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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yesterday my omni called to say that he wouldn't make the ferry home. He though that all the gas had been siphoned out of his car overnight, so he was walking to a gas station. Turns out, he has lots of gas (well actually, the gas tank in the little car is almost full...lol) , but his little car just won't go. He spent the night in beautiful Squamish, and I spent the night at home, alone, packing and worrying.

Well, today arrives, he changes the fuel pump...but the car still won't go. (won't go, hmmm...more fiber? lol) Now he has had said little car towed and we are trying to find out what's wrong. Good thing is, after a series of fortuitous events, he has found transportation so he won't fall too far behind on his contract. Yay!! However, his insurance expires tonight at midnight, and I have the renewal papers and stickers at home...ah well, like all challenges that came before this one, we will persevere and sort it out.

This morning I was talking with my daughter, who is getting married in June. Her father and I have been apart for about 30 years, due to my inability to cope with the choices he was making at the time. My daughter had asked if I would walk her down the aisle along with her father, and I readily agreed. Surely 30 years is enough time to allow things to settle. Surely there would not be any feelings getting in the way now. Apparently not. He told her that if that was the case (walking with me and her) he would decline. What an ass...sorry, but I just am so upset that he can't see past the end of his own nose to see what an effect his choices have on our daughter. So, as usual, I took the high road. She was so upset, so hesitant to tell me about it, my heart ached for her...that she would even be put in this position. So, I volunteered that I hoped she would consider walking down the aisle with her daddy anyway. They have been so distant always...I was not close with my father either, and I treasure the memory of him walking me down the aisle, and I want that for her too. Sigh....I will totally admit that I am disappointed. But, her happiness means way more to me than a short trip down the aisle. I have been invited to prepare a reading to be given just before the ceremony. I truthfully told her I would be honored to do so.

A bright note in this day: my grandson has made up his own knock knock joke. He is 2 and a half years old...here's his joke: Knock Knock. Who's there? Nana! then he laughs! Of course, given that I am Nana, I think it is the best joke ever!

I packed up my books this morning before work. I found a few...okay about 10..books to donate and I am amazed. I usually hoard information and have argued long and hard to keep all my books over the years. But, I guess I am changing and realising that information becomes outdated too...just like that peach colored fortrel pant suit.....kidding! I got rid of that last year!

I drove home to get the aforementioned insurance papers, so I will have them handy when we come up with a plan to unite them with broken little car. I had enough lunch time left over to create part 2 of my new favorite openfaced sandwich...mmmmmmm...it was just as good as yesterday!! I didnt' change a thing, but I did have a bit less tomato on it today, as I forgot to replenish my stock at work. It was delish anyway! I have also started keeping healthier cereal options at work along with rice milk so that I can eat when I am hungry, which is rarely before I go to work. Usually the hungries hit around coffee time....then I take a bit later lunch to compensate.

Oh, I almost forgot yesterday's highlight....I went dumpster diving for the first time in my life!! I am not saying I have never picked up freebies on the side of the road...I have. I am not saying I have never recycled castoffs...I have. My mom and I were a bit like the Junk Brothers...my stepdad worked for the town, and for a while he was the garbage man. He would rescue items, and mom and I would fix them up, repurpose them and sell them! I have a long history of liberating cast offs. What I am saying is that I have never literally hoisted myself up on the side of a dumpster and while balancing my lower abs (ouch, I may have bruised a little) on the edge reached in and retrieved multiple items of interest out of the dumpster. That was, until yesterday. Right after work. In my big girl office type clothing. I was only mildly embarassed when I was caught. I scored about 30 boxes of a size that is perfect for packing my books. I can lift the filled boxes myself! Yay!! Good thing it was a dumpster filled with clean cardboard!! All the while I was thinking...this must look hilarious! If I saw me doing this, I would definitely feel the need to take a picture......

Well, all in all, I did pretty good on the food front yesterday, and today has been very good. I had a little icecream with chocolate sauce last night, and I enjoyed each spoonful...and yes, there were way fewer spoonfuls than I may have had in the past........
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