Today was just one of those days where I just did not want to work out...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

but you know what??? I DID! I woke up this morning exhausted! I dragged all day. Normally Fridays at work are crazy, hectic, the kids at school have me running in all kinds of directions, my co-workers need a million things from me, and the phone is ringing non stop...and yes that happened today, but I felt like I was not even there. I joined the family rec. center here on Monday and have gone everyday faithfully and maybe, no, not maybe, I know it is my body being SHOCKED into all of the hard work I am putting it through. It is telling me to please stop, and that is the punk way out. Stopping is not going to get me to the goal that I want. Everyone is going to say allow myself to have a rest day or I will burn out, but right now I do not feel like I have earned it yet. I do not feel like I have gotten to the point where I feel "safe" enough to take a day off and trust that I will go right back to working out.
So, I came home from work today and thank God it was early, because I fell asleep across my bed. My kids kept asking me were we going to go to the gym and I kept fussing for them to leave me alone. You know they say there are signs all around you that you should pay attention to...well I think my kids were signs. They stayed right by my bedroom door bugging me. Normally if I say go away, they listen, but for some reason today they didn't. Then the phone rang, it was my friend who I promised to bring some baby furniture to. I told her I would bring it to her after the gym. So...45 minutes after my little nap began, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and drove to the gym.
I just knew my workout was going to be slow and over with very quickly because I just didn't feel like I could wake up fully. The gym wasn't that busy as I guess everyone was on their four day weekend enjoying the holiday. I started the treadmill off at 2 MPH and put my headphones in. I turned my mp3 player on and the moment that music hit me and a certain song came on that just got me angry when it brought back memories...I IMMEDIATELY woke up!!! I was energized!!!
I did my full workout today, plus some. I lifted weights, I ran on the treadmill, I bopped around in that gym like I OWNED the place! I was in such a zone that almost two hours later as I finished my workout, I didn't notice that I was one of the remaining THREE people in the whole gym!!! Talk about being in a zone! I felt so good. I am so glad I got my UMPH back!
Tomorrow my family and I are headed for Dallas to the Texas State Fair. I am not worried in the slightest bit. Everyone says I am gonna end up trying the fried margaritas, fried snickers, or even the fried BUTTER!!! NOPE...I GOT THIS! I am doing this for me, I am excited for Monday's weigh in and will NOT do anything to mess it up. I have already packed my work-out clothes in my luggage so that I can get some excercise in at the gym in the hotel Sunday morning (walking that huge fair on Saturday will be my exercise!)
I'm excited about this has started off fun, has not seemed like a big daunting task that I have had to try and overcome. I'm going to get there, I know I will, and I am going to be excited for myself each step of the way!
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    Thank you Brie. I was definately dog tired, but I knew I had to push through that and I am so glad I did.
    That's now one day down and behind me!
    2781 days ago
    WINNERS are the ones that still work out and train, even when they don't want to, or are dog tired. You soundlike a WINNER to me. Brie
    2781 days ago
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