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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry Sparkers...I have been really behind this week. Partly due to being a busy beaver at work AND at home, party from having my ass handed to me on a silver platter last weekend (runs), partly from being ill and partly from pure embarrassment.

So I am back...and hopefully feeling more on top of things this week...last week is just that...LAST week, DONE like dinner baby!

Yesterday I completed run 3 of my 7 scheduled goals for 2010. I know a lofty goal considering they are all being run in October, November and December and I only started running (and I use that term loosely) on July 17th this year.

I ran in what around my part of the world is a fairly big event. More so for marathoners and half marathoners than for us wee 5K runners. ANNE7X7 picked a GREAT event to run her first half marathon in...actually she is the reason I signed up for this 5K...My 10 year old and I wanted to go and cheer her on and I decided WHILE I was there, what the hay...may as well run. And run I did.

I completed my 5K run in 33.03 minutes. Once again, a disappointment to me.

I really think I was hoping for 30 or less. I walked a slight bit over 3 minutes, which brought my pace down a bit, to 7:41 I think I saw.
I know I am a slow runner but REALLY??

I have been trying to figure out why it is that I can run at home at a much better pace than when I hit an actual official run.

I think I have figured it out, and I could be wrong, but this is my guess.

When I run during the week at home on the treadmill (Milly) or out doors, I run at the end of my day. I am well fueled and well hydrated. When I run a race, I get up in the morning and basically get up shower grab a quick bite to eat, get the kids ready, stress, worry and do my best just to get there on time. I am a HORRIBLE morning person as are my kids and they are not always WITH ME on the importance of getting our butt's out that door on race day.
As well, I fear having to potty during my run so I avoid drinking water so that I avoid those disgusting porta potties set up for us, besides, the line ups are always really long.

By the time I start my run I am already thirsty and not overly fueled. I am starting in a bad place.

So somehow I have to figure out how to get up early enough for my body to adjust to morning running. It might mean going to bed super early and getting up 3 hours before race time, I don't know. I DO know I have to figure this out. STAT!!!!

I am getting VERY discouraged by these results, especially because on the 30th I have my next run and it's an 8K and I feel nowhere prepared for it.

I LOVE running at home, but I have to say, when I was out there yesterday, I WAS NOT LOVING IT!
I felt alone and defeated. There were so many people there just running as if it was no big deal. They were all so fit and athletic. I know I have come along way, but I am nowhere being as fit and healthy as these women were. I saw the race photos posted on the Internet and all I could see was how much more I needed to lose, not WHAT I HAD LOST and that angered me. I knew I shouldn't be thinking like that, but I was. In ALL the photos (except one) I looked like I was suffering and not enjoying it. You could see that I was struggling with my breathing and in the ONE photo that I have a smile on my face, I am really only the SIDE person in the pic. I came across the finish line the same time as someone pushing a wheel chair, that's how great a runner I AM, and so the photographer just took shots of them, I was just there by default, I clapped as I crossed the line but sadly it was for them and not myself. My daughter was RIGHT at the finish line waiting and she is what put a smile on my face, however, there was nothing putting it there, throughout the race. I need a frikkin cheering squad I tell ya!

When I watched for ANNE7X7, I was amazed at the ease in which most of these HM runners whipped by me....they made it look effortless. I was in AWE!!! I nearly cried watching them run by. be like that some day!

Anne was great, we 'stalked' her a few times, but I think she only noticed us once, when I yelled at her to not give up... I know at one point we cheered her on but she had her earphones in and looked to be in the zone! She was FABULOSSO!!!! I want to run like her!!!
My daughter noted to me at one point how beautiful she was and I had to agree!

I watched the 10K's take off and looked for PAPAMIKE, however I have never met him and only had his profile pic to go from, I was cheering you on though even though I had no clue who you were!!! LOL

So although I feel defeated somewhat, the wind is not gone from the sails JUST YET!

I realize that doing well in the 8K is not going to be in the cards...but FINISHING the damn thing will be!

On a side note:
My 10 year old was scheduled for the 1K Turkey Trot, which we ended up being stupid late for so she never had a chip and she ran AFTER the others...she got confused and ended up not running the full course, but went through the finish line. They gave her a medal and on the way home she said to me that she wanted to 'earn' the medal and asked if we could run a full 1K when we got home. So THAT IS EXACTLY what we did!

