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... so I had a heart - to - heart with my DH...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

... and pretty much it was discussing where to stop the "dieting".

My goal weight and ideal weight according to the charts is 117. I reached 115 because I need the cushion to maintain 117. I do not want to go over 120 this winter and 117 is in the middle of the 5 pound range.

I started obsessing about 115 now and was considering 114 to maintain 115 - too unhealthy for me - so I am going to hover between 115 and 117 but I am not going to obsess about 116 anymore, lol.

It's crazy how difficult it is to come out of "losing mode" and into just being happily maintaining!

I can do it!
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  • KARA151
    Even if you go beyond 120...We Still Love You!
    I'm back up to 150 but I've finally got time for myself to go to the grocery store and start making my healthy meals again. When I get too busy the first thing I sacrifice is myself. I know I should be happy I'm so busy in this economy, but money isn't the most important thing in my life anymore...now it's me.
    2807 days ago
    emoticon Maintenance is hard! It is working out what you can eat and as yyou said have a healthy range to keep within. emoticon
    2807 days ago
    You can do it! You are very inspirational for me.

    I am most scared of maintaining and I hope that by reading what works on this site, I can do it!
    2808 days ago
    I 100% understand!! Of course, my happy weight is considerably higher than yours at 126. I'm trying to get to 124 in order to maintain at 126, but instead I've been hanging out around 128. And I can't decide if weighing daily is helpful or not. Maybe 128, which is BMI 20.something, is okay for me. It is hard to decide a final goal weight and be happy maintaining!!
    2808 days ago

    I think the most important thing is not necessarily looking at the scale all the time, but commit to lifting weights and toning your body. If you do that, you will weigh heavier because you are building muscle. Then you will look in the mirror and see a healthier slim and trim looking you.
    2808 days ago
    Right: shoot for 115, but be thrilled with 117 and only start worrying when you hit 119. Looks great to me. I only wish I could get there, but I'll get healthier in time, and oh, I am so very happy for you!

    Hooray for Linda!
    Hooray for Linda!
    Hooray for Linda!
    2809 days ago
    The mind sometimes gets stuck so we need to clear our thinking and put things into
    perspective. You can do it! HUGS!
    2809 days ago
    It is hard. I've been at goal for over 3 years and still get scale obsessed from time to time. I have a 5 lb. range, but like being at the lower end of the range. When I get up towards the middle, I want to go back into dieting mode. Hubby wants me to relax and enjoy myself and not worry until I'm at the upper range. Hard for me to do.

    2809 days ago
    I agree, the whole maintaining at a certain weight is HARD! I have been under my WW goal for some time, but I wanted to get down to 135 until I noticed all the loose skin on my upper thighs lately! LOL
    2809 days ago
    Yes, you can do it. Relax, a little.
    2809 days ago
    You have done a fantastic job. Enjoy the maintenance mode when you decide which is the best weight range for you.
    2809 days ago
    Well Linda, my friend Kitt52 has the same problem. She keeps lowering her goal when she reaches one. Perhaps you 2 can share and figure out how to be content. Good luck and we love you just the way you are!!!

    2809 days ago
    You are the queen of the numbers. I'm sure you'll find the range that'll work for you and be healthy. emoticon
    2809 days ago
    what a good man to call you on it and help you gain perspective!
    2809 days ago
    I tend to imagine Maintenance mode as being somewhere between losing mode & normal life.. not watching the calories as much, but not ignoring them either - sorta like a happy medium to keep us on track.

    As others have said, if there is anyone that I felt could manage this, it'd be you Raylin. You'll find your groove & will be fine this winter. I know you'll remember this journey, and like most folks.. won't wish to repeat it - so will find that middle ground & be fine this winter. I believe in you & know you believe in you too!
    2809 days ago
  • MARTY19
    Look where you started and where you are now. Amazing! You are a role model to anyone who says "I can't" emoticon emoticon

    Love you,
    2809 days ago
    As a phi beta kappa obsessor, I would point out, don't obsess about obsessing. You have been so focused on your goal, my guess is it will take time to relax into achieving it, and if you are like me, to find something else to obsess about.

    I think we get so into a fighting mode in dealing with weight issues, that it feels that if you aren't fighting / obsessing you'll be defeated again.

    So my 2 cents worth is to have a little cushion if it helps you be comfortable, but you have so many good habits, and patterns of behavior, eating, excercise, etc. that I am sure you know you'll keep this weight from now on without obsessing / fighting, since the lifestyle is you now.

    You made it rejoice, relax, and if you need to obsess over weight, I have 150+ you can work on- ha, ha! take care, bob
    2809 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2809 days ago
    I agree that coming out of the losing mode is hard. In fact, I have found it one of the most challenging parts of this experience.

    I'm sure that you have made a good decision and know that you will achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

    2809 days ago
    YOU can do it...if I know anyone can it is YOU!!!
    You are such an inspiration to me.

    2809 days ago
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