fun part of it was removing the older mulch, that wasn't too bad because it was all on weed tarp and I rolled most of that up hit and miss over the past few months. So I started raking rock and found more tarp and every time I found more tarp, I found more rock. Do you know how hard it is to rake rock? Not fun, especially when the ground is dry (which mine is baked). To add insult to my poor fingers injuries, the mulch came and part of it was dumped... yes you guessed it .. on a place where I hadn't raked up the rock. So, had to move all that mulch, dig up the rock and then spread again.

While on this endeavor, I looked at the bushes. Hmmm, they have leaves and stuff under them, let's go ahead and take that out. Guess what, more rock. So raked that out. There's this vine thing growing in and out of my bushes, what is it. Pull it out. OH my gosh, there's an empty space under my bushes when the vine crap is gone. Now I can really get to the leaves. Let's just say, this was my third weekend of doing this. Friday I have the ab workout from hell, woke up with sore abs, started raking at 8 am and couldn't move by the time I finished for the day at 5. I actually hit and missed watching the Rangers play. I passed out in the tub (soaking my soreness away) and was asleep by 9. and Sunday started it all over again. I have raked up probably three pickup loads of lava rock and am still not finished. Just finished the side yard.

and you know what irritates me the most about this. I've gained five pounds during this three week span. I have no idea what to attribute it to. I haven't eaten or drank that much extra in calories. I'm sure it has something to do with our change in schedule (used to go to work at 8 or 8:30, now am there at 6:30), working a whole bunch of muscle groups that don't get hit in the gym and my stress levels are through the roof because of finances. But seriously this has got to stop. No my clothes aren't looser, no I haven't lost inches. I've actually gained two inches on my stomach. I'm a hip weight carrier. I can't figure it out. No, I'm not pregnant (that requires sex, yes I"m married but that's another story). I'm going to blame it on cortisol but how do I fix that. I don't need this frustration on top of my others.

Anyway, just to top this off. My side yard looks quite lovely and clean and since it's the one I see most of the time (garage is in the back and that's where we come in at), I'm happy with my progress so far. It's not as perfect as I would like it to be, but my body won't let me do any more. I still have probably at least one, maybe two, more truckloads of rock to rake up and then spread mulch. If the weight keeps going up at the rate it is, I'll be back to where I started and will be a mean vicious cranky person. Cruella D Ville will have NOTHING on me.

So that's my rant for the day. Wish I could have something more fun and motivating, but I'm just venting.
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    I would love to see a picture of the side yard now that you have it done.
    3136 days ago
    Could be you didn't eat enough and your body went into starve mode! What ever the case you will lose it now that you are thinking about it!

    Congrats on the yard!
    3137 days ago
    That's what I'm trying to attribute it to, and hoping I'll get that miraculous loss as I've had this insane gain... overnight. Yes, part of my yard looks pretty darn good. Naked though since we lost the tree, I can't hide anything on the wall.
    3137 days ago
  • ANNC16
    Cortisol is the only thing that I can think of that's casing the weight gain, other than maybe your different schedule is causing your digestion to be out of balance, causing bloating etc. The stress can also cause this, or perhaps hormonal, no pregnancy but other hormones, of which cortisol is one.

    Just take comfort in what you HAVE achieved in your yard, I'm thinking that it must be looking good now. emoticon
    3137 days ago
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