She cracked me up because she at one point complained about a stitch in her side and I immediately started teaching her how to breathe properly and to keep running only at a bit slower pace....she says to me, my teacher says I should stop when that happens, I look at her and grab her arm and keep pulling her along and tell her "your teacher is WRONG!" and start laughing...we continue 'breathing' and me holding her hand so she doesn't give up...she then exclaims that she thinks she is' bleeding internally!'
OMG I laughed!! I told her that as long as she was able to 'chit chat' with me, she probably wasn't 'internally bleeding'.
We ran a KM and at the end I placed her medal around her neck and she used her Gator Aid cup from the race to drink from...she wanted the full effect! LOL!!!
Oh and I forgot to mention, while we were running someone in our neighbourhood was outside doing yard work and immediately went to the side of the road and put his hand out to touch Payton as she ran by, he cheered her on, it was GREAT to see a perfect stranger help to motivate her! He told her she was doing a great job and to not give up! I was so proud of her!

Payton and I after her home 'Turkey Trot'

LOL...Payton likes this photo of me..she says I look 'buff' TOO FUNNY!!

Later Sparkers,

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CARLA-216
    I think you did great, Annie!
    I also want to say that Payton rocks, as do you! I was quite impressed that she wanted to earn her medal. I also had a great laugh at the internal bleeding comment she made!
    3759 days ago
    It sounds to me like you had a great race! As Anne mentioned, it was a very windy day and a hilly area to be running in, I think 33 minutes is awesome! And your daughter, I can only say WOW what a strong and determined girl!! I kept an eye out for you but must have missed you. Maybe next time!
    3760 days ago
    Proud of you as I am, I'm simply awestruck by your daughter. What a little trouper!

    Now, I see that everyone here before me has kicked your butt for not giving yourself the credit you deserve, so I won't belabor it. But my gosh, girl, what WILL satisfy you? It's ok to have a goal just a little beyond your reach, otherwise what motivation would you have? Nevertheless, you can't go through life always being unhappy with yourself.

    Absolutely LOVE the hair. It really is a lovely shade of pink.

    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving.


    3760 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Having not run a 5K since being a sophomore in high school and thinking about it (but not running at all yet) I can only dream of running in 33 minutes. You should be very proud of yourself, especially only a few months after starting to run!
    3760 days ago
    Do not be disappointed. Speed and distance are a matter of training and genetics. Running is about having heart.

    I started out in May 08 at 244 and inactive. I noticed that my local 10 June 2010 I did my PB on a 10km faster than I originally did 5km when I could first run 5 km non-stop. This is a gradual process. We literally have to grow into running as we progress.

    I am going to tell you a little secret about Anne. I remember when she doubted she would ever be a runner, and I will further tell you, it was not all that long ago. She stuck with it, she overcame her needless doubt. I had little tears inside when I finally met her face to face on Sunday.

    She was looking a little beat up by her run, but it made my hear happy. Reading your post made me feel the same way.

    Always remember, running is about having heart. Speed and distance are just training and genetics.

    Good Running and be careful out there.

    3760 days ago
    Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie,
    Like you, I would set my goal at 30 min BUTdoing it in 33 min is nothing to hang your head at. Did any of those "great" looking runners just begin running in July? NO. They all had to start as a beginner. The good news in next year you won't be a beginner (& neither will I :). We'll be passing people with the wind in our hair & smiles on our faces & our pictures will look like the belong on the cover of Glamorous Women Who Run magazine. Ha!

    And most kids want everything handed to them. Kudos to you for teaching your kids the value of hard work. You are doing a great job at raising them.
    3760 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    Is that negative self-talk I see in your blog?? You know what? You did awesome!

    You covered the distance and you did it in an awesome time. No matter what, there will always be people who are leaner more athletic and that finishing before you. Running is a challenge against yourself. Just the fact that you went out there and did it instead of spending Thankgiving at home sitting on the couch is AMAZING. I know what it's like to want to improve in terms of speed!! Just keep working at it, you'll get faster and faster! It won't happen overnight, but I know that with your dedication and commitment, you will improve!

    I'm sure the half-marathoners who made it look easy were super-humans, cause it sure as hell wasn't. OMG. You'll have to read my recap about that (going up soon!), but to sum it up, it was by far the hardest freaking thing I've done in my life. For every single minute past the 7 mile, I had to fight mentally to keep going. Yet I ran the same distance at home a few weeks prior and I was fine... I think races does something to people!! I think I actually enjoy training for the race way more than the race itself!!

    3760 days ago
    You are NOT slow.... I run a 5k in about 36 minutes as my fastest and I am never disappointed if I finish!
    3760 days ago
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