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Friday, October 08, 2010


I've totally lost interest in being on a diet and I'm trying to regain control. At least I am trying to think about it. Actually, this morning I weighed in at 180 still so even though nary a piece of fruit has passed my lips and precious few veggies, I am still maintaining. I'm not overeating, just not eating to lose. I've had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the last couple of days for lunch. At least on whole wheat bread. This morning hubby made me half a bagel slathered in jelly. and I had a tub of applesauce. I would have eaten the bagel without the jelly but oh, well. It was there.
What to do. What to do. At least I am trying to decide. My interests this last month have been in the remodel and quilting. I've still got lots of sorting to do but I'm not inspired by it. Get off your duff and DO SOMETHING! 20 lbs. THat's all, just 20 lbs. Can't I do that, lose 20 lbs? Right now, I just want to not put back on the 8 lbs I've lost.
And quilting is really in the way. It's becoming an obsession and I'm not sure I want it to be. I'll be buying stacks of fabric and quilt kits and never getting to it. So I have to be careful there. I'm working on an FSU quilt and I'm not loving it so I think I will set it aside for a while. Didn't have a pattern and kind of making it up so that is a challenge. I think I need a rest from it. And I really have paperwork to do for my real job so all this dalllying around in other stuff needs to get set aside.

1. I know I don't want to regain the weight I've lost.
2. I would like to go back to healthier eating, like fruits and veggies which have been absent from my diet recently.
3. My son has lost 30 lbs on WW. I'm so proud of him.
4. Can I go back to WW meetings and keep it up? There isn't any point if I won't keep it up and stick to it.
5. Do you think that if I stuck to it for 1 week that I would lose a few pounds? Really stuck to it?
6. Would I stick to it seeing as how I have a wedding to go to tomorrow with large reception and football game in the afternoon tomorrow and out of town really big wedding and celebration next weekend in Jekyll Island, Ga. Not likely.

What to do. Later.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are the same weight that I am !
    Even though we have lost some weight, to get to the 180 pound mark,
    we are both still over-weight ! We are hauling around extra pounds, that
    are no good for our bodies. We should both take our situations very seriously !
    Getting down to 180 pounds is not enough ! For the sake of our own health,
    let us be strong in saying "N0, thanks !" to every treat that comes our way !
    We can do it ! Let us both embrace every fresh fruit and vegetable, as a good
    part of our sustenance ! Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can be
    substituted, of course. But, we both have to do our best we can, with the
    nutrition, as well as the exercise,portion of our SparkPeople plan !
    Always remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, for proper hydration.
    Let's lose weight again - one pound at a time !
    2753 days ago
  • CBRED1628
    You can do this! Keep telling yourself that. Like everything else in life, good things will come but they do take a little work and positive thinking.
    When I get to feeling down, I try to make time to take a walk. Walking helps me think and usually gets my priorities back in line.
    I have complete confidence that you can keep the pounds off and you can lose more. You have your goals in mind and I know you can reach them.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2755 days ago
    It sounds like you have the blahs. Not happy about quilt, dieting and life. Its a transition. This is life and sometimes you just have to plow through it. My suggestion is that you write down your thoughts, this is not a diet, but a lifestyle change this needs to be incorporated into your life not a separate thing. It was sweet of your husband to slather on the jelly,but there surely was a knife and you could have scraped the excess back into the jar or into the garbage. You need to analize what you really want to do.But before I quit I would give yourself one good last try and not a half done try.
    2755 days ago
  • ANDI571
    You need that AhHa moment where you ask yourself how bad do I want this. I can't believe how many excuses I was making to myself. I told myself I can't lose anymore because of my age, the stresses are to much, I just plain want to eat. Then the health scare showed me how much I do want it.

    It's an everyday struggle. I still have to write portions down, or I eat more than I should. I have to make myself get out and exercise. It's a life choice. Either I want to be thiner and healthy, or I don't. It's up to me.

    So I think you have asked yourself the tough questions. What are your answers to them. How bad do you want it?
    2755 days ago
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