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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Okay, so I went to the doctor yesterday to get the results of my lab work. First of all, I had to weigh in. The doctor office scale is 7 lb difference than my scale, and definately not in my favor! That upset me. My blood pressure was good, I got to talk to my favorite Nursing Assistant and then the Nurse Practioner came in. Of course she was new and I had never met her. She went over all my meds, looked at my weight, asked how tall I was then pulled out her Iphone to calculate my BMI. I knew what she wrote down was right but she had the BALLS, and yes, I said BALLS, to ask me, "DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE OBESE?" Well, duh, there was something I wanted to ask her in return but I bit my tongue very hard, I think it drew blood to be honest with you. So, she continues to go over my paperwork, she wants to know when my last menstrual period was. Heck, it's been years, how do I remember the date.. I told her I didn't know, she continued to drill me, "2007? 2006?".. I DON'T REMEMBER! They are gone and I am happy! She then asked me if my "flouxetine" (prozac) was working for me. Well, I haven't read about me in the news paper or on the internet so I guess it is. I asked if she had something better, I've been taking prozac for years. She told me "no, if it's not broken, don't fix it". Okay, I could deal with that. She said nothing about my thyroid, which I knew was already low, or high, however you want to look at it. She said nothing about my a1c and hemoglobin, and when I asked about them she said wait a minute, left and didn't come back for 20 minutes. Finally she came back and told me my a1c was high, 6.8 and my fasting hemoglobin was 149! ACK, I've been eating right and have had no sugar binges since August and those numbers were just not good! She left again and 20 minutes later came in with the dr. I was soooo happy to see that man! The first words out of his mouth were "you've lost 18 lbs since you were here last on February 18th and I am so proud of you". He told me I had a long way to go and I told him about Aimee. He said that was a beautiful story and asked me how she did it. I told him about Spark, he said he's going to check it out and maybe recommend to his patients. He said my low thyroid could be a bump in my road to losing weight. He won't change my diabetes meds until my thyroid is in control, he says 149 fasting is not TOO bad... considering I have a lot of weight to lose, he just wants me to test 3 times a day. He made me take off my shoes checked my feet and legs, he was happy to announce that I had MINIMAL water retention, which in my case, is very good news. I was upset by the visit with the Nurse Practioner and the scale, I am not feeling really good today, I'm still having issues with my son. I guess he being 16 and me being menopausal are probably key factors in the issues. I thank you all, those who are praying for me and those who are listening. Thank you for letting me spill my guts. I wish you all the best, whatever that is for you. I didn't edit this so if there are mistakes... so be it!
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  • SECOLEM0305
    First, Listen to everyone HERE and what THEY say about you! Every single one of them is right. 18 lbs is HUGE! You should be SO proud! And remember, you ARE making your life better. So celebrate your successes friend. Trust me - you know how hard you're working, that APN has no clue.

    Second, good job for the doctor to acknowledge your hard work and success! I always know it makes me feel SOO good when I get to the doctor and they say something POSITIVE! Who cares if they also have 10 negatives to follow it up with, because the changes you're making will knock those off one by one!For him to tell you good job makes him a better doctor. It makes YOU want to keep doing what you're doing!

    I LOVE the idea of the two potato sacks!! sometimes, as we lose weight, because we lose it ALL OVER, it's hard for us to visualize how much weight that actually is, especially if we have more than just a few pounds to lose. I need to do that. Just so I can say "Wow, how much healthier is my body WITHOUT carrying this around?"

    Also - it's AWESOME that you "Spread the spark" to the doc! So many people are intimidated by weight loss because they think they can't AFFORD it. Weight loss programs are expensive! Trust me, I know! I worked for one! And then the gym, and the healthy foods....it adds up! But Spark gives you FREE options! All the SUPPORT you need! FREE workout ideas and videos! I hope your doc really does look into it. It might be worth a few dollars to send him a copy of THE SPARK to read. :)

    (yeah I ramble)

    last thing - remember you are doing this for YOU and no one else. And honey, I guarantee I would've said something to that APN. I'd would've said something like "What! No! Is that why the chair is stuck to my butt?" or "Oh, man...guess I should mark "Lingere Model" off my list of potential careers. Rats." Instead of having her knock me down a peg or two, I would've taken her down a few.

