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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have read several blogs this past week that talks about starting over. It has started me thinking about my diet past and how many times I started over. I even have a few of those blogs on here. I have started and failed many times. I would lose twenty pounds then gain thirty. It was a constant cycle. Since I was nine-years-old I have been on a diet or thinking about starting a diet. I even did stupid things in my teens that my mom may still kill me for if she knew. Skipping meals, vomiting, diet pills, they all kept me thin for a few years but stress and depression won out.

Reading all of these others talking about their history and how this time will be different made me wonder why this time was different for me. I said "this time I am going to do it" so many times the words lost their meaning. When I started with SparkPeople last October, I said the same thing. I struggled for months and wrote so many starting over blogs I am sure everyone got sick of hearing those words. But this time was different. Yes, I have had some small gains and hit a few plateaus. But each time I dusted myself off and pushed forward. So why was this time different? I think it has to do with what I have learned from SparkPeople. Instead of dieting I changed my lifestyle. I took small steps instead of jumping into a complicated and demanding program. And most importantly, confidence.

Success made me confident in my ability to change. Believing I could do it made all of the difference. Losing weight made me look better which gave me more confidence. I am more comfortable in my skin. This confidence that began with losing a few pounds has translated into all areas of my life. I am better at my job because I believe in myself more. I am a better mother because I am happier and a better role model for my children. I speak up more in class and do not worry about sounding stupid as often. I am a better wife because I love myself more and so I believe Scott can love me. I am more courageous and adventurous. I even bought a semi-sexy (kid friendly but short and sleeveless) witches costume for Halloween. I have not dressed up since middle school. I am a different person because I have more confidence in my ability to be successful.

This time was different. I can't say that I have done it because I am still a long way from the end of my journey, but I am doing it. My life has been changed and I am now a success story not another failure. So when I read a starting over blog, I am going to encourage that person to make this time different. If someone like me can do it, you can too.
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  • GIG2828
    I'm with ya! congratulations on continuing your journey! This time is different for me too. Although I haven't lost all the weight I wanted in the time I wanted, I have continued working out consistently for over 9 months. Cardiovascularly I'm in much better shape even if I only lost 20 pounds...but I've kept it off. That is a win in the long journey and I congratulate you too for seeing your wins! good for you!!!!
    3840 days ago
    emoticon you go girl!
    3840 days ago
  • JOJOBEE318
    I totally know where you are coming from. I too have struggled to lose weight since I was a child.

    I have started so many diets and trends, I can't even remember them all.

    I was asked just yesterday, "Why is it different this time?" I didn't have an answer at the time other than, "I just feel it." But I thought about is all day yesterday and today, and I now have this answer: It's really for me this time.

    Before it was always because of the doctor, or my parents, or someone whose approval I wanted/needed. I will admit, seeing my weight at the doctor's for my physical was a bit of a shock, and maybe was a jumpstarter; but I have kept it going for almost 2 months. Yes, it's slow; and yes, I have had a set back or two. I don't let that bother me any more. It took a long time to get here and will take some time to get back.

    I have truly enjoyed the encouragement I have gotten here. I may not have replied to all those emails and posts, but to all of you who have: Thank you!

    Sorry for rambling in your blog. I do that sometimes. :)

    Congrats on your success!
    3840 days ago
    I know what you are saying. I have started over so many times in the past. It really beat me down for a while. But this time is different. I can feel it in the way I react to things. I know it by what I do each day. Even my thought process is different. We ARE doing it this time! =)
    3840 days ago
    Congratulations on your journey! It IS a lifestyle change and I think more than doing it is accepting it. So many fight the process because they view it as deprivation. Success comes when you realize you are CHOOSING health. You are WORTH the effort :)

    Wonderful blog - great job - keep up the good work!

    Press On!
    3840 days ago
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