Toronto Zoo Run - 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Twas a Beautiful day!!! Frickin' cold though

Today was the Toronto Zoo 10K Run, and I was pretty psyched, even though I haven't been training as well as I could have been. This work thing is really getting in the way of my running! Where are the priorities!?

It was my second 10K run, and I was really wanting to beat my last time of 1:09 by several minutes, getting closer to an hour even. I even got a handy dandy new Garmin Forerunner 305 on Friday evening, but I didn't have a chance to set it up properly, so I set it up as much as I could in the car on the way to the zoo this morning.

Got to the start site with about 20 minutes to spare, did the Jerome thing - headed to the port-a-potties! - and then to the blue corral. Plugged in the tunes, set the ear phones in, heard the start gun and cranked up the Metallica! I made sure I had some hefty tunes to keep me going, including bits of Metallica, various hip hop, some great Tragically Hip and even a bit of Hank Williams (not my tunes, I stole them off my computer from somebody else's music list. Hank snuck in there somehow.)

The route was great, especially with the early morning sun, but I did have one problem with it.... it was too narrow in most spots! Everyone was running around each other, it was tough to keep pace. Irritated me immensly actually. I wonder who's bright idea that was. Likely some guy in a suit who's never even run before. :) but, the elephants were awake, checking us out as we ran by. I'm sure they were rather confused, saying "what the -?" They had that look. Only saw horses otherwise. They were running in their area, I guess they figured there was something to this running thing. Or at least trying to get warm. :) I guess they have pretty smart animals at the zoo - why be up at that hour if you aren't running?

And my good friend Jerri showed up at the race with me - it was the first time I had anyone at a race with me!!! And so I finally got a Live and In Action photo of me at the finish line!

As for me, I didn't struggle too much, I did walk some, but really only just long enough to take a sip of my electrolyte drink (no, not the G-juice). Like I said, it was tough trying to keep pace when everyone is on top of each other, so I tried the best I could. And in the last 15 minutes I listened to the same Flo Rida song three times just to keep some energy going! My finish line clock time was 1:07 (two minutes faster than the 10K in August), but I'm not sure of my chip time. They haven't been posted yet. And my Garmin time is 1:06-something, but I pressed the start button too early, so I'll have to wait for the posted times. Either way, I did do better than my last time, and even though its not as good as I wanted, its still pretty awesome!

Live and In Action!

Cool finishing medal

Yeah we do!

Jerri's son Gabe - he was born on my birthday and he's 3 months old today!!!

UPDATE: results are posted, I came in EXACTLY three minutes faster this time. YAY ME! I was exactly 1:09 last time...
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