Presentation Postmortem

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Everything went fine, now back to more work and working out!
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    Im BAACK :O) Ive been watching your vlogs all afternoon while doing payroll - Ill just do one comment at the end :o)
    2748 days ago
    Here's a poem for you

    There is a girl whose oh so fly
    She's fast and fit and kinda sly

    She cooks and bakes with wreckless abandon
    There isn't a topic she doesn't have a hand in

    Shes cute and smart, and too hip to be a square
    Watch out world, nay sayers BEWARE!

    hehe... okay, that was a last minute one... :)

    Glad you are well... Yeah, WHERE IS DANA AND ADRIENNE
    2752 days ago
    I always learn something when I watch your blogs and I am always so unhappy when they are over because you are such an engaging speaker and you have so so much to share.

    Your life is your life and no one else s life.

    We have six children and if you looked at the things they have done with and in their lives they are like all over the board on stuff. That's how we raised them. find out what you want to do and then find a way to do it and hang onto your beliefs. Society wants everything in a nice, neat little box, and everyone the same.

    Like I said to begin with I always learn something from you and your perspective is very cool

    2752 days ago
    Glad that the presentation went well. You sound as if you have a great plan for tomorrow. Run and Yoga way to go.
    The book you are reading sounds very interesting.
    Hope you have a goodnights sleep and tomorrow is a great one.
    2753 days ago
    Sounds like you did a great job on the presentation! The book sound really interesting. That is another 'issue' here that people are fired up about but there doesn't appear to be any immigrants around to hate on...but they do!

    I often wonder if in small peoples minds they still have to catagorize women into a mother figure or.......the whore. And if you aren't a mother and never plan to be, you must be a sex object or something scary like that. There is actually a group of church types who believe if you are married and having sex for anything BUT procreation, you are sinning in fornication. It's like, wow, gimme a break. That was news to me.

    I used to have a copy of an old issue of The Atlantic with the cover on the 'women of the bible" and how much greater their involvement actually was , etc. etc.
    Mens fear of womens power and the persecution of women throughout the ages (in the name of the church) Just fascinated me. And to see how it's reflected in so many faces around me know. The good old boys club is strongly ensconced and no women hold power positions in this county. I remember them being very dismissive and speaking down to me when I worked at the newspaper and would have to go interview the mayor or someone. THey'd give me the "LIsten here, Sweetheart...." attitude and I'd give them right back, "Ok, Sugar Pants, I'm listening"....just to show them how inappropriate they were being. Sure shocked the smug off of them. .....hhaha
    2753 days ago
    No vlog from me today. Whirlwind of home and work stuff, and now I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, watching TV shows and vlogs and stuffing my face with Twizzlers.

    I do plan to swim tomorrow though.

    Glad your presentation went well -- no doubt in my mind that it would. :D

    2753 days ago
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