    Oh! and remember...there are TONS of people in this world (millions!) that don't go to the doctor to take care of themselves and who don't even TRY to get healthy. The APN shouldn't berate you for being there, she should congratulate you for DEALING with the issues, not running from them.
    3697 days ago
    emoticon It is good to see you going in a good direction. Aimee is right, as long as the scales are dropping, the number is not important. emoticon
    3697 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Down 18lbs. That's emoticon .

    Please, please look at the glass half full! You are doing amazing. And your blood sugar stats are NOT bad. (I know - I'm Type II Diabetic). Much of the numbers come from our weight. Imagine if you had not been doing all the good things you are doing for your body. Those number would have been dangerously bad. You are doing good and the numbers will continue to get better. Don't lose your momentum now. Let these numbers be an ecouragement to keep pusing forward.

    So glad you doc is as great as he is. He knows you better than that new twit he has working for him. Remember, you are the consumer. You are entitled to be treated with respect. If you see her again, let her know that you will not tolerate her treating you this way. Now if you don't want to have a confrontation, just let your doctor know that she made you very uncomfortable and that in the future you would appreciate not seeing her. You don't HAVE to see her. Remember, YOU are the consumer and YOU are the one paying the bill (regardless of insurance).

    Thanks for this blog. Keep communicating with us. We're all here for you. And trust me, this menopause thing will get better. I'm on Lexapro and I could not live without it. They are my happy pills. Now that I'm not longer getting my "friend" I am soooooo much better. Time really will make a difference. But so do the right meds.

    Will keep praying for you and your family. Love you lots!!!

    3697 days ago
  • MRSTOWNS62610
    Don't get yourself down! My doc's scales are ALWAYS off in comparison to mine! I go by my bathroom scales and my Wii Fit and they are always the same, so I go by my scales and NOT the doc's. As far as the rude PA, she can go fly a kite! Your doctor made note of your progress and you should too! in fact, pick up two sacks of potatoes, roughly 20 pounds. That's almost the amount of weight you are no longer carrying around due to your continued lifestyle change! And that number is going to continue to increase! Way to go! Keep your head up! Your efforts are paying off and will continue to do so! You're on the right track!

    3697 days ago
  • PSALM34V7
    Medical practitioners can sometimes be awful to the extend that you wonder why they entered the profession in the first place! I'm glad to hear you have an understanding physician who's noticing the difference and trying to help you do even better. Don't feel despair over this road bump. Can you imagine how GREAT it would be if you see that NP again next year and you're an entirely different you? I believe you can do this. Don't give up, you're doing good!!
    3698 days ago
    All I got to say is, emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Don't sell yourself short LillY! You lost 18 pounds! The Doctor is happy with that, BE happy with that! You ARE getting healthier, it's just a slo process.
    You need to just blow off what that rude NP said. She probably was young. And unfortunately, most young people today, forgot (or never knew) what it meant to be polite to people. They just say what is on their minds without even a thought of how it might hurt someones feelings. emoticon
    You just keep on truckin' along, eating right, exercising, and tracking and blogging...You will be off of your Meds b4 you know it! emoticon

    3698 days ago
  • AIMEEM77
    OK, so before you get too upset, my Dr's scales ALWAYS have me 7-8 pounds more than my home scales. There are a few things to consider. When I weigh at home I always do so naked and in the morning before I have anything to eat or drink. It makes a big difference. Further, don't put too much importance on the number...it's just a number. As long as it is moving down-who cares what it is?!?! You're rockin' it!

    As for the rest, don't think for one second that your better eating habits aren't having a positive impact-sometimes it just takes a little more time. As the weight continues to drop off they'll improve. As for that PA-what a poop head! Hopefully your doc will straighten her out!
    3698 days ago
  • no profile photo SUGARFIX3
    LIked what you said..and almost laughed at the question that lady asked you.. I went into the doctor's office to weigh, and walked by a room where a female dr walked out and asked what I was doing and when I told her she made a not so flattering comment..hense I bought a really nice scale at home although I like the dr office scales better. Been there and done that..lol
    3698 days ago
    wow, that NP had no bedside mannor at all - but glad your doctor did!

    dont worry about the scale thing, sometimes the scale isnt the best way to measure progress.

    3698 days ago
    You sound like you have a GREAT doc and he needs to communicate that his office is a caring office to the Nurse Practitioner. I think you have every right to say something to him. He sounds like he would like to know.
    Congrats on the 18 lbs. Luckily for me and my daughter, she was in college by the time menopause hit me. Teen-agers and menopause can be a "challenging" combination.
    3698 days ago
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