Dr. Seuss, a motivational weight loss author?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll Go, by Dr. Seuss, read by yours truly, and how I related it to weight loss journeys.

The first couple of pages talk to me about just starting out, you've researched how to loose weight, and you're excited about getting started. You'll see unhealthy food, and just walk away.

When you start to loose, you'll be flying! The great sights to me is the number on the scale going down.

The Hang-Ups and Bang-Ups are bad days and weeks, that lead to a Lurch, a big misstep that sets you off track for a while. Trying to recover from that is the Slump, trying to figure out how to get your mojo back.

The dark town, that's asking the questions, what do I have to loose if I try to continue and fail, what do I have to gain if I do get back on track and succed.

Then, when you do decided to get back on track, you start racing to make up for lost progress. Not smart!

And the Waiting Place, ah the dreaded Plateau!

But, when you break through it, you are so happy, so joyous to see that scale moving once again! That's the Boom Bands.
And the riding up high, that's the boost in confidence from busting the plateau.

The games won are every pound lost, every milestone hit, the fame being the congrats from people, the positive comments, the head turnings, ect.

And then there's being alone. Anyone who's tried to loose weight, I'm sure has gone through the feeling of trying to do the journey without support. If you are the only one trying to loose weight in your household, it can be very lonesome. Which is why I am so glad I found SparkPeople. On here, there is always someone ready to help you, whether you need motivation, inspiration, someone to celebrate small or large victories with, someone to commiserate a bad day with, there is always someone there. We are never alone with Spark People!

The page with the ghosts (my son calls it the Spoooooky page), its when you finally have to think about why you got overweight to begin with. It's when you ask yourself the questions you've been using food and inactivity to avoid. What is my true relationship with food? What is my true relationship with my body? Why do I feel the need to escape my life by sitting on the couch, watching tv or reading, and mindlessly eating? Those are scary questions, and we have to ask and answer them to be truly successful on this journey to be healthier.

The foul weather is bad days, or social outings, or changes in our routine that make it hard to stay on plan. The enemies are those people who make negative comments like "Why bother?" Or "Wow, you still have a lot of work to do!", they are also the ones who push unhealthy foods at us, or don't want us exercising, could be a family member, a co-worker, most commonly a spouse.

The Hakken-Kraks (God love Dr. Seuss for mixing up the Kraken!), is that nagging, self doubting, or even self loathing inner voice a lot of us have. That is my biggest monster to conquer!

The arms sore and shoes leaking are the weariness of staying on track, the "Do I really have to get up early to exercise?" or "Ooooh, cake, I want you sooooo bad". But we must push past it, even if we are weary.

Getting mixed up in the birds, to me that's the Fad diets, the unhealthy ways to get healthy, the gimmicky exercise equipment, the diet pills.

You have to "step with care" to avoid that stuff, and to understand the healthy way to loose weight.

"Life's a Great Balancing Act", to me, it says find a way that works for you, it's easy to get knocked over, so stay on it. It also says "moderation" to me. There's no way I can cut out my homemade cookies and cakes from my life. I love baking, my son loves baking. But, I can do it in moderation, only baking once or twice a month, and not over indulging on my treats. Same with pizza.

Be dexterous- figure out how to avoid problems, or how to overcome obstacles like traveling, social gatherings, ect.

And deft- be flexible with your plan and yourself.

The mountain to me is all the extra flab and flesh I have, as well as all the negative thoughts and feelings I have towards myself.

The Great Places are Goal-land, getting to that final number, and maintaining it.

So, what about you, what does this book say to you about weight loss? I'm curious to know what other interpretations there are.

Remember, "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... GET ON YOUR WAY!"
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    Great blog, I love Dr. Seuss!
    3580 days ago
    Great blog. I love the thought process of the meaning of this book. Who knew that it could relate to the weight loss journey.
    3590 days ago
    Great interpretation!! I gave that book to my son when graduated grammar school to prepare him for life's ups & downs.
    3591 days ago
    emoticon my daughter has read every Dr. Seuss book out there. She hasn't read any in a while. I will have to get that one back out and put it in a place where I can see it on a regular bases. emoticon I never saw it like that b/f. but while you were reading it I saw it very clear! emoticon
    3591 days ago
    that is a really great way to think of it all :)
    3591 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6407686
    Oh this is fantastic!!!!!
    3591 days ago
    3592 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5095136
    How true....never would have thought that Dr Seuss could be a motivation!! emoticon

    Keep it up!
    3592 days ago
    Great correlation and simulations revelation. A real positive approach that hold so many truths. Thanks for the insight. Great blog, keep it up.
    3592 days ago
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