OMG! The Donut Burger! Now I've Heard Everything.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I went to the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus Ohio at the State Fairgrounds last weekend to see my daughter compete. At noon, I looked for something to eat, and walked down the midway area where the food concessions are. Then I saw it. A DONUT BURGER. It is basically a burger with donuts instead of a bun. It looked horrible and the combination sounds awful.

We joked among ourselves that we would buy one for anybody who wanted to eat it. Nobody took us up on our offer. One person said that they could take the donuts off and eat the burger separately, and then eat the donuts for dessert.

We had a golf that we rented to use at the fairgrounds, so we went off the grounds to the Mcdonalds just off the grounds for grilled chicken salads. The food on the fairgrounds mostly turned me off...gooey orange cheese on something I couldn't identify, and breaded and fried mystery stuff. I think I saw something healthy later: grilled chicken legs, I think.

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