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What would you serve with Split Pea Soup?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am making a big pot of split pea soup to serve to family. I'm looking for suggestions what to serve with it. It is nearly a balanced meal in itself, but I want some sides to round out the meal. What would you serve?

And here is an update on my goals for the week, did better than last week:
Drink 8 cups of water 5 days out of 7 - done emoticon
Walk at least 3 miles per week -5.7 miles emoticon
Spend 75 minutes per week exercising - 118 minutes emoticon
Burn 440 calories per week exercising - 685 calories emoticon
Write in my healthy living journal at least 3 days out of 7 - 5 days emoticon

Today is a lovely Saturday, got in a walk, making split pea soup in the crockpot, hanging laundry on the line in the crisp fall air, getting some organizing done on my canned storage room possibly spending some time with family later in the day.

On a personal note, very very angry about something today. Struggling to know how to handle a situation and my emotions. What do you do when you feel like you want to lash out at the world?

And . . . what would you serve with split pea soup?
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    A traditional Dutch side dish would be pumpernickel bread with either cured bacon or smoked sausage and stoneground mustard. Since bacon might be cured differently on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, I would suggest the latter.
    1877 days ago
    I do like split pea soup,personally.The photos you have makes me want to give it another try to see if I do or not like it.It's looks good in the photo's.I am with Kat,toasted bread or cheese sandwich does sound good!Soup crackers are good.Sourdough bread to dip in it.I just love fish crackers and they have a whole wheat version now.A side of whole grain wheat noodles with olive oil or Smart balance and herbs.Just enjoy the healthy soup. I pray the emotional issue will be better for you,give this to our Father he will guide you through this,he is a loving and patient Father,he is there.I have felt that way and somehow I was able to get through my anger and move on and have a sense of peace and I know you will too! Give it time,it will happen.I am here if you need a friend,I have been there myself more than once and I am sure another.I am suddenly craving split pea soup,lol,alas,maybe I will really like it,lol,hmm,will see! emoticon emoticon emoticon Diana
    2751 days ago
    Interesting dilemma!! LOL!! When I make pea soup, I make homemade croutons to serve in the soup with a little shredded cheese!! I think grilled cheese sandwich would be good too!!!!
    2765 days ago
    I would serve with no other dense carbs; the tomato juice and crudites sound fantastic, at lunch I would serve the soup with crudites, at dinner I would add a large main-meal garden side salad. Of course you have a husband to cook for and he proabably wants the grilled cheese & soup. You might try whatever you put on the bread - in this case cheese - moved to on top of the salad instead. That's what I do lots of times.

    Your recipe sounds delicious.

    I make mine in the crockpot. I have diced ham in the freezer I'll use, with celery, carrots, & onion. Spices to taste. It's also good to make the day after Thanksgiving because you usually have leftover vegetable tray veggies like carrots and celery you can use up in the soup, but it has a completely different taste from Thanksgiving flavors. I'm not a fan of ham, I used to make split pea all the time with smoked turkey necks/tails/drums/wings whatever smoked turkey parts are avail in your store, and it is really REALLY good. Smoked turkey is really good in collards, as well. Since I have the ham that's what I'll use this time.

    I am still using rainchecks from Safeway for Safeway's one-pound tubs of organic Spring Mix salad to get really good buy for organic table salad. I am lightening up this week so I'll eat my soups with salad, and put lots of veggies in the salad. Any meat or cheese I'll have on top of the salad for lunch.

    Anger: I highly recommend June Hunt's teaching on anger, she teaches 4 causes (injustice, fear, injury, something else) and what to do Biblically about them. Here is the path and I'll send a clickable link to you in SparkMail. Her live show that comes on at night on Christian radio is actually even better than this:
    2772 days ago
    It certainly appears to be a comfort food, so a potato based starch would be great. Or maybe even a scrambled egg dish/skillet would be in order.
    2773 days ago
    It certainly appears to be a comfort food, so a potato based starch would be great. Or maybe even a scrambled egg dish/skillet would be in order.
    2773 days ago
  • KAT7457
    I love all the ideas grilled cheese sandwhich is always good with any soup, garlic toast,cornbread is good with chili and other soups.your soup some so yummmmmmmmmmmy makes me hungry just hearing about it. good luck hugs
    2773 days ago
    My first choice would be some homemade cornbread - but that will need to wait until I get down to goal! It is a special treat to me. Then I thought of Kaiser rolls - whole wheat type. Warm them in a brown paper bag in the oven. Sprinkle some water on the bag and pop in the oven for a few minutes. A nice salad would also be good. Dessert - sugar free vanilla pudding with canned pear half in its own juice and a dollop of raspberry jam on top. It look very festive in a parfait glass or special dessert dish.

    As for your challenge with your emotions and problem, I would suggest praying the Serenity Prayer and pray for the person for 14 days. They may or may not change but hopefully your attitude will.
    2773 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/16/2010 5:59:59 PM
    I always love a crusty whole grain bread to dunk in it... & more veggies, maybe a nice fruit... just depends on whats on hand. your ideas sounded yummy!

    angry/emotional... i try to express the emotion someplace safe so i can let it go & move on. sometimes that takes a few days & several times expressing it. Usually until I feel heard by someone. Too often, it requires compromising or accepting something that just makes me want to scream, and feels unjust... so there is often some grief and sorrow in releasing it, and at some point, to conciously choose to forgive, so the anger doesn't just eat me up... With the most horrible things, I think I have to go through this process every time they come up, when I can't just simply change my thought.

    For example. Think of a pink elephant on a purple polkadot beach ball in the ocean waves trying to balance...


    it's hard to think of both @ the same time, eh?

    There is a quote, can't remember from whom... don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

    that's well & fine, but when our emotions are screaming that something craptacular has occured, I think it helps to acknowledge the craptacular event/stuff, and then try to deal with it in non-food ways. Is there something that can be done to resolve it. If not, then how to decompress the anger, strong emotion and relax so we can get back to the important things in our lives.

    Sorry to babble on. Hope this helps in some small way... Wish I could just ease the pain for you.

    2773 days ago
    Well, my split pea soup is smelling yummy. I've made it with ham and lots of celery and onion. I'm out of carrots, but I added some frozen vegetable stock I had on hand that had carrots in it. Added some garlicpowder, along with bay leaf and peppercorns in a pouch I made with a coffee filter. Just took the ham out of the broth, added the split peas and diced up the ham to add back in when nearly finished. Will season to taste with some Mrs. Dash and salt.

    Here is what I have opted to serve with my split pea soup:
    -6 oz. glasses of chilled, home canned tomato juice
    -Fresh veggies - baby carrots, celery and cauliflower
    -Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread
    -Ending with sugar free pudding/raspberries/cool whip, and in our family, of course coffee.

    Still interested in hearing your ideas and what you would serve.
    2773 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/16/2010 1:49:35 PM
    I think the salad and baguette idea would be perfect. You could also do a quiche or fritatta with it.

    When I'm angry or simply emotional, I do something physical to get the energy out of me. My favorite is cleaning the house with vigor and loud music but a walk/jog does the trick too.

    Good luck!
    2774 days ago
    I love split pea soup.I have a salad before and baguette(i am not sure if american have this but it is thin crusty bread found in the bakery) with it.I sometimes out ham in the soup and it is really good.I dont kknow if this helps.Lisa
    2774 days ago
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