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OMG! How could I forget THAT day???

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today, my schedule called for 6 miles of hills. Actually it called for speed work but I don't like speed work (yet) so I substitute hills. The only hills we have here in FL is the Causeway Bridge. When I run the bridge, I normally only run it for 4 miles at most. Up and down is 1 mile.

The first two times up and down were pretty much uneventful except for the NNE 15mph wind I ran into.

While I was going up the hill for the 3rd time around the 3 mile mark, my legs started fatiguing.

So, now the conversation in my head starts and it goes something like this.....

Hum, where is that coming from? Why are my legs so tired already? Must just be....

I don't know what it must be but I must stop thinking about it.

Okay, change your thoughts. Focus on something else.

Like what?

I don't care, anything. Just STOP thinking about your legs!!

Wow! Look at those kayaker's on the river below us.

That looks like fun.

Well, it's fun right now because they are going with the wind.

Yep, I'd hate to be them trying to row back to shore in the NNE 15 mph headwind.

That's going to be tough.

Yep, sure it.

Still feeling them legs?

Yep, sure am.

Okay...Then, think of something else.

Other then this headwind, it's a beautiful October day. The sky is blue. The weather has cooled down. The humidity is low.

It is a beautiful morning.

What's the date today?

It's October 6th.

October 6th?



What? What's wrong??

I missed it!!

Missed what?

October 4th!!

Yeah, so? What's so big about October 4th??

OMG!! October 4th was the day my life changed 2 years ago!! How could I have forgotten that???

Your life changed?


OH YEAH!! October 4th!! I remember now!

MY 2 YEAR SPARKVERSARY passed and I missed it!! I completely forgot about it!!

How could you possibly forget the day your life changed!

I don't know but I did! I forgot it!

Well, you do look amazingly different then you did 2 years ago!

I AM DIFFERENT!! I'm 42 pounds lighter! I'm healthier! I eat better! I exercise!

You do!

And I'm a runner!!

You are! You're a runner of hills!!

Woo Hoo!!


Woo Hoo!! Let's go!

And with that last thought in my mind, I took off with the wind! A huge smile on my face and thinking about these last 2 years and how SparkPeople changed my life.

And guess what?

Those last 3 miles of hills were conquered without a second thought given to my tired legs!!

I was too happy to even think about them anymore!!

Happy Belated 2nd Sparkversary to me!!

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