Before/After Pics to encourage me as I keep losing!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just threw some pics together today to document my journey! I was up 1.4 lbs this week and I want to recheck myself and see if it was something I did to cause that. I did start working out and that has included strength training.

I hope that is why I am up... but either way I will lose it and kick some buddies of that 1.4 lbs to the curb as well! NOTHING can stop me now..... this is a way of life for me now. I eat for fuel, I follow the WHY CAN'T I STOP EATING PLAN, I started a private team/group for fellow sparkers that wanted to try my eating plan out. We support each other and lose weight together. My eating plan was posted on my 9-17 blog for those that want to visit it.

I feel amazing and am finally "FINDING" the body that I knew was underneath all this fat! LOL
Here are some pictures I gathered: The CAPTION FOR THE PICTURE IS ABOVE EACH PICTURE
Left is Jan 2010 Right is today 10-16-10

Left is Christmas 09
Right is today

Left is Jan 09 and Right is today 10-16-10

Left is Feb 2010
Right was taken Sept 2010.

Left was July 2010 (right before I started this eating plan) and Right was 10-13-10.

Left was taken July -2010 a few weels before I started this plan
Right was taken Aug-2010 one month after starting. I had lost 14 lbs my first month when I gave up sugar and flour.

This pic was taken 3 days ago on Wednesday 10-13-10. I was headed to meet my 3 sisters and my mom for lunch. They all were so shocked I had lost so much weight. They see me every 3 weeks or so but I guess I finally reached a point where they could really tell!
They all told me not to lose anymore.. that I looked great. I told them... I am still overweight for my height of 5'7" I weigh 174 and should at least get down to 150 (I think)....

This was taken today 10-16 before I went to my friends' funeral. I had not finished my make-up but you can see the weightloss!

This picture was take a few days ago... IT REMINDS ME THAT EVERYDAY IS A "NEW DAY"!
ALL we have is today so make it count!

Here is the last one... taken today!

I am here for all of you guys!
I love you all!

KEEP doing your plan... eat for fuel and never quit

AND take measurements! TAKE PICTURES.... for one day you will want pictures for your BEFORE PHOTOS!

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