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What do a foot pump and a pair of sunglasses have in common?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I was running late today (what else is new) and the car needed gas.

I knew the gas near my place was 103.5 last night (it's ALWAYS cheaper than most places in my area) so I figured as I drove past the 109.8 station near my daughter's school that it was worth going back to the other one after I dropped her off...Not sure why I was in an overly frugal mood today as it probably cost me more to drive back the 10 minutes than to just get gas near her school.

Oh well, I was late at that point, so really...did it matter?

I get there to find that I probably should have just got my gas near Payton's school as it had gone up since last night, it was now 106.2, oh well...I'll look at the bright side "It's still cheaper than 109.8"
Fill up, and decide to take a new route to work...the back way, as I didn't feel like going back the 10 minutes I just came from to get on the highway. What the hell, let's live on the edge and enjoy the roses on the way to work! I'm still feeling pretty good about last night's 3.7KM off I go!

A few days ago, I got a Purolator "while you were out" left at my door.

As I speed past the Purolator depot on my way to work I realize I never come this way and I should probably pick up the package before they ship it back to where ever it came from.

I pull a U turn and go back to the depot. I went in, signed for the box and opened it. It was a pair of sunglasses.

WOHHOO! I had forgotten that I claimed my Run For the Cure reward point for a pair. They don't look at all like the ones I ordered (that were pink) but hey, I put them on, they were comfy and didn't hurt my head, and best of all, THEY WERE FREE!!!

So back in the car I jump and continue on my merry way to work...late as ever!

While driving I remember that I need a new foot pump for my Bosu ball and that The Fitness Depot is actually on this route to work.

I bought a Bosu ball about a year ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bosu. It came with a pump that I was VERY CLEAR with my children (Payton in particular) was NOT a toy!

Well, as you parental type units already know, is really...that doesn't mean a hill a beans to a little girl that wants to 'pretend' she is doing adult type things.
Needless to say...but I'm got broken and pieces lost....and mom's top blew!

That was a few months ago....
Since then I have avoided pumping up various size exercise balls because I haven't the right pump 'nozzles'.
I thought, what the hell....I am never in this neck of the woods, pay day was yesterday, I may as well suck up the expense of a new foot pump. I figured it was going to cost me 20 or so dollars...that I really didn't want to spend...
I walk in right as it opens and ask about the little yellow foot pump that comes with the Bosu ball....he gives me the devastating news that you can't buy those, they come WITH the equipment. Dejected I put my head down, said thanks anyway and started to walk away. He pipes up with...but I have one here you can have for FREE....

My spirits were uplifted INSTANTLY...I was so excited, I could now pump everything in the house that was pumpable AND for FREE!!!!

Could this day get any better!!!???

Who knew a little yellow foot pump could change my spirits the way it did? I certainly didn't.

I am still debating on the whole BluBlocker looking sunglasses, but the are so comfy, I may just have to put vanity aside!

Oh...and LAST NIGHT...didn't a friend give me a set of tickets for tonight's Sens game! AWESOME...FREE TICKS!!!!
Alas, I can't go...but Reily ( a stupid TORONTO fan) and his friend CAN!

DING! Another awesome score to be thankful for!

So while he goes to watch the Sens get their asses kicked by Carolina, I will be getting MY ass kicked by my personal trainer....I THINK I AM IN LOVE!!!!


So to answer the question....

What do a foot pump and a pair of sunglasses have in common?

They are both FREE and UPLIFTING to me today!!! I am ready to take on the world today...

Later Sparkers,

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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