Can you spare 10 minutes???

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's only 10 minutes of your day??? I know we are all busy, I myself feel so overwhelmed sometimes, that I want to just crawl into the closet for a day and hide. But 10 minutes out of our day. You could spend the 10 minutes doing something for you or for someone else? You could stop by an animal shelter and walk a dog. You could fix a bowl of soup for an elderly neighbor. Maybe stop in the grocery store and pick up a few of there weekly specials and drop them off at a womans shelter. Take 10 minutes to go through a few old books and donate them to a library. Wake up early and and stretch for 10 minutes. Sit at the bus stop and visit with an elderly passenger. Read a book to a toddler, even if they aren't listening. Take 10 minutes to check on a friend that may be having a hard time.
I have had a very rough week, but when I sit back and think of what a blessed life I have and all the things that I can do to make things better for others, It really makes me feel wonderful. I have spent 10 minutes a day all week helping others. Lets see what we can do today and any other day to make our lives and others a better one!!! You never know what good may come from it, and how AMAZING it will make you feel! If you read my last blog and were concerned about my well being, just think of all the folks out there that don't have you or anyone else for support. Lets take those 10 minutes and see how many lives we can touch!!!
My son has seen the things that I have been doing and decided he can do something with his spare time also. He has began asking neighbors for the empty cans, he plans to recycle the aluminum and donate the money to my the food pantry at my Grandmothers church. He makes me proud to be his MOM!!!
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  • no profile photo CD6338348
    You ARE a good person,,a great mom with a heart of gold,,,,you are a special person,,,thanks for the blog....
    3918 days ago
    Well I did read your last blog and I did comment, but I have to say I will say ditto to my last comments as I indicated that your past struggles make you a better mom and look at you 2 days later from your last blog you are letting everyone know about the legacy of help that you are sharing with your kids and your son has taken the torch already and is ready to run with it and maybe one day will share with his kids and so forth and so on.... Everything happens for a reason.. You are a survivor and because of you and what you have been thru, so are your kids....
    3919 days ago
    i totaly agree! Plus what you do for others, and while expecting nothing in return besides the good feeling knowing you made a difference in someones life, will make you feel really great inside, and i firmly believe that in life what you give, will eventually come back to you tenfold!

    3919 days ago
    How sweet! Love it!
    3922 days ago
    Thanks for posting this. Its also something that I firmly believe in myself and I feel until I can give a few mins of my time to someone then I dont feel great for the day because I feel something has been missing.

    I hope you are ok now babe and wishing you a very good week. Take care
    3933 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    A few minutes each day or each week is all it takes to profoundly touch someone's life. As a volunteer coordinator, I'll be the first to testify to this. Thanks for posting!
    3934 days ago
    Great post! I learned a couple of years ago in a class that volunteering can have a really positive effect on your health-truly measurable results. Sometime you never know the lives you touch, but when you aren't there, someone always notices.
    3935 days ago
    Very true - everyone can spare a few minutes a day to help others! emoticon
    3936 days ago
    You are so right, just 10 minutes out of your day can make a world of difference in anothers life. Thanks for reminding us of that and you should be proud of your son, but even more proud of yourself, he learned it from somewhere. (By the way, thanks for the flowers on my page, they make me smile). Have a great day.
    3936 days ago
    Well. THAT is so sweet of your son! NO wonder u r a proud mom... GREAT blog...

    I love to do stuff like you are talking about! I love helping people!
    3936 days ago
    Yes helping others is a great way to really appreciate what we have. I volunteer a couple times a week and get a lot of satisfaction that I am helping others and in that help myself.
    Your son is learning a great example from you, one he will never forget.
    Great blog.
    3936 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3011801
    This is such a great blog and i completely agree.This Thanksgiving made me remember all the things i have and i am so grateful.10 minutes is nothing to do somerthing to make someone happy.Lisa
    3937 days ago
  • KESHA1975
    That is great!! The power of Positive Thinking!! I too have had a really hard week. I spent the most of yesterday crying wondering why I even try to help out. But you are so right even though sometimes others and things try to bring us down it will never take away that moment that meant so much to someone else we touched! Thank you for being here too! You are an awesome and amazing woman!!
    3937 days ago
    You never know who's life you will touch with a random act of kindness. emoticon
    3937 days ago
    Yes I can, and what a fabulous idea. It's so great your son is picking it up too. Doesn't it just make your heart swell when they do something good like that uncoached?
    Have a wonderful day!
    3937 days ago
  • ANITA012
    Yes...It's a great reminder. In our busy, busy world, we can easily forget and lose sight of what is important.
    I'll happily do something good for someone today while I'm on the road.
    3937 days ago
    Always good to remember. I'm in a service job so the lines between helping people and doing my job each day are blurred, but I try to remember to share kindness. For every 5 smiles I give I get at least 3 back. You can't beat that kind of guarentee on any other investment.
    3937 days ago
    So true -often we forget its really the little things that count! And that would be 10min well spent! :)
    3937 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    emoticon idea!! Love your blog! emoticon
    3937 days ago
  • PHYL220
    Great blog! I can spare 10 minutes and will. Thank you for sharing this. emoticon emoticon
    3937 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    This is such a great reminder! I'm going to take dinner to an elderly woman from our church today. I am very excited about it. It feels good to know that you can change someones day, if even just a little.

    3937 days ago
    You are an amazing mentor to your son. He obviously watches you carefully and is learning valuable life-lessons from you! I'm proud of you for stopping the trend and for being such a generous and giving mom.

    emoticon Kelli
    3937 days ago
    Yes I Can.. and I do as a volunteer and a person who does try to do my best with making our planet more green I hope more people read your blog and share emoticon emoticon
    3937 days ago
    What a great idea. And yes I can spare 10 minutes. Have an awesome day!
    By the way... I'm proud of your son as well! You are a wonderful mom to set such great examples.
    3937 days ago
    Yes, I can spare 10 minutes.
    3937 days ago
  • no profile photo CD704044
    emoticon IDEA I AM GOING TO DO THIS TOO emoticon
    3937 days ago
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