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6 Months of Spark - A Celebration

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Friday, October 15, 2010

When I woke up this morning the air was crisp. I had my duvet pulled up to my nose and my cat was curled up in his usual ball of warmth at my side. A perfect morning to laze around and stay in bed too long, making myself late for work.

But that's only what I would have done 6 months ago.

This morning, I pulled back the covers to the chilly morning air, arose from the comfort and warmth of my sheets and my cat and laced on my brand new Saucony running shoes - a gift to myself for 50 pounds lost and my six month Sparkversary.

Six months ago I couldn't talk on the phone and walk at the same time without the person on the other end questioning me if I was running a marathon. I wheezed for breath at every turn. Today I ran over 2 miles in 28 minutes. Today I celebrated my lungs and my bones and my feet and my breath. Today I am healthier and happier than I have been in years. Today is a good day.

Six months ago I would have hit the snooze button ad-infinitum - wasting my morning, wasting my life away in bed. This morning, I seized the day by the shoelaces on my sneakers and accomplished feats of athleticism in the early morning chill. It wasn't easy. No piece of cake. But I did it. And therein lies the difference.

Six months ago I did not. Today, I do.

Today I packed my lunch. Today I drank my water. Today I am caring for myself in a way that I have never cared for myself before. Today I notice how I am feeling. And I make the adjustments, and do the things that I know will make me feel even better. And therein lies the difference.

Six months ago I smothered my feelings with food. Today, I feel.

In the next six months I will lose another 50 pounds. I will run a 5K, and maybe a 10K. I will travel to Germany at least 60 pounds lighter than the last time I went to Europe. I will turn 30 knowing that the next decade of my life will be so much better than the last decade. And therein lies the difference.

Six months ago I "couldn't". Today, I will.

Thank you SparkPeople for 6 months of Accountability, Acceptance and Affirmation. Here's to many more months to come. To my wonderful Sparkfriends who have walked with me every step of this journey so far - thank you! I look forward to running with you in the months to come.

In Six Months I Am:

53 pounds lighter
50 inches smaller (that's over 4 feet!)
Miles fitter
Platefuls healthier

...And so, so much happier.

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