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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have now lost 34 pounds. I know a lot of people don't even see that loss yet because I am so large. This is what I have learned and has made this round of weight loss different..........

1) I know that there IS no magic pill, weight loss is hard work. So put on your big girl panties and just do it! (gentlemen sorry but you can pull up your boxers!)

2) You have to put in the time to exercise and choose good foods, plan your meals and snacks.

3) If you eat it, write it in your food journal.

4) Drink water, at least 64oz's each day. (I am trying for 88oz's)

5) Figure out what your calorie intake should be to maintain, then do the maths and take off the 3,500 to lose a pound. As you drop the weight, drop your calorie intake. Don't go stupid here because it has to be live-able!

6) If you have something special happening in your life, like a wedding. Plan that into your food intake! If you make a unplanned intake of food, that is what it is, unplanned! Don't go and blow the whole day, or week. And don't start the self degrading tapes that run in our heads of "how bad you are,"how about this one "you can't do anything right,"or the "I just guess I'm supposed to be fat!"

7) Treat yourself with non food treats when you make your goals!

It's not much but I believe this to be the truth for me and even though my weight loss is slow I will be proud of every ounce LOST!!!!
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