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Corner a Cat and it Will Kill You

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ever heard the saying? There's a step before this.

Give a cat a bath and it will put you in the hospital.

I'm not one of those people that gives cats baths regularly. Neither of us particularly enjoy the task very much. So I only do it on certain occasions that warrant it. For the most part, I let kitty manage her own grooming.

However, she's an overweight cat. I've put her on diets for years and she just doesn't lose weight. She's finicky and won't eat anything except dry food. You know. Kitty junk food. I almost had her switched over to higher protein wet food once, but I went on vacation, she reverted, and hasn't touched it since. Kitty equivalent of refusing to eat her vegetables I guess.

I also haven't been successful getting her to run on the treadmill.

Anyway, because she's overweight, she can't reach certain places to clean herself. I don't mean to be gross, so I hope you're not eating breakfast reading this. She was walking around yesterday and I noticed she had 'cling-ons'. You know...clinging...err...bits..
.from going to the litter box and...things...getting trapped around her butt fur.

I don't want her walking around the house, sitting on things, with that stuck in her fur. So kitty needed a bath.

I forgot to trim her claws first. I usually do before giving her a bath. She usually digs into my shirt trying to climb up me like a tree to get out of the bath. I forgot.

The bath went ok, actually. She wasn't squirming around, and for the most part, I was able to rub the shampoo in her and rinse her off. I thought we were all done, so I started pulling her out of the bath. I guess she had enough and she started flailing her paws around wildly, trying to grab hold of something.

Unfortunately, she snagged my ear. I felt the worst searing pain in my ear. Like an ear piercing without an unaesthetic. And her claw was stuck. I started screaming.

My fiance had to unhook her claw. Yeah, that was unpleasant. Fearing infection, I wiped it off with alcohol. Yeah, that burned like a thousand suns.

After wiping it with alcohol, I tried to look at it in the mirror. She clawed the back of my ear, so it's hard to see. But what I saw, freaked me out. I decided to go to the clinic, just to be sure I didn't need stitches.

The doc took a look and said she thought it would be ok. There was a small laceration, but she thought it was sitting right and I didn't need stitches. She told me to clean with peroxide daily and gave me an antibiotic to prevent infection.

I really, really hate antibiotics. But I know that when I got the cartilage in my ear pierced, the ear heals very slowly. Also cat claws are notoriously bacteria ridden, even if she did just get a bath. So I'm grudgingly taking it.

In the meantime, we're both pretty ticked off at each other. I was born year of the Tiger, and I have cat like tendencies myself. So right now, we're both hissing and growling.

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    my cat has long fur and just doesn't do a good cleaning job on his own and needs the occasional help of a shower, we have sliding doors for the shower so he is trapped inside with me for the ordeal, he yowls loudly the whole time, but at least he knows now what it's about and doesn't try to climb up my naked body like a tree anymore, I too used to get war wounds
    3787 days ago
    I've learned to use warm, almost hot water for cat baths - they like the warmth and it helps them calm down - I've also learned to have a towel ready and wrap them in it before taking them out of the sink - for the very reasons you described so well.

    Sorry you had to go thru this but it was written in a pretty funny way!!

    [By the way, we currently have 5 cats so I definitely know what you went thru - we've had more than one 'doctor visit' after getting mauled by an 8-lb demon]
    3787 days ago
    Oh no! I'm glad you were sensible and had it looked at! I have never given a cat a bath and now I think I never will.

    Take care!
    3787 days ago
    LOL - oh man - sorry to hear about the ear injury! But...it's true...giving a cat a bath will certainly end up putting in the hospital. LOL!

    Good luck with the healing process! :)

    - Michelle
    3787 days ago
    I'm happy to hear you both survived the ordeal! And that you didn't have to get stitches, it will probably heal better that way, w/ less chance of infection (especially w/ the antibiotics...)
    3787 days ago
    Give a cat a bath and it will put you in the hospital.

    Now that is funny. I never gave my cats bathed. I just let them be. That was the safest thing to do. LOL !! Although, I did have my fair share of scratches.

    Glad you survived your ordeal. ditto the cat. Have you ever had a tetanus shot ? If you're prone to nicks, cuts and scratches like me, you might consider getting one. They hurt like the Dickens when you get it !! but, if you get one, you shouldn't need anti-biotics for future cuts.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3787 days ago
    Oh no, it is funny! My fiance and I were laughing.

    "Give the cat a bath and she puts you in the hospital!"

    Unfortunately the wound is a little too deep for just a topical ointment. I don't want to get into too much details about it, but I was just lucky enough to avoid stitches. The ear is a very slow healing place, so I've got to be extra careful to keep it from being infected.
    3787 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/14/2010 8:52:11 AM
  • 818VALERIE
    I know you didn't mean it to be, but: too funny. I have two cats, so I know what you mean. And when I get a scratch from a cat - it's neosporin time. Cat scratches are the worst. Be well - have some warm milk!

    3787 days ago
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