Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recently, I have been reading a many blogs throughout the Fall 5% Challenge membership. I see several patterns developing which lead me to reiterate the difference between want, desire and motivation. We all face the struggles of day-to-day living and coping with the frustrations and stresses of life.

As an emotional eater, I must hold fast to what I know to be true. Food is fuel and nutrients, nothing more. When I find myself distressed, I must slow down and ask why am I doing something, particularly eating. A nibble here and handful there and voila, I will be ten to twenty percent over my daily allotment of calorie intake. So, I must arm myself with mechanisms not centered around food. In fact, I must not center anything around food. This may not seem hard to many sparker out there. From my persepective this challenge is difficult.

Yesterday, I went through about 1000 photographs of my family. I was surprised to find food at the center of many of the pictures. Of course, the pictures were of holiday events, gatherings, and parties. Nonetheless, there appeared to be a theme through 80 percent of the photographs – i. e. without food, there is no fun, comfort or family. It was hard to detach myself from these pictures to derive that anthropological fact. My, what a shock.

I already knew this problem to be true in my life. I just never suspected two entire generations to fall prey to this insidious trap. I want, no I desire to be 167 pounds and have a pain free life. Motivation will not get me from 232 down to 167 pounds. Those 65 pounds have no care, feeling or concerns about this desire. They are determined to stay put at all cost. I am bound and determined that they will not. I will win this war, albeit I may lose a battle or two along the way.

These thoughts represent the difference between motivation and determination. Desire is a deep feeling that overshadows your life. When you are tempted by snacks, Halloween treats, candy dishes, birthday cakes and other fineries, remember to ask yourself a question or two. Whatever works for you is the right question. Mine are: 1) Did I plan for this treat, 2) Will it taste as good as thin feels, and 3) Given everything else in your life, is it worth it? Stay focused on what you want.

Be at Peace
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  • YICHE12
    I enjoyed reading your blog Vince. Thank you for sharing. emoticon
    3456 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6447544
    emoticon OUTSTANDING blog emoticon
    3456 days ago
    Very good insights. But I wonder.... can we find a balance?... still enjoy the foods and special occasions in our lives? My weight loss journey has been very slow because I'm always looking for that balance. If I had denied myself more and lost weight faster, I would have gained it all back by now. Good luck to you. Everyone has a different approach.
    3456 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    I agree with your insights and find that life does seem to gather around food in my life as well. I have passed on social outings from time to time to minimize this exposure in my life and have looked for alternative social gatherings like bowling to replace dinner out. I need more ideas though...could be a good message board discussion to get ideas from others...
    3456 days ago
  • BEAR2009
    Those are great questions to ask - I have a few of my own (when I remember to ask them to myself).
    I think many families have food as a central theme - to cheer you up, to celebrate, to spend time together. And how many times do we get together with friends without food being central (let's meet for coffee/lunch/dinner....)
    Thanks for sharing this.
    3456 days ago
  • BETRME100
    What a great blog...I know to ask myself those questions, but sometimes I just don't do surprise that those are the times I end up eating emotionally!! And I think many of our family gatherings have always centered around to convince the family to substitute exercise for the food...
    3456 days ago
    Thanks for this. Seriously. Great blog.
    3457 days ago
    Great blog! And I think your questions are great. I haven't asked these questions but in situations, especially at work, when there are "treats" - I do stop and have an internal check-in - do I really really want this? like you, will it taste as good as I imagine it will? (and it usually doesn't) and is it worth it? Sometimes I go ahead and most times I don't. This is a huge accomplishment for it is for you!

    emoticon emoticon
    3457 days ago
    Great Blog Vince! It made me think back to the old days. Food wasn't the center of family and friend gatherings but stress eating was for me anyway only after I left home. A great reminder to ask questions before opening mouth and inserting food. I hope you get well soon emoticon emoticon
    3457 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2516753
    thanks for the reminder. my family's pretty big on the food, too. My boyfriend says he feels like he's at some sort of eating assembly line sometimes at holidays-- as soon as we have finished snacks, there is a meal, and then dessert, then some other sort of snack. It can be hard to take the food out of the equation, or feel that we are actively participating in family time when we say "no thanks." I'll be home for both Thanskgiving & Christmas this year-- the first time in forever since that happened, so I'm going to have to come up with my own strategy.
    3457 days ago
    Vince I am sorry to hear you are still unwell. Don't worry about posting the miles, do it when you can. I am going away for a few days or else I would take it over.

    I agree there is a big disconnect between wants and actions. Dr. Phil - when you choose the behavior you choose the consequence. On Mother's Day I like to spend time with my children going for hike or something like that, not going out for brunch. I wish I could think of a low cal Thanksgiving, but that the celebration feast.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Here's some chicken soup.

    emoticon emoticon
    3457 days ago
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