Cupcakes, and doughnuts, and pizza, OH MY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, crap. Can I call a re-do? Last week didn't happen. All the junk I ate, didn't happen. Not exercising, didn't happen. The consequent 4.5lb gain, that didn't happen.

Ok, now that that's outta the way, here's a re-cap. Last Saturday, I did the first workout of the C25K, Sunday, I took off as normal, Monday, I spent cleaning, Tuesday I spent studying for my GED tests. All those days, I did pretty good with my food. I didn't log, but I ate reasonably, and didn't have any junk food. Husband gets home late Tues. night (trucker, gone for 2 weeks, home for a few days) Then comes Weds morning. And getting me, dh and my 2 kids out of bed and out of the house by 6:30 am so we can drive 1.5 hours to where I'm taking my GED test. My husband's a fast food addict, and it's easier to grab breakfast and pass it to the backseat than it is to make breakfast for all of us (and make the kids eat it). So, instead of packing something sensible for me, I grabbed a McGriddle and a parfait, and a coffee.

DH drops me off at the test, and goes 1 hour away to my mom's with the kids, so I am on my own, stuck with whatever's within walking distance of the testing facility. Pizza place, 3 blocks away. Oh no. I had 3 slices of pizza, a decent salad, and a butt load of cantaloupe. Not too bad. I spend the other half hour lunch break on the swings at the park across the street.

Spend the night at my mom's, steak, cheesey veggies, and a baked potato. not too bad again. Breakfast the next day, dh grabs doughnuts on the way to the 2nd day of testing. Again, getting out the door by 6:30, easier to get breakfast on the way. 3 doughnuts and a kolache. Test is finished by 11, so we take the kids to the park for half an hour, then go to Braum's for lunch. 1/6 lbs burger, no mayo, no fries and split a frozen yogurt with Maddie. Off to the fishery, walk around feed GIANT catfish with the kids for about an hour. Drive 1.5 hours home. Run to Wal-mart. DH gets cake and wine and tv dinners to celebrate my completion of the test. We drink 2 small bottles, and eat half of a little cake.

Thursday, Halloween craft day! Dh get's doughnuts again! (He really has a thing against cereal!) We paint pumpkins, and make ghost cupcakes (everything from scratch, with marshmallow and whipped cream ghosts on top!). Lunch is thrown together, dinner is pizza.

Friday, breakfast is not doughnuts!!! Had left over cupcakes, and went out for dinner though, IHOP, after the week of sweets, I didn't want pancakes or french toast, so I got chicken florentine crepes. Drool! Then we took the kids bowling for the first time. Zach (will be 3 next month) tried to kick the bowling ball, and I sat Maddie on the floor and helped hher roll the ball. I got 2 strikes! Great fun was had by all!

Until Sat, when I realize it's my weigh-in day. And I pigged out on some major junkage, and didn't exercise at all. Oh crap! Skip the weigh in. Dh left, and I can finally get some order in my eating and exercising plan restored. (Isn't it so much easier to blame the enabler than yourself? But it is so much easier to stay on track when he's gone. When he's home, he's in the weekend mentality, and that means he thinks that I should spend time with him, not cooking, cleaning, or exercising.)

Since in the WIN challenge, I can't skip weighing in, no matter how much I want to! So, I step on the scale this morning. EEEP! 163.4... Last week, I was 159. Why do l let myself
self-destruct like that?

So, while none of that actually happened, I have my work cut out for me this week. I know a lot of it is water retention from all the freaking sodium, and that in 2 weeks, I'll be back to 159, but still, that's one week of bad choices negating 2 weeks of forward progress. Grrr.

Not again. Next time dh comes home, I'll have a menu plan, just like I do when he's gone. I will stick to it, just like I do when he's gone, and I will not let the couch cuddles over-ride my need to exercise!!
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  • no profile photo CD5095136
    Hey there...was wondering were you've been....that's okay, just dust yourself off, take a deep breath, and start over. Good luck and keep me posted (when you have a spare second!!!)

    3584 days ago
    At least you have a plan of action. Take it one day at a time.
    3584 days ago
  • KML410
    Everybody has their moments, so you slipped up no big deal, today is a new day, get yourself back on track. Thats why spark is so great you can post your mistake acknowledge it and move forward. This week will be better! Good luck! I love your post! You inspire me even on your bad days! lol! emoticon
    3585 days ago
    Today is a brand new day. Make the best choices you can so that tomorrow, you wake up feeling proud and encouraged! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! :)

    - Michelle
    3585 days ago
    your weekend sounds like mine
    3586 days ago
    When my boyf decides to eat junk I tell him to sit outside or go visit one of his relatives and eat it because I know I'll eat it!

    He used to be awful with bringing me back chocolates and icecream and lovely decorated cakes to celebrate certain things, but I explained to him that it isn't a reward for me, it makes me feel like a big fat failure the day after. Although I do appreciate the gesture, just get me flowers or something srsly haha.

    I agree with making your breakfast before hand, I love having sweet breakfasts. When I'm in that mood I just cut up some fruit and cling-film it, chuck it in the fridge then in the morning pour a sugar free yogurt over it and it's done!

    Don't feel too down about it though, everyone deserves a little bit of a treat every now and then and the important thing is, is that you're being accountable and blogging about your week no matter how badly you think you did :) well done for getting back on it! :D

    3586 days ago
  • PS343MAMA
    Oh my goodness,... I swear I never had a serious weight problem till I met my husband. He never gains any weight, so it doesn't bother him! I feel like I am always trying to pick between my own health and making him happy!
    It's hard cause like I don't believe we should have to deny ourselves that stuff all the time... an occasional indulgence should be a delight and a pleasure. But when you get bombarded with it for days it just is such a setback. Well, here's to a new week ahead, and opportunity to get creative with strategy for next time!
    I hope you have a great week!
    3586 days ago
    Maybe you could make breakfasts the night before so that it's ready to go in the morning. That always helps me, as I'm not much of a breakfast-eater otherwise. Well, not much of a healthy breakfast eater, anyhow It's all coffee and way-too-many leftovers if I don't have something already prepared in the fridge.

    I hope your menu plan works! :)
    3586 days ago
    My DH came home Saturday with a McGriddle for me too. They are my favorite. Mine is always bringing home treats he knows I can't eat but also can't resist. I just try to do extra hard on the week days to try to make up for the slips on the weekends. Good Luck with your menu plan!
    3586 days ago
    It is so hard to stay on track when the food that is bad for us is so damn convenient. I've got an enabler DH too he seems to think that weekends don't count. He wants me to bake cookies or a cake and has been nagging me all week. Trouble is if I make the cookies I'll eat them and while they are very YUMMY they are also very high in fat and calories. One or two could ruin my whole day - and I never stop at one or two.

    I am planning my week's menu today and looking for healthy treats that might satisfy his sweet tooth without ruining my calorie count for the day.

    Good luck with sticking to your plan. Perhaps planning on eating out where you make your menu choices before hand would also help. Making the healthier menu choice in advance and sticking to it. Also explain to your DH that while you like donuts and pizza they ruin your hard earned weight loss.
    3586 days ago
    I can sooo relate!!! We just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other even after a week of walking backwards! Good luck!

    3586 days ago
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