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Monday, October 11, 2010

Is there anyone out there that has never had to give blood for some test or the other? We all pretty much have, but do you remember the first time you ever had to give blood and what you were thinking? I really can not remember when the first time I had to give blood was, and even though I still don't like doing it, it has become well, routine for me, after the years of fertility treatments and giving blood up to three times a month, but Thursday i was reminded of the horrors of the very first time.

My son began developing hives in August. We kept him out of the yard, and did all kids of things t see if we could figure out what was casuing them, but they would go away so quickly that anytime he got them, but the time I would get him into the doctor they were gone, and since they were not affecting his breathing, the doctor wasn't concerened, so we began treating them with benadryl and cortizone cream.
After about three weeks of this, still getting them almost every day and giving him benadryl everyday, I called the doctor's office again. I was concerned that they were still coming and that he was taking too much benadryl. Thy said that he was fine, but what we ough to do was switch to Zyrtec, which lasts for 24 hours, and after about two weeks of taking it everyday, it should kick whatever is causing him to break out. So we give him the Zyrtec faithfully every night for almost three weeks, then he misses one night and within 16-18 hours he is breaking out again. We figured we needed to keep giving it to him, so we just keep going, but anytime he would miss a dose, the next day he would break out.
Now, this started August 15th, and I was just getting tired of it and getting more worried, because it shouldn't be still happening, should it? So Thursday I call the doctors office, and they are concerned that it is still going on after this long, so the doctor orders two bloodtests. I can take him to the hospital to have them drawn.

Now, you need to know that this kid hates needles. He is still giving me a hard time about making him take the h1n1 flu shot last year! So I pick him up from school and nicely try to explain that we have to go to the hospital and have blood drawn, and he wants to know from a needle or a finger stick, well to be honest I didn't know. I was pretty sure would be a needle, but I didn't want to scare him so I said I wasn't sure, we would have wait and see what they said when we got there.
As soon as we walk into the lab, before I even realized it he asked the tech if it would be a finger stick or a needle, and of course she answered him with a needle, and he was off! I managed to grab him and hold him, but let's just say....he freaked out, he was hyperventalating and crying and it was awlful! He would try to run away if I wasn't holding onto him. Finally, an hour and 15 minutes later, and six adults later, we had talked him down enough to get him to agree to the bloodtest, but we still all had to hold him down to get the blood drawn!

I never want to go through that again, then about 10 minutes later it started, and it was coming on strong, a migraine, and a dozzey of one. I ended up taking my medicine, which I don't like and slept all night, then Friday i felt dopey all day, and ended up sleeping the whole day away, I mean getting the kids on the bus, climbing back into bed, getting them off the bus and my daughter off to practice, only to have the sunlight from that short drive bring the headache back on, so I was back in bed. I finally was feeling better by Saturday morning.

My husband and I talked about it, and we were both caught off guard by his reaction to the blood draw. I knew h was afraid of needles and he hated shots, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to go off so much, to scream and cry and hpyerventalate or anything like that. We both hope the next time will be better, but at this point, neither of us wants a repeat of that episode.

He has his yearly check-up tomorrow, and I am hoping they will have the blodd results back then so we know what the next step is.
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