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Missing outdoors

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today was my city's marathon. It's a huge event, and it goes by my house (twice actually---it kinda loops around). Anyway, I had hoped at this point to be able to do the 10k as part of the marathon, but I couldn't get cleared to run outside again. It makes me feel so sad to not get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The treadmill is NOT the same. My husband has tried to cheer me up by offering to buy me tv shows for my Ipod so running on the treadmill isn't so boring, but it's not really the running at a wall that's getting to me. I mean, it's dull, but that's not it. It feels like I am trapped all the time. I can't use running as a release in the same way. I mix it up with inclines (truthfully, it's kinda nice to have the hill work), but it's not like I can ever have a surprise on the treadmill.

It really isn't too terrible---I'm mostly just grumpy because the docs seem to be saying that the outdoor running is going to be forever off the table. I could handle a small adjustment while i was in treatment, but to say it's NEVER going to be stable enough to allow for outdoor running breaks my heart. It's not just the running that's off the table---it's raking leaves (and jumping in them), going on summer picnics, hiking in the woods, and camping that are all seemingly just too risky for me.

I know I should be grateful I am so healthy overall. And I am. The breathing disorder won't kill me if I manage it properly----and I don't even need to take any medications to do it. But lifestyle changes are difficult, and suddenly changing so that i don't spend tons of time outdoors, or do outdoor activity, is a hard change to make, especially since I enjoy being active.

So any great indoor activity ideas? Not exercises like jumping jacks, but activities, like soccer. I think having an alternate plan would cheer me up a bit.

As it happens, this has been great for my strength training. I'm at the gym now anyway, so there's no real excuse not to lift weights. Plus, the guys working out with the free weights are kinda cute (don't tell my husband ;), and super nice about helping spot me, and pretend to be impressed that I bench 100 lbs now. So it's not all bad----just feeling a little down tonight.

Sorry for the rant and negativity! I'll try to pick it up next time :)
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    Never say never. Doctors are always saying things that turn out not to be true. I know what it's like to work through these setbacks, and I understand your frustration. Don't give up! You just might surprise yourself.
    2746 days ago
    Dude, I think I can maybe bench press 30 lbs. Maybe. So I'm way impressed that you can bench press 100!!! that's awesome.

    So sorry to hear that you are permanently banned from outdoor actiivities. I have really nasty allergies, including seasonal allergies, so there are times of the year that out doors really aren't good for me (I'm paying right now for having spent Saturday outside, for example) but at least I get to play outside for part of the year! That stinks.

    As far as indoor activities:

    Indoor soccer is what I've been playing and it's a blast--and at least here it seems to run pretty much year round.

    I don't know if you've ever played racket ball but that's indoors and could be fun (I've never done it)

    If you have any interest in Martial arts, those are indoors and could be a lot of fun. I've always wanted to do a martial art like Kendo or Judo (there was one in particular that intrigued me, but I can't remember the name at the moment) and now I'm fencing, which is a blast. Since I fence in the SCA, I fence both indoors and outdoors but most fencing is done inside.

    If you are interested in dance, there's lots of indoor dance classes you can take. I've done salsa, merengue, swing, and belly dancing and enjoyed them all. Zumba classes could also be a fun option.

    Yoga is another good indoor activity--and a good counter to running, as running tends to tighten your hip flexors (the muscles at the front of the hip) and yoga can help stretch those back out. Yoga is also good for people with breathing problems (like my asthma) as it has a lot of focus on breathing.

    Ooh! And a lot of cities have indoor ice and roller rinks--that could be a lot of fun and inside.
    2747 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/18/2010 12:14:21 AM
    Um, I don't think ANYONE would have to pretend to be impressed about you benching 100 lbs. That's AWESOME!!!

    As far as indoor activities, how about dancing? There are all different types, so you should be able to find something you like.
    2747 days ago
    Wow I can't imagine being told I can NEVER do activities like running/hiking/picnicing outside again. I can understand your frustrations. What about things like floor hockey, swimming, curling, ice hockey, ringette (a "girly" version of ice hockey), indoor soccer (not sure about adult leagues but I know we have it here for the kids). Good luck finding alternatives. emoticon
    2747 days ago